NTP - Network Time Protocol
4 years lumbergh 1.3529 Add 0x to an interface_dump() printf, for bk demo.
4 years stenn 1.3528 sntp/unity/unity.c: Clean up a printf().  Harlan Stenn
4 years stenn 1.3527 [Bug 2873] libevent should not include .deps/ in the tarball.  H.Stenn
4 years stenn 1.3526 [Bug 2874] Don't distribute generated sntp/tests/fileHandlingTest.h. H.Stenn
4 years stenn 1.3525 update tests/libntp/run-lfpfunc.c
4 years stenn 1.3524 sntp/unity/Makefile.am: fix some broken paths.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years tomek 1.3523 refnumtoa.c:
  fixed formatting
  remove unnecessary empty functions, fix formatting
  remove unnecessary include, remove old comments, fix formatting, cleanup
  added const, fixed formatting
  fix formatting, delete an include
  removed an endline
  update with new changes to numtoa.c
  added "const"
  changes with numtohost.c
  added changes to lfpfunc.c
  add info about numtoa.c
  updated with modetoa.c changes
  add info about lfptostr.c
msyslog.c, modetoa.c:
  fix formatting
Many files:
  add info about msyslog.c
  added spaces after the commas
  updated info about refnumtoa.c
4 years tflendrich 1.3522 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/tflendrich/codeReview/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tflendrich 1.3520.1.1 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/tflendrich/codeReview/ntp-stable-unity
4 years stenn 1.3521 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-foo
4 years stenn 1.3514.1.2 sntp/libevent/evconfig-private.h: remove generated filefrom SCM.  H.Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3514.1.1 sntp/unity/unity_config.h: Distribute it.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years tflendrich 1.3520 ChangeLog:
  updated my changes
4 years tomek 1.3519 ChangeLog:
  updated to match my changes
4 years tomek 1.3518 humandate.c:
  reordered code so that it is C90-compilant, renamed variables so that they are different that function names, fixed formatting to match NTP's convention
  removed a trailing endline, changed formatting to match NTP's convention, 
  changed the order of imports, removed an unnecessary import, removed a trailing space, changed the return type from a function to be in a new line
run-humandate.c, run-hextolfp.c, run-decodenetnum.c:
4 years tflendrich 1.3517 Makefile.am:
  adding a forgotten header, so that "make distcheck" works
4 years tflendrich 1.3516 ChangeLog:
  updated with my changes
4 years tflendrich 1.3515 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/tflendrich/codeReview/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tomek 1.3499.1.1 buftvtots.c:
  fix formatting, declarations before code (C90)
  fixed formatting, removed unnecessary comment
  further cleanup: deleted unnecessary comments, made first declaration, then code
  removed comments, fixed formatting
  fix formatting, add (void) as argument to a function etc
  fixed the order of #includes
run-buftvtots.c, run-a_md5encrypt.c:
  adding autogenerated file
  deleted comments, fixed formatting, used snprintf instead of sprintf, change variable names to be meaningful, 
  changed sprintf to snprintf, fixed formatting etc
  changed to first declaration, then code (C90 compatibility)
Many files:
  further changes of formatting
4 years viperus 1.3514 cleanup
4 years viperus 1.3513 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years viperus 1.3512 fixes to unsigned printing in timespecops.c and timevalops.c
4 years viperus 1.3511 ChangeLog:
  added my changes
  many fixes, better printfs etc.
  minor fixes to printf, formatting, etc.
  minor fixes to printf, formatting, etc.
4 years stenn 1.3509.1.1 [Bug 2866] segmentation fault at initgroups().  Harlan Stenn.
4 years viperus 1.3510 sockaddrtest.h:
  fully converted some tricky cout to printf (af_inet, sockaddr etc.)
4 years stenn 1.3509 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
4 years stenn 1.3505.1.3 sntp/unity/unity_internals.h: handle *INTPTR_MAX on old Solaris.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3505.1.2 sntp/unity/unity_config.h: handle stdint.h.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3508 tests/{libntp,ntpd} function parameter cleanup from Damir
4 years stenn 1.3505.1.1 Update sntp/tests/run-crypto.c
4 years viperus 1.3504.1.2 minor fixes, adding void, cleanup...
4 years viperus 1.3504.1.1 minor warning fixes, adding voids etc.
4 years stenn 1.3505 sntp/tests/ function parameter list cleanup.  Damir Tomi\xc4\x87.
4 years viperus 1.3504 minor warning fixes like adding void etc.
4 years stenn 1.3503 top_srcdir can change based on ntp v. sntp.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3502 On some versions of HP-UX, inttypes.h does not include stdint.h.  H.Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3501 Phase 1 deprecation of google test in sntp/tests/.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3500 tests/ntpd/g_leapsec.cpp typo fix.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years viperus 1.3499 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years stenn 1.3498 Put Unity CPPFLAGS items in unity_config.h.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3497 libntp/emalloc.c: Remove explicit include of stdint.h.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3496 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2867
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
4 years stenn 1.3492.1.3 Fix ChangeLog
4 years stenn 1.3495 Fix ChangeLog
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.23 leapsec.c:
  added include to fix everything, yey!
  changed the order of libntp.a and libntpd.a, stuff builds now
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.22 g_leapsec.cpp:
  Rename: tests/ntpd/leapsec.cpp -> tests/ntpd/g_leapsec.cpp
run-leapsec.c, leapsec.c:
  new file
  added /tests/ntpd/ dir
  unity tests
  removed a comment line
  Rename: tests/ntpd/ntpdtest.h -> tests/ntpd/g_ntpdtest.h
  added support for unity tests
  added new headers
  minor change in the header name
  Rename: tests/ntpd/ntpdtest.cpp -> tests/ntpd/g_ntpdtest.cpp
4 years stenn 1.3492.2.1 Update the repo's description and contact email
4 years jnperlin 1.3492.1.1 [Bug 2867] ntpd with autokey active crashed by 'ntpq -crv'
4 years jnperlin 1.3493 [Bug 2864] 4.2.8p3 fails to compile on Windows.
  fixed project files. (tested with VS2008 and VS2013)
4 years stenn 1.3492 Makefile.in should not be checked in
4 years stenn 1.3491
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P3
4 years stenn 1.3490 Release ntp-4.2.8p3
4 years stenn 1.3489 NEWS file update for bug 2853
4 years stenn 1.3488 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.21 a_md5encrypt.c:
  minor change to memory compare, suggested by Tomasz
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.23 html/miscopt.html: Document leapsmearinterval, other cleanup.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.22 ntpd/ntp.conf.def: Document DSCP and leapsmearinterval.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3487 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3486 Updated entry for Sec 2853
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.21 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/tflendrich/changelog/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tomek 1.3473.4.2 ChangeLog:
  moved a change to the proper place
4 years tomek 1.3473.4.1 ChangeLog:
  updated my changes
  fixed a gcc warning
  checking in the autogenerated file
4 years stenn 1.3485 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.20 [Bug 2860] ntpq ifstats sanity check is too stringent.  Frank Kardel.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.19 Update the NEWS file with info about README.leapsmear
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.18 README.leapsmear edited.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.17 README.leapsmear added.  Martin Burnicki.
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.19 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years stenn 1.3484 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.16 [Bug 2846] Report 'unsynchronized' status during the leap second.  Fixed in Martin's changes to Bug 2855.  Martin Burnicki.
4 years stenn 1.3483 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.15 NEWS file update
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.14 [Bug 2859] Improve raw DCF77 robustness deconding.  Frank Kardel.
4 years stenn 1.3482 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P3_RC3
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.12 Update the NEWS file for 4.2.8p3-RC3
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.11 html/drivers/driver22.html: typo fix.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3481 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.10 [Bug 2857] Stratus VOS does not support SIGIO.  Paul Green.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.9 [Bug 2856] ntpd should wait() on terminated child processes.  Paul Green.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.8 [Bug 2855] Report leap smear in the REFID.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.7 refidsmear test cleanup.  Tomasz Flendrich.
4 years tomek 1.3473.3.6 refidsmear.c:
  moved assertions to proper places
4 years tomek 1.3473.3.5 run-refidsmear.c:
  updated autogenerated file
  added the assertions and a nice message if a test fails
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.4 refidsmear function support and tests.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.3 tests/sandbox/smeartest.c: Harlan Stenn, Damir Tomic, Juergen Perlinger.
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.2 smeartest.c fixes from Harlan
4 years stenn 1.3473.3.1 smeartest.c fixes from Juergen, Damir, and Harlan
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.18 smeartest.c:
  maybed fixed both funtions, needs checking!!!
4 years stenn 1.3473.1.17 smeartest.c - Harlan Stenn
4 years stenn 1.3473.1.16 smeartest.c - Harlan Stenn
4 years stenn 1.3473.1.15 smeartest.c - Harlan Stenn
4 years stenn 1.3473.1.14 sntp/tests/Makefile.am: remove g_nameresolution.cpp as it tested something that was only in the 4.2.6 sntp.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.13 packetProcessing.c:
  fixed SetUp() -> setUp() and TearDown() -> tearDown() which seemed to work because of extern functions
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.12 packetHandling.c:
  put init_lib() every time. Unlike init_auth(), works every time in setUp() without causing segfault
  added init_lib() in setUp(), so now stuff works!
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.11 sntptest.h:
  added sntptest_destroy()
  added a bunch of snptest_destroy() 
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.10 nameresolution.cpp~a54f29b6c06a0baf:
  Delete: sntp/tests/nameresolution.cpp
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.9 run-packetProcessing.c:
  new file
  Delete: sntp/tests/packetHandling.cpp
  merged lokesh and tomasz work
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.8 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/lokeshw24/ntp-stable-unity
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tomek 1.3473.1.7 Makefile.am:
  added pocketProcessing.c
4 years tomek 1.3473.2.1 packetProcessing.c:
  new file
  Rename: sntp/tests/packetProcessing.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_packetProcessing.cpp
  fixed array size, so that it doesn't crash on 64bit integer
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.5 lfpfunc.c:
  replaced TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_MEMORY(&a,&b,sizeof(a)) with TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_l_fp(a,b). It's safer this way, because structs can be compared even if they aren't initiated with memset (due to padding bytes)
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.4 ChangeLog:
  added my changes
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.3 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-stable-unity
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years viperus 1.3458.2.1 g_crypto.cpp:
  Rename: sntp/tests/crypto.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_crypto.cpp
  Delete: sntp/tests/g_crypto.cpp
4 years viperus 1.3473.1.2 Makefile.am:
  minor fix for buildin libunity.a
  minor fix for building libunity.a
  Delete: sntp/tests/crypto.c
  Rename: BitKeeper/deleted/23/crypto.c~1ed7d1829a6a73e5 -> sntp/tests/crypto.c
  function now returns x instead of 0
4 years stenn 1.3480 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3479 [Sec 2853] Initial work on tests/sec-2853/.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3473.1.1 [Bug 2855] Parser fix for conditional leap smear code.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3478 [Sec 2853] Initial work on tests/sec-2853/.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3477 [Sec 2853] Initial work on tests/sec-2853/.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3476 [Sec 2853] Initial work on tests/sec-2853/.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years harlan 1.3475 [Sec 2853] FICORA #829967.  Juergen Perlinger, Harlan Stenn.
4 years harlan 1.3474 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  hms-mbp11.pfcs.com:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-stable-2853
4 years stenn 1.3473
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P3_RC2
4 years stenn 1.3472 automake-1.15 cleanup for sntp/tests/fileHandlingTest.h.in .  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3471 [Bug 2855] leap smear cleanup.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3470 Cleanup for ntp-4.2.3p8-RC2
4 years stenn 1.3469 [Bug 2855] Implement conditional leap smear code.  Martin Burnicki.
4 years jnperlin 1.3466.1.1 Bug 2853 - FICORA #829967
4 years loki 1.3458.1.3 PacketHandling test changes
4 years martin 1.3468 [Bug 2855] Implement conditional leap smear feature.
4 years stenn 1.3466 Initial support for experimental leap smear code.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years loki 1.3458.1.2 Nameresolution test
4 years loki 1.3458.1.1 Merge lokeshw24@psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
into  dadasgift.(none):/home/loki/ntp_gsoc/2_damir_code/ntp-stable-unity
4 years loki 1.3453.1.3 Makefile changes
4 years stenn 1.3465 Regenerate some unity test runners to declare resetTest()
4 years stenn 1.3464 Fixes to sntp/tests/fileHandlingTest.h.in.  Harlan Stenn.
4 years stenn 1.3463 [Bug 2852] 'make check' can't find unity.h.  Hal Murray.
4 years stenn 1.3462 [Bug 2854] Missing brace in libntp/strdup.c.  Masanari Iida.
4 years stenn 1.3461 gtest->Unity cleanup
4 years stenn 1.3460 re-apply lost typo fix
4 years stenn 1.3459 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
4 years viperus 1.3458 run-crypto.c:
  new file
  minor rearrange
  minor fix with #define, now works even without openSSL
4 years viperus 1.3457 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/lokeshw24/ntp-stable-unity
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years viperus 1.3456 Makefile.am:
  added a few more test files to cleanfiles
  Rename: sntp/tests/utilities.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_utilities.cpp
  Delete: tests/bug-2803/bug-2803.h
Many files:
  new file
  added utilities test, fixed a minor bug with CLEANFILES var
  for now, I'm giving up on removing functions that are written twice (because of declaraion and defintion). That regex is difficult because ruby script splits with newline, ; and { and }. I just added declaration for resetTest, to avoid warnings
4 years loki 1.3453.1.2 Crypto test file
4 years loki 1.3453.1.1 Merge lokeshw24@psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
into  dadasgift.(none):/home/loki/ntp_gsoc/2_damir_code/ntp-stable-unity
4 years stenn 1.3452.1.1 typo
4 years viperus 1.3455 bug-2803.h:
  new file
  removed declarations, and put them into bug-2803.h
4 years viperus 1.3454 testcalshims.c~f84485d2b13cef55:
  Delete: tests/libntp/testcalshims.c
  Delete: tests/libntp/testcalshims.h
4 years viperus 1.3453 run-buftvtots.c, buftvtots.c:
  new file
  minor fix to the alphabetic list
  added buftvtots
4 years stenn 1.3452 unity cleanup
4 years stenn 1.3451 tests/libntp cleanup for Unity
4 years stenn 1.3450 Unity cleanup of sntp/tests/
4 years stenn 1.3449 Remove obsolete gtest files
4 years tflendrich 1.3447 Makefile.am:
  dashes are now lined up
4 years stenn 1.3445.1.1 sntp/tests/Makefile.am cleanup
4 years tflendrich 1.3446 Makefile.am:
  changed the indent from spaces to tabs
4 years tflendrich 1.3445 Makefile.am:
  added a missing "-lpthread"
4 years tflendrich 1.3444 Makefile.am:
  fixed the merge
4 years tflendrich 1.3443 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/tflendrich/kod/head/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tomek 1.3429.3.3 converted humandate from gtest to unity
4 years viperus 1.3442 kodFile.c:
  removed debug printfs
4 years viperus 1.3441 Makefile.am:
  added some clean and distclean stuff
  added more debug printfs
  changed CreatePath so new files are written in a writeable directory
4 years tomek 1.3429.3.2 converted sfptostr from GTest to Unity
4 years tomek 1.3429.3.1 converted tvtots from gtest to unity
4 years viperus 1.3440 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/tflendrich/develpment/to_delivery/ntp-stable-unity
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tflendrich 1.3429.1.9 bring back two files that were wrongfully removed
4 years viperus 1.3439 c_fileHandlingTest.h:
  added new cases with strcpy(path,....)
run-strtolfp.c, run-lfptostr.c:
  new file
4 years viperus 1.3438 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/lokeshw24/ntp-stable-unity
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years loki 1.3429.2.2 Test - crypto.c from sntp
4 years martin 1.3413.3.4 More support for smeared leap seconds.
4 years viperus 1.3435.1.1 c_fileHandlingTest.h:
  added debug printfs, changed path value
  added debug printfs
4 years viperus 1.3436 kod-output-single, kod-output-blank, kod-output-multiple:
  new file
4 years viperus 1.3435 c_fileHandlingTest.h:
  added different paths depening on the build dir, maybe this will work on freebsd
  slight change
4 years burnicki 1.3413.3.3 Updates by Harlan.
4 years loki 1.3429.2.1 Merge lokeshw24@psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  dadasgift.(none):/home/loki/ntp_gsoc/2_damir_code/ntp-stable-unity
4 years tflendrich 1.3429.1.8 removed generated files that are not longer used
4 years tflendrich 1.3429.1.7 deleted old, unused generated files
4 years loki 1.3413.1.3 lfptostr & strtolfp tests
4 years tflendrich 1.3429.1.6 added autogenerated files
4 years tomek 1.3429.1.5 recvbuff.c:
  removed testcalshims.h
4 years tflendrich 1.3429.1.4 Makefile.am:
  added -lpthread
4 years tomek 1.3429.1.3 fixed a makefile: it didn't work if we had gtest enabled
4 years viperus 1.3434
4 years viperus 1.3433 g_kodFile.cpp:
  Rename: sntp/tests/kodFile.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_kodFile.cpp
  Rename: sntp/tests/keyFile.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_keyFile.cpp
run-kodFile.c, kodFile.c:
  new file
  replaced ../version.c with $(top_builddir)/version.c. Converted new test.
  converted all functions from C++ to C
  uncommented all functions, 90% converted
4 years tflendrich 1.3429.1.2 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/tflendrich/develpment/harlans/ntp-stable-unity
4 years viperus 1.3432 caljulian.c:
  replacing malloc.h with "ntp_stdlib.h"
4 years martin 1.3413.3.2 Started to support leap smear.
4 years martin 1.3413.3.1 Removed trailing whitespace.
4 years stenn 1.3429.1.1 typo
4 years viperus 1.3430 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
4 years stenn 1.3429 sntp/tests/networking.c build fixes
4 years viperus 1.3427.1.2 caljulian.c:
  included malloc.h to avoid implicit declaration
4 years viperus 1.3427.1.1 ssl_init.c:
  fixing a test bug with #ifdef OPENSSL
4 years stenn 1.3428 Unity ssl_init typo fix
4 years stenn 1.3427 Unity update to sntp/Makefile.am
4 years stenn 1.3426 Unity cleanup
4 years viperus 1.3425 removing duplicate file
4 years viperus 1.3424 run-keyFile.c, run-networking.c, run-kodDatabase.c:
  new file
  hopefully fixing bug-2852
4 years viperus 1.3423 clocktime.c:
  fixed the warning about implicit declaration, because mike_t said so, and mike_t is a wizard XD
  added declarations at the top of the file to fix warnings
4 years loki 1.3413.1.2 Merge lokeshw24@psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  dadasgift.(none):/home/loki/ntp_gsoc/2_damir_code/ntp-stable-unity
4 years viperus 1.3422 Makefile.am:
  minor cleanup
4 years viperus 1.3421 run-ssl_init.c:
  new file
  fix for minor #else warning
  modified /sntp/tests/Makefile.am so it is consistent to harlans /tests/libntp/Makefile.am changes, including the run-test-* -> run-*
  fixed the stuff I broke with automerge XD
4 years viperus 1.3420 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
4 years loki 1.3413.2.1 Changes for <lfptostr> & <strtolfp> tests
4 years viperus 1.3419 Many files:
  new file
  removed keyFile test from check_Programs for now
4 years viperus 1.3418 g_kodDatabase.cpp:
  Rename: sntp/tests/kodDatabase.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_kodDatabase.cpp
  Rename: sntp/tests/networking.cpp -> sntp/tests/g_networking.cpp
  renamed *.cpp files to g_*.cpp
4 years viperus 1.3417 Makefile.am:
  builds another test
  added ../version.c so kodDatabase builds. Should be done via a rule, needs fixing!
  added c_fileHandlingTest.h to noinst_HEADERS
  GTEST_AVAILABLE check moved into /sntp/tests/Makefile.am so unity tests can be run
4 years stenn 1.3413.1.1 clean up unity test names
4 years viperus 1.3416 run-test-networking.c, c_sntptest.h:
  new file
  added c_sntptest.h include
  modified so Makefile.am runs unity tests and gtests
4 years viperus 1.3415 networking.c:
  new file
  started adding unity test framework support
4 years viperus 1.3414 ssl_init.c, run-test-ssl_init.c:
  new file
  added ssl-init.c building
  Rename: tests/libntp/ssl_init.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_ssl_init.cpp
5 years viperus 1.3413 socktoa.c:
  added new function which replaces EXPECT_NE from gtest
5 years viperus 1.3412 forgot to rename old .cpp file
5 years viperus 1.3411 timespecops.c : 95% done, lacks printf error messages. Contains 2 unity_helper functions which should be moved ot unity_helper.h
5 years viperus 1.3410 timevalops.c:
  95% done, a few printfs in case of an error have to be converted
5 years viperus 1.3409 timevalops.c:
  replaced TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_INT64 with TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL()  (TEST_ASSER_EQUAL_INT() also autodetects 32 bit or 64 bit long int, which time_t uses)
5 years viperus 1.3408 Makefile.am:
  added building timevalops.c
run-test-timevalops.c, timevalops.c:
  new file
  removed sstream
  Rename: tests/libntp/timevalops.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_timevalops.cpp
5 years viperus 1.3407 Makefile.am:
  added -lpthread to decodenetnum_LDADD. Temporary solution, until I get an answer from jnperlin
5 years viperus 1.3406 c_sockaddrtest.h:
  removed stuff like 1==1 with TRUE. Also added cin cout stuff, should be replaced b
Many files:
  new file
  fixes to Lokesh-Damir merge, added new .h to noinst_SOURCES
  put the static vars back in here, removed them from hextolfp.c, because more files will need them.
  removed static consts, placed them in c_lpftest.h
  removed outdates testcalshims.h, replaced with required includes
5 years viperus 1.3405 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/lokeshw24/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
5 years loki 1.3383.1.7 Changes wrt to <socktoa> test
5 years loki 1.3383.1.6 Changes for <decodenetnum> test
5 years loki 1.3383.1.5 Changes wrt to <hextolfp> test
5 years loki 1.3383.1.4 Changes for <netof> tests
5 years tomek 1.3391.1.6 Makefile.am:
  fixed double definition of something
5 years tomek 1.3391.1.5 Makefile.am:
  missing backslashes added
5 years tomek 1.3391.1.4 vi64ops.c:
  used a simpler assertion
5 years tomek 1.3391.1.3 used TEST_ASSERT_NULL instead of ASSERT_TRUE(ptr == NULL) in test/libntp/recvbuff.c
5 years tomek 1.3391.1.2 edited a makefile in test/libntp to build those tests
5 years tomek 1.3391.1.1 converted a bunch of test from GTest to Unity in test/libntp/
5 years viperus 1.3404 Makefile.am:
  added -lpthread to test_caljuliaj_LDADD, because it's not in $(PTHREAD_LIBS)
5 years viperus 1.3403 Makefile.am:
  added test-libntp.h in noinst_HEADERS, otherwise you can't build make distcheck on my ubuntu
5 years viperus 1.3402 testlibntp.c:
  Rename: tests/libntp/test-libntp.c -> tests/libntp/testlibntp.c
  Rename: tests/libntp/test-libntp.h -> tests/libntp/testlibntp.h
  Rename: tests/libntp/testlibntp.h -> tests/libntp/test-libntp.h
  Rename: tests/libntp/testlibntp.c -> tests/libntp/test-libntp.c
5 years viperus 1.3401 Makefile.am:
  removed the folder /unity-framework/
5 years viperus 1.3400 ProductionCode.h~fac233823798db21:
  Delete: tests/unity-framework/ProductionCode.h
  Delete: tests/unity-framework/TestProductionCode.c
  Delete: tests/unity-framework/TestProductionCode_Runner.c
  Delete: tests/unity-framework/ProductionCode.c
5 years loki 1.3383.1.3 Files related to <netof> test
5 years loki 1.3383.1.2 Files related to <netof> test
5 years viperus 1.3399 g_calendar.cpp:
  Rename: tests/libntp/calendar.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_calendar.cpp
  renamed calendar.cpp to g_calendar.cpp, reflecting changes in Makefile.am
5 years viperus 1.3398 bug-2803.h~388af97e65bf386e:
  Delete: tests/bug-2803/bug-2803.h
  Delete: tests/bug-2803/TestProductionCode_Runner.c
  Delete: tests/bug-2803/bug-2803.c
  removed outdated files
  merged with bug-2803.c|h, they are obsolete now
5 years viperus 1.3397 calendar.c:
  forgot to return 2 functions
5 years viperus 1.3396 caljulian.c:
  removed an unnecessary printf
run-test-calendar.c, calendar.c:
  new file
  now builds calendar.c as well
5 years viperus 1.3395 Makefile.am:
  removed run-test-libntp.c, unncecessary
  Delete: tests/libntp/run-test-libntp.c
5 years viperus 1.3394 caljulian.c:
  minor cleanup
  mereged with Harlan's Makefile.am@1.55 version.
5 years viperus 1.3393 caljulian.c:
  fixed printf in case of an error
5 years viperus 1.3392 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3391 [Bug 2778] Implement "apeers"  ntpq command to include associd
5 years stenn 1.3390 merge cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3389 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2805
5 years stenn 1.3388 Unity updates
5 years viperus 1.3386.1.4 forgot to rename the .cpp file
5 years viperus 1.3386.1.3 Many files:
  new file
  removed the functions from here, put them in test-libntp.c
  adding support for new tests
  Rename: tests/libntp/calyearstart.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_calyearstart.cpp
  Rename: tests/libntp/clocktime.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_clocktime.cpp
  added headers for new functions
  moved the functions which 3 tests use into this file
  minor update
5 years viperus 1.3386.1.2 Makefile.am:
  added refnumtoa.c
run-test-vi64ops.c, refnumtoa.c, run-test-refnumtoa.c:
  new file
  Rename: tests/libntp/refnumtoa.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_refnumtoa.cpp
5 years viperus 1.3386.1.1 vi64ops.c:
  new file
  added stuff related to vi64ops.c
  Rename: tests/libntp/vi64ops.cpp -> tests/libntp/g_vi64ops.cpp
5 years stenn 1.3387 Makefile.am unity-related cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3386 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2845
5 years stenn 1.3385 unity notes
5 years stenn 1.3384 Note that Unity requires ruby, if tests change
5 years loki 1.3370.1.3 hextolfp test converted to unity
5 years stenn 1.3383 testcalshims.h cleanup
5 years loki 1.3370.1.2 Makefile.am modified for octotint.c file
5 years stenn 1.3382 md5encrypt tests need current_time
5 years loki 1.3370.1.1 octtoint.cpp converted to unity framework
5 years stenn 1.3381 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity/sntp/unity/../../
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.11 sntp/unity/Makefile.am: Use default AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS
5 years stenn 1.3380 Merge psp-at1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3379 EOL cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3378 Distribute unity/auto/
5 years viperus 1.3377 authkeys.c:
  added code which runs init_auth() only in the 1st setUp, prevents segfault
  removed init_lib() and init_auth() from here. Put it into setUp() in the test, but it should be run only once
5 years viperus 1.3376 test-libntp.c:
  removed stuff that was placed elsewhere
5 years viperus 1.3375 generate_test_runner.rb:
  test runners main() will always call init_lib() and init_auth()
5 years viperus 1.3374 updating autogenerated testrunners with progname = argv[0]
5 years viperus 1.3373 testcalshims.h:
  also removed progname and current_time var
  removed progname and current_time var
5 years viperus 1.3372 generate_test_runner.rb:
  Added progname = argv[0] in main() function of each runner.
5 years viperus 1.3371 removed the outdated functions made purely for testing unity
5 years viperus 1.3370 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.10 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years viperus 1.3369 manually merged a few lines in tests/bug-2803/Makefile.am
5 years viperus 1.3368 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity/
into  ubuntu.(none):/home/viperus/Desktop/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.9 test/Makefile.am DIST_SUBDIRS cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.8 Fix a typo in tests/libntp/modetoa.c
5 years viperus 1.3367 finished this test, changed TEST_ASSERT_DOUBLE_WITHIN(...) as jnperlin suggested
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.7 Updates to tests/libntp/
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.12.3 [Bug 2843] make check fails on 4.3.36
  Fixed compiler warnings about numeric range overflow (The original topic was fixed in a byplay to bug#2830)
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.6 tests/bug-2803/Makefile.am must distribute bug-2803.h
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.5 sntp/libpkgver belongs in EXTRA_DIST, not DIST_SUBDIRS
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.4 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3326.12.2 Typo: Bug 2887 -> Bug 2778
5 years viperus 1.3366 minor change in testrunner
5 years viperus 1.3365
  added -DUNITY_DOUBLE_INCLUDE to CFLAGS, so I don't get linker errors anymore (because asserting double is disabled by default in unity)
Makefile.am: (/tests/libntp/Makefile.am)  
        added -DUNITY.... to makefile when building lfpfunc.c. Maybe I should add -DUNITY... to CFLAGS_unity or something like that'
        converted more tests

5 years stenn 1.3326.12.1 [Bug 2778] Implement "apeers"  ntpq command to include associd
5 years viperus 1.3364 Makefile.am:
  Added LIBM in LDADD.
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.7.16 [Bug 2845] Harden memory allocation in ntpd
 implement and use 'eallocarray(...)' where appropriate
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.3 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years viperus 1.3363 added incomplete test for lfpfunc.c. Changes to makefile and created c_timestructs.c and .h, because timestructs.cpp is a big c++ wrapper. Slowly converting it all to C code
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.15 [Bug 2830] ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.7.14 [Bug 2830] ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
 - add changelog entry
 - add ASSERTS to ntp_crypto.c for length of signature
5 years viperus 1.3362 removed some spaces from Makefile.am, removed init_auth from setUp, because every test was calling it. Added init_auth inside run-test-authkeys.c. This is  aproblem because I had to modify an autogenerated file!
5 years viperus 1.3361 loaded math lib for some tests so building works on psp-at1 and psp-fb1
5 years viperus 1.3360 re-enabled a_md5encrypt test
5 years viperus 1.3359 temporarily removed #test-a_md5encrypt due to log10, linking with math lib
5 years viperus 1.3358 added new includes in all files
5 years viperus 1.3357 removed a minor makefile bug, put added new include in uglydate.c
5 years viperus 1.3356 for some reason this file isnt available on psp-deb1
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.11.2 [Bug 2830] ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
 - fix test case that got damaged by changes to TAI table limit logic
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years viperus 1.3355 adding new test files and their runners
5 years viperus 1.3353 forgot to ci a few files
5 years viperus 1.3351.1.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/viperus/ntp-stable-unity
5 years viperus 1.3352 modified testcalshims.h to suppoer md5encrypt.c and authkeys.c , added new tests, and modified Makefile.am
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.12 sntp/scripts/genLocInfo: treat raspbian as debian
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.11 [Bug 2842] Bug in mdoc2man
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.10 [Bug 2836] DFC77 patches from Frank Kardel to make decoding more robust, and require 2 consecutive timestamps to be consistent
5 years viperus 1.3351 adding new unity test files, changes to Makefile.am
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.9 [Bug 2837] add test for DSCP to ntpd/complete.conf.in - from Hal Murray
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.11.1 Bug 2830 - ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
 - trigger a possible autokey update on change of 'sys_tai'
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.8 2830 fixes from Pearly
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.7 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2830
5 years stenn 1.3326.8.10 [Bug 2842] Glitch in ntp.conf.def documentation stanza
5 years stenn 1.3326.10.2 [Bug 2824] Convert update-leap to perl. (also see 2769)
5 years stenn 1.3326.10.1 [Bug 2837] Allow a configurable DSCP value
5 years stenn 1.3326.8.8 Report select() debug messages at debug level 3 now
5 years martin 1.3326.8.7 Increased the debug level at which a tiny debug message is printed.
5 years stenn 1.3326.8.6 [Bug 2837] Allow a configurable DSCP value
5 years stenn 1.3326.8.5 ChangeLog cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3326.8.4 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/abe/ntp-stable-2834
5 years stenn 1.3326.8.3 ChangeLog order cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3326.9.2 update-leap conversion is bug 2824, not 2769
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.7.6 Bug 2830 - ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
 fix a few bad ideas and missing links
5 years stenn 1.3345.1.1 add unity_fixture to the unity library
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.7.5 [Bug 2830] ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
  NTPD transfers the current TAI (instead of an announcement) now. This might still needed improvement.
5 years stenn 1.3326.9.1 [Bug 2769] Convert update-leap to perl
5 years viperus 1.3350 modified the ruby testRunner generator, so the test prints filesnames properly. ALSO, run-test-name.c files dont rebuild after I modify the ruby code
5 years viperus 1.3349 added run-testmodeto.c and run-test.uglydate.c
5 years viperus 1.3348 modified makefile to work with multiple tests
5 years viperus 1.3347 ut-2803.c:
  Removed unncessary include.
5 years viperus 1.3346 making better sandbox examples
5 years viperus 1.3345 we want to build tests/libntp even if no GTEST
5 years viperus 1.3344 added run-test-libntp.c
5 years viperus 1.3343 probably commited changes to tests/libntp/Makefile.am
5 years viperus 1.3342 added more files to libntp/ and added some autogenerated tests to sandbox so other people can see how do they lok like.
5 years viperus 1.3341 added a few more files to sandbox/ , updated unity to print FAIL instead of Failure
5 years stenn 1.3340 Unity test framework fixes
5 years stenn 1.3339 Unity test framework fixes
5 years stenn 1.3338 Unity framework cleanup
5 years viperus 1.3337 tests/sandbox cleanup
5 years viperus 1.3336 tests/sandbox cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3335 Created tests/sandbox/
5 years stenn 1.3334 Unity framework improvements
5 years stenn 1.3333 Initial support for PACKAGE_VERSION tests
5 years stenn 1.3332 Updates to bug-2803 tests
5 years abe 1.3326.8.2 refclock.html, ChangeLog:
  [Bug 2834] Correct a broken html tag in html/refclock.html
5 years abe 1.3326.8.1 driver40.html, refclock_jjy.c, driver40-ja.html, ChangeLog:
  refclock_jjy.c supports the TDC-300
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.7.4 [Bug 2830] ntpd doesn't always transfer the correct TAI offset via autokey
  NTP does *not* transfer the TAI offset, but a leap second announcement.
  Handling of these announcements and stepping over leap seconds needed improvement.
5 years stenn 1.3331 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P3_RC1
5 years stenn 1.3326.7.2 4.2.8p3-RC1
5 years perlinger 1.3326.7.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2745
5 years stenn 1.3330 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.12 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2805
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.11 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.10 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/burnicki/ntp-stable-2792
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.9 minor cleanup
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.4.6 * [Bug 2745] ntpd -x steps clock on leap second
   removed dead test code block in ntpd/ntp_leapsec.c
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.4.5 * [Bug 2745] ntpd -x steps clock on leap second
   Fixed an initial-value problem that caused misbehaviour in absence of any leapsecond information.
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.6.1 * [Bug 2808] GPSD_JSON driver enhancements, step 1.
  Fix crash during cleanup if GPS device not present and char device.
5 years martin 1.3326.1.8 [Bug 2792] If the IFF_RUNNING interface flag is supported then an interface is ignored
as long as this flag is not set since the interface is not usable (e.g., no link).
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.7 CID 739725: Fix a rare resource leak in libevent/listener.c
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.6 [Bug 2821] Add a missing NTP_PRINTF and a missing const
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.5 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.4 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2750-win64-build
5 years stenn 1.3326.3.3 merge cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3326.3.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2808
5 years stenn 1.3326.5.2 Add an assert to the ntpq ifstats code
5 years stenn 1.3326.5.1 Clean up the RLIMIT_STACK code
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.4.4 [Bug 2745] ntpd -x steps clock on leap second
  provide test case for empty table lookup with real leap second
  don't step with '-x' or if step min. step > 1sec
5 years perlinger 1.3326.4.3 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2745
5 years stenn 1.3326.4.2 [Bug 2825] Quiet file installation in html/
5 years stenn 1.3326.4.1 bk gone file cleanup
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.3.1 [Bug 2808] GPSD_JSON driver enhancements, step 1.
 Increase internal token buffer to parse all JSON data, even SKY.
 Avoid syslog clutter when driver has init problems but is nout used later on.
5 years stenn 1.3326.2.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2805
5 years jnperlin 1.3326.1.3 [Bug 2750] build for Win64
 loopback ppsapi dll needs def-file for entry point renaming in x86 target builds
5 years stenn 1.3328 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.2 Remove vs2013/ntp.v12.suo and vs2013/ntp.sdf
5 years stenn 1.3326.1.1 [Bug 2822] New leap column in sntp broke NTP::Util.pm
5 years stenn 1.3327 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3326 Windows port build cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.13 unity framework
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.12 typo
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.11 bug-2803 framework
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.10 Updates for bug-2803/ tests
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.9 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.8 cleanup
5 years abe 1.3320.1.7 driver40-ja.html:
  [BUG 2806] Correcting typo of the driver40-ja.html
  [BUG 2806] CID 1296235: refclock_jjy.c and correcting typo of driver40-ja.html
  [BUG 2806] CID 1296235: Fix refclock_jjy.c and some changes to avoid claims by the check tool
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.6 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.5 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2782
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.13 [Bug 2590] autogen-5.18.5
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.12 [Bug 2650] fix includefile processing
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.10.2 [Bug 2650] includefile processing broken.
  rework and cleanup of config processing after merge from 4.2.8p2
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.10 update dates
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.9 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.8 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2808
5 years stenn 1.3320.3.5 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3320.3.4 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2745
5 years stenn 1.3320.7.3 cleanup
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.10.1 Merge perlinger@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-stable-2650
into  hydra.(none):/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-stable-2650
5 years jnperlin 1.3292.1.21 [bug 2650] includefile processing broken
  forward from lost/orphaned repo
5 years perlinger 1.3320.9.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2745
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.3.2 [Bug 2745] ntpd -x steps clock on leap second
  Better syslog messages when not stepping
5 years perlinger 1.3320.4.7 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2808
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.4.6 [Bug 2808] - GPSD_JSON driver enhancements, step 1
  fix coverity issues in refclock_shm and refclock_gpsdjson
5 years stenn 1.3320.8.1 [Bug 2805] ntpd fails to join multicast group
5 years abe 1.3320.7.2 ChangeLog:
  [BUG 2806] refclock_jjy.c supports the Tel-JJY
5 years abe 1.3320.7.1 driver40-ja.html:
  new file
driver40.html, refclock_jjy.c:
  [BUG 2806] refclock_jjy.c supports the Tel-JJY
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.10 bug-2803 tests
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.9 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-unity
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.8 [Bug 2612] restrict: Warn when 'monitor' can't be disabled because of 'limited'
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.12 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.7 [Bug 2815] net-snmp before v5.4 has circular library dependencies
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.11 [Bug 2776] Clean up EVP_MD_do_all_sorted() test
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.10 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.6 [Bug 2813] HP-UX needs -D__STDC_VERSION__=199901L and limits.h
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.5 autogen-5.18.5
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.4 CID 1269537: Clean up a line of dead code in getShmTime().
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.9 CID 1295478: Quiet a pedantic potential error from the fix for Bug 2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.8 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.6.1 Improve the ntpq documentation around the controlkey keyid
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.2 [Bug 2804] more cleanup to install-local-data
5 years stenn 1.3320.5.1 Fix regression in previous [Bug 2804] fix
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.4.4 [Bug 2808] GPSD_JSON driver enhancements, step 1.
 Add a few more tallies as per Hal Murray's suggestions
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.7 [Bug 2776] Improve ntpq's 'help keytype'
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.6 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.3 refclock_true.c true_debug() can't open debug log because of incompatible open/fdopen parameters
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.2 Update NEWS file
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.5 Fix typo in patch for bug 2776
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.4 [Bug 2776] Improve ntpq's 'help keytype'
5 years stenn 1.3320.4.1 [Bug 2804] install-local-data assumes GNU find semantics
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.3.1 [Bug 2745] ntpd -x steps clock on leap second 
  Do leap second stepping only of the step adjustment is beyond the proper jump distance limit and step correction is allowed at all. 
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.3 [Bug 2776] Improve ntpq's 'help keytype'
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.2 [Bug 2794] Clean up kernel clock status reports
5 years stenn 1.3320.2.1 [Bug 2804] install-local-data assumes GNU 'find' semantics'
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.4 [Bug 2810] refclock_shm.c memory barrier code needs tweaks for QNX
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.3 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2782
5 years stenn 1.3320.1.2 cleanup
5 years jnperlin 1.3323 Fixed include file lists; improved generation of 'ntp_keyword.h'
5 years jnperlin 1.3322 make sure batch files are executed via 'call' -- multiple custom build steps fail otherwise.
5 years jnperlin 1.3320.1.1 [Bug 2808] GPSD_JSON driver enhancements, step 1
5 years jnperlin 1.3321 WinBuild: cleanup of VS2008/VS2013 build, add 64bit build to VS2008
5 years stenn 1.3320
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P2
5 years stenn 1.3319 ntp-4.2.8p2
5 years stenn 1.3318 NEWS update
5 years stenn 1.3314.1.4 Initial import of the Unity test framework
5 years stenn 1.3317 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3314.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P2_RC3
5 years stenn 1.3314.1.2 [Bug 2763] Fix for different thresholds for forward and backward steps
5 years stenn 1.3316 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3314.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P2_RC2
5 years stenn 1.3315 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3314 merge cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3313 merge cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3312 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2769
5 years stenn 1.3308.1.4 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.11 [Bug 2592] FLAG_TSTAMP_PPS cleanup for refclock_parse.c
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.10 merge cleanup
5 years jnperlin 1.3308.2.9 [Bug 2795] Cannot build without OpenSLL (on Win32).
  fixed minor warning
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.8 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2592
5 years stenn 1.3308.6.2 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.7 Simple cleanup to html/build.html
5 years stenn 1.3308.6.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2592
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.6 typos
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.5 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/../perlinger/ntp-stable-2795
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-a
5 years stenn 1.3308.3.2 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/../perlinger/ntp-stable-2796
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-a
5 years stenn 1.3308.4.2 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/../perlinger/ntp-stable-2797
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-a
5 years stenn 1.3308.5.2 [Bug 2798] sntp should decode and display the leap indicator
5 years stenn 1.3308.5.1 [Bug 2798] sntp should decode and display the leap indicator
5 years jnperlin 1.3308.4.1 [Bug 2797] ntp-keygen trapped in endless loop for MD5 keys on big-endian machines
5 years jnperlin 1.3308.3.1 [Bug 2796] ntp-keygen crashes in 'getclock()' on Win32
5 years jnperlin 1.3308.2.4 [Bug 2795] Cannot build without OpenSLL (on Win32)
 Provided a Win32 specific wrapper around libevent/arc4random.c
5 years martin 1.3305.4.8 [Bug 2794] Don't let reports on normal kernel status changes look like errors.
5 years martin 1.3305.4.7 [Bug 2788] New flag -G (force_step_once)
5 years stenn 1.3308.1.3 Start the RC cycle for ntp-4.2.8p2
5 years stenn 1.3308.1.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P2_RC1
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.2 Begin 4.2.8p2-RC1
5 years stenn 1.3308.2.1 Start the RC cycle for ntp-4.2.8p2
5 years stenn 1.3308.1.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3311 [Bug 2769] cleannup for update-leap
5 years stenn 1.3310 [Bug 2769] cleannup for update-leap
5 years stenn 1.3309 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2769
5 years stenn 1.3308 [Bug 2346] "graceful termination" signals do not do peer cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3307 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-1960
5 years martin 1.3305.4.6 [Bug 2592] Account for PPS sources which can provide an accurate absolute time stamp, and status information.
5 years martin 1.3305.4.5 Fixed indention and removed trailing whitespace.
5 years stenn 1.3305.2.5 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2779-2781
5 years stenn 1.3305.4.4 merge cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3305.4.3 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2790
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
5 years stenn 1.3305.4.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2790
5 years stenn 1.3305.6.3 Bug 2791 -> Bug 2789
5 years stenn 1.3305.6.2 Merge cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3305.6.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2777
5 years stenn 1.3305.5.2 [Bug 2769] New script: update-leap
5 years stenn 1.3305.5.1 [Bug 2769] New script: update-leap
5 years burnicki 1.3305.4.1 [Bug 2790] If ntpd sets the Windows MM timer highest resolution then pause
briefly before measuring system clock precision to yield correct results.
5 years martin 1.3305.3.6 [Bug 2791] Quiet compiler warnings from libevent.
5 years martin 1.3305.3.5 [Bug 1787] DCF77's formerly "antenna" bit is "call bit" since 2003.
5 years martin 1.3305.3.4 Added a comment from Juergen Perlinger in ntp_date.c to make the code clearer.
5 years martin 1.3305.3.3 Use predefined function types for parse driver functions used to set up function pointers.
Account for changed prototype of parse_inp_fnc_t functions.
Cast parse conversion results to appropriate types to avoid compiler warnings.
Let ioctl() for Windows accept a (void *) to avoid compiler warnings when called with pointers to different types.
5 years stenn 1.3305.2.4 ntp_proto.c, ChangeLog:
  [Sec 2779] ntpd accepts unauthenticated packets with symmetric key crypto.
  [Sec 2781] Authentication doesn't protect symmetric associations against DoS attacks.
5 years stenn 1.3305.2.3 [Bug 2763] Allow different thresholds for forward and backward steps
5 years martin 1.3305.3.2 Removed non-ASCII characters from some copyright comments.
Removed trailing whitespace.
Updated definitions for Meinberg clocks from current Meinberg header files. Now use C99 fixed-width types and avoid non-ASCII characters in comments.
Account for updated definitions pulled from Meinberg header files.
Updated comments on Meinberg GPS receivers which are not only called GPS16x.
Replaced some constant numbers by defines from ntp_calendar.h
Modified creation of parse-specific variables for Meinberg devices in gps16x_message().
Reworked mk_utcinfo() to avoid printing of ambiguous leap second dates.
Modified mbg_tm_str() which now expexts an additional parameter controlling if the time status shall be printed.
5 years stenn 1.3305.2.2 merge cleanup
5 years martin 1.3305.3.1 Fixed loops and decoding of Meinberg GPS satellite info.
5 years murray 1.3305.2.1 ChangeLog, ntp_loopfilter.c:
  Fix for bug 2774
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.18 [Bug 2782] Refactor refclock_shm.c, add memory barrier protection
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.17 [Bug 2784] Fix for 2782 uses clock_gettime() instead of get_ostime()
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.16 [Bug 2782] Refactor refclock_shm.c, add memory barrier protection
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.15 [Bug 2783] Quiet autoconf warnings about missing AC_LANG_SOURCE
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.14 [Bug 2775] ntp-keygen.c fails to compile under Windows
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.13 cleanup
5 years murray 1.3305.1.12 refclock_palisade.h, ChangeLog, refclock_palisade.c:
  Fix bug 2773 - early leap from Palisade/Thunderbolt
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.11 [Bug 2751] jitter.h has stale copies of l_fp macros
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.10 [Bug 2771] nonvolatile value is documented in wrong units
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.9 [Bug 2767] ntp-keygen -M should symlink to ntp.keys
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.8 [Bug 2766] ntp-keygen output files should not be world-readable
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.7 [Bug 2759] Expose nonvolatile/clk_wander_threshold to ntpq
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.6 [Bug 2757] Quiet compiler warnings.
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.5 [Bug 2756] ntpd hangs in startup with gcc 3.3.5 on ARM
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.4 [Bug 2751] jitter.h has stale copies of l_fp macros
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.3 Update triggers for bk-6
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.2 [Bug 2757] Quiet compiler warnings
5 years stenn 1.3305.1.1 [Bug 2749] ntp/lib/NTP/Util.pm needs update for ntpq -w, IPv6, .POOL.
5 years stenn 1.3306 [Bug 1960] setsockopt IPV6_MULTICAST_IF: Invalid argument
5 years stenn 1.3305 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2728
5 years stenn 1.3302.1.1 [Bug 2728] See if C99-style structure initialization works
5 years stenn 1.3304 [Bug 2747] Upgrade libevent to 2.1.5-beta
5 years stenn 1.3303 [Bug 2747] Upgrade libevent to 2.1.5-beta
5 years stenn 1.3302
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1
5 years stenn 1.3301 ntp-4.2.8p1
5 years stenn 1.3300 Update the ChangeLog and NEWS files
5 years stenn 1.3299 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2671
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.20
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_RC2
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.19 Merge stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2732
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.18 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2740
5 years stenn 1.3292.5.2 typo
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.17 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2738
5 years stenn 1.3292.4.3 typos
5 years martin 1.3292.4.2 Bug 2741 - Incorrect buffer check in parsestatus()
5 years jnperlin 1.3292.2.3 [bug 2732] Bug 2732 - Leap second not handled correctly on Windows 8
 Guard against slewing twice. Something weird is happening under Win8/8.1. 
5 years martin 1.3292.5.1 [Bug 2740] Removed some obsolete code from the parse driver.
5 years martin 1.3292.4.1 [Bug 2738] Missing buffer initialisation in parsestate().
[Bug 2739] Parse driver with PPS enabled occasionaly evaluates PPS timestamp with wrong sign.
Removed some German umlauts.
5 years jnperlin 1.3292.1.16 * [Bug 2627] rework: reverted sense of mode bit (so default reflects previous behaviour) and updated ducumentation.
5 years jnperlin 1.3292.2.2 [Bug 2732] - Leap second not handled correctly on Windows 8
  use 'GetTickCount()' to get the true elapsed time of slew
 (This should work for all versions of Windows >= W2K)
5 years stenn 1.3298 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2671
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.15
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_RC1
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.14 [Bug 2736] Show error message if we cannot open the config file
5 years stenn 1.3297 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2671
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.13 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-copyright
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.12 Copyright update
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.11 typo fix
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.10 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-copyright
5 years stenn 1.3292.3.5 Start the RC for 4.2.8p1
5 years stenn 1.3292.3.4 [Bug 2187] Update version number generation scripts
5 years stenn 1.3292.3.3 Fix the package name
5 years stenn 1.3292.3.2 [Sec 2672] Code cleanup: On some OSes ::1 can be spoofed...
5 years stenn 1.3292.3.1 [Bug 2617] Fix sntp Usage documentation section
5 years jnperlin 1.3292.2.1 [bug 2732] leapsecond processing buggy with win8
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.9 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-copyright
5 years stenn 1.3281.1.3 Copyright update
5 years stenn 1.3296 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable-2671
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.8
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_BETA5
5 years burnicki 1.3292.1.7 cleanup
5 years burnicki 1.3292.1.6 [Bug 2728] Work around C99-style structure initialization code for older compilers, specifically Visual Studio prior to VS2013.
5 years burnicki 1.3292.1.5 [Bug 2695] Windows build: __func__ not supported under Windows.
5 years stenn 1.3295 Fix the package name
5 years stenn 1.3294 [Sec 2671] vallen in extension fields are not validated
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_BETA4
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.3 Fix a regression introduced to timepps-Solaris.h
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.2 [Bug 2695] Build problem on Windows (sys/socket.h)
5 years stenn 1.3292.1.1 [Bug 2715]  mdnstries option for ntp.conf from NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3293 [Sec 2671] vallen in extension fields are not validated
5 years stenn 1.3292
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_BETA3
5 years stenn 1.3291 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2627
5 years stenn 1.3290 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-stable
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/bug-2700
5 years jnperlin 1.3281.3.3 [Bug 2627] changelog file syntax
5 years jnperlin 1.3281.3.2 [Bug 2627] sidekick: avoid runtime conversion trap on MSVC builds
5 years perlinger 1.3281.3.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-2627
5 years jnperlin 1.3273.1.1 [Bug 2627] shm refclock allows only two units with owner-only access
5 years stenn 1.3289 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable-netbsd
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
5 years stenn 1.3288 [Bug 2713] variable type/cast, parameter name, general cleanup from NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3281.1.2 [Bug 2681] Fix display of certificate EOValidity dates on 32-bit systems
5 years murray 1.3281.2.2 ChangeLog:
  add --- to top of ChangeLog
5 years murray 1.3281.2.1 ChangeLog, ntp_control.c:
  Fix for bug 2700
5 years stenn 1.3287 [Bug 2715]  mdnstries option for ntp.conf from NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3286 [Bug 2713] variable type/cast, parameter name, general cleanup from NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3285 [Bug 2715]  mdnstries option for ntp.conf from NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3281.1.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
5 years stenn 1.3278.1.1 [Bug 2695] 4.2.8 does not build on Windows
5 years stenn 1.3284 [Bug 2714] libevent may need to be built independently of any build of sntp
5 years stenn 1.3283 [Bug 2706] libparse/info_trimble.c build dependencies are broken
5 years stenn 1.3282 [Bug 2713] variable type/cast, parameter name, general cleanup from NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3281
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_BETA2
5 years stenn 1.3280 [Bug 2674] Install sntp in sbin on NetBSD
5 years stenn 1.3279 [Bug 2707] Avoid a C90 extension in libjsmn/jsmn.c
5 years stenn 1.3278 [Bug 2693] ntp-keygen doesn't build without OpenSSL and sntp
5 years stenn 1.3277 [Bug 2709] see if we have a C99 compiler (not yet required)
5 years stenn 1.3276 build: see if we have a C99 compiler (not yet required)
5 years stenn 1.3275
TAG: NTP_4_2_8P1_BETA1
5 years stenn 1.3274 Disable config.cache-* files for now
5 years stenn 1.3273 Update cvo.sh for new CentOS version format
5 years stenn 1.3272 [Bug 2693] ntp-keygen doesn't build without OpenSSL
5 years stenn 1.3271 [Bug 2699] IN6_IS_ADDR_LOOPBACK build problems on some OSes
5 years stenn 1.3270 [Bug 2699] HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H is misspelled in refclock_gpsdjson.c
5 years stenn 1.3269 NEWS file update
5 years stenn 1.3268 [Sec 2672] On some OSes ::1 can be spoofed, bypassing source IP ACLs
5 years stenn 1.3267 typo
5 years stenn 1.3266
TAG: NTP_4_2_8
5 years stenn 1.3265 ntp-4.2.8
5 years stenn 1.3264 Disable Sec 2672 interim fix for now
5 years stenn 1.3263 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3245.1.7 NEWS file for 4.2.8
5 years stenn 1.3261 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sec
5 years stenn 1.3245.1.6 [Sec 730] Increase RSA_generate_key modulus
5 years stenn 1.3245.1.5 [Bug 2691] Wrong variable name in refclock_ripencc.c
5 years stenn 1.3260 [Sec 2671] vallen in extension fields are not validated
5 years stenn 1.3259 [Sec 2672] On some OSes ::1 can be spoofed, bypassing source IP ACLs: debug output tweaking
5 years stenn 1.3256.1.1 Comment cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3257 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sec
5 years stenn 1.3245.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P486_RC
5 years stenn 1.3256 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sec
5 years stenn 1.3255 [Sec 2672] On some OSes ::1 can be spoofed, bypassing source IP ACLs
5 years stenn 1.3254 ntp_io.c lint removal
5 years murray 1.3245.1.3 refclock_hpgps.c:
  Fix typo.
5 years murray 1.3245.1.2 refclock_hpgps.c, ChangeLog:
  Fix for bug 2687: RefClock 26/hpgps doesn't work at default line speed
5 years stenn 1.3253 Use finer-grained config.cache files for our configure runs
5 years stenn 1.3252 Quiet some debug output
5 years stenn 1.3251 [Sec 2666] Use cryptographic random numbers for md5 key generation
5 years stenn 1.3250 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sec
5 years stenn 1.3245.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P485_RC
5 years stenn 1.3249 [Sec 2670] Missing return; from error clause
5 years stenn 1.3248 [Sec 2669] buffer overflow in configure()
5 years stenn 1.3247 [Sec 2668] buffer overflow in ctl_putdata()
5 years stenn 1.3246 [Sec 2667] buffer overflow in crypto_recv()
5 years stenn 1.3245 [Bug 2686] refclock_gpsdjson needs strtoll(), which is not always present
5 years stenn 1.3244
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P484_RC
5 years stenn 1.3243 Start the RC cycle for 4.2.8
5 years stenn 1.3242
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P483
5 years stenn 1.3241 [Bug 2685] Better document the KOD file for sntp
5 years stenn 1.3240
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P482
5 years perlinger 1.3239 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2678
5 years stenn 1.3237.1.1 [Bug 2641] sntp is installed in the wrong location in Solaris
5 years jnperlin 1.3238 [Bug 2678] nmea_control() now checks 'refclock_params()' result.
5 years stenn 1.3237
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P481
5 years stenn 1.3236 [Bug 2314] Kernel PPS binding EOPNOTSUPP is a failure condition
5 years stenn 1.3235 Rename pps_enable to hardpps_enable.
5 years stenn 1.3234 [Bug 2314] Only enable PPS if kernel consumer binding succeeds
5 years stenn 1.3233
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P480
5 years stenn 1.3232 [Bug 2677] PATH_MAX isn't #define'd  under Windows
5 years stenn 1.3231
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P479
5 years stenn 1.3230 [Bug 2651] Certificates with ASN timestamps w/ 4-digit years mis-parsed
5 years stenn 1.3229
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P478
5 years stenn 1.3228 [Bug 2650] includefile processing broken
5 years stenn 1.3227 [Bug 2639] Check return value of ntp_adjtime()
5 years stenn 1.3226 [Sec 2630] buffer overrun in ntpq tokenize()
5 years stenn 1.3225 [Bug 2661] ntpq crashes with mreadvar
5 years stenn 1.3224
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P477
5 years stenn 1.3223 [Bug 2657] Document that "restrict nopeer" interferes with "pool"
5 years stenn 1.3222
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P476
5 years jnperlin 1.3221 [Bug 2503] sht utility outdated
5 years stenn 1.3220
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P475
5 years stenn 1.3219 [Bug 2654] refclock_true.c doesn't identify the Mk III
5 years stenn 1.3218
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P474
5 years stenn 1.3217 [Bug 2536] ntpd sandboxing support (libseccomp2) cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3216 [Bug 2649] Clean up html/ page installation
5 years stenn 1.3215
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P473
5 years stenn 1.3214 Autogen DNE fix
5 years stenn 1.3213 [Bug 2649] Clean up html/ page installation
5 years stenn 1.3212 [Bug 2649] Clean up html/ page installation
5 years stenn 1.3211
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P472
5 years stenn 1.3210 [Bug 2556] mrulist is missing from the generated ntpq man page
5 years stenn 1.3209
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P471
5 years stenn 1.3208 [Bug 2649] "make install" leaves wrong owner for files in html/
5 years stenn 1.3207 [Bug 2652] Windows hates directory names that contain a :
5 years stenn 1.3206
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P470
5 years stenn 1.3205 html/ cleanups from Hal Murray
5 years stenn 1.3204 autogen-5.18.5pre1 fixes [Bug 2502] Autogen text replacement errors
5 years stenn 1.3203
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P469
5 years stenn 1.3202 [Bug 2536] ntpd sandboxing support (libseccomp2) cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3201
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P468
5 years stenn 1.3200 autogen-5.18.4
5 years stenn 1.3199 [Bug 2556] ntpq man page cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3198
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P467
5 years stenn 1.3197 [Bug 2640] STA_NANO can result in invalid ntv.constant
5 years stenn 1.3196 [Bug 2639] Check return value of ntp_adjtime()
5 years stenn 1.3195
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P466
5 years stenn 1.3194 [Bug 2536] ntpd sandboxing support (libseccomp2) cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3193
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P465
5 years stenn 1.3192 [Bug 2595] Man page quirks: ntpdate references in ntpd
5 years stenn 1.3191 [Bug 2613] www.ntp.org/bugs.html tells folks to email doc bugs to DLM
5 years stenn 1.3190 [Bug 2538] NTP programs print exit code in help/usage text
5 years jnperlin 1.3189 [Bug 2636] Clutter in syslog if gpsd not running
- log GPSD revision and release numbers with protocol version
5 years jnperlin 1.3188 [Bug 2636] Clutter in syslog if gpsd not running
 - found (hopefully) last cause for clutter in protocol version
5 years stenn 1.3187
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P464
5 years stenn 1.3186 typos
5 years stenn 1.3185 [Bug 2636] Fix coverity warning from previous patch
5 years jnperlin 1.3184 refclock_gpsdjson: Fix coverity warning. Did not cause a bug, but the code was not excatly as intented.
5 years stenn 1.3183
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P463
5 years jnperlin 1.3182 [Bug 2636] Clutter in syslog if gpsd not running
 - make driver work with PSD protocol versio 3.9
 - use exponential back-off for connection problems
 - implement rate-limit for syslog entries
5 years jnperlin 1.3181 [Bug 2636] reduce logging of recurrent/persistent errors to avoid syslog flooding;
   adapt to protocol version 3.9 and nanosecond PPS precision.
5 years stenn 1.3180
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P462
5 years stenn 1.3179 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2622
5 years stenn 1.3177.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P461
5 years stenn 1.3177.1.4 [Bug 1128] ntpq truncates "remote" host information
5 years stenn 1.3177.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P460
5 years stenn 1.3177.1.2 More autogen-5.18.4pre14 cleanup
5 years stenn 1.3177.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P459
5 years jnperlin 1.3178 [Bug 2622] Synchronisation problem using SHM [...]
Add 'control' function to SHM driver-- fudge values not available during start.
5 years stenn 1.3177 Try bison-3.0.2 instead of bison-2.5
5 years stenn 1.3176 [Bug 2630] Limit the ntpq command buffer to 512 bytes
5 years stenn 1.3175 FlexeLint cleanups
5 years stenn 1.3172.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P458
5 years stenn 1.3172.1.1 [Bug 2633] Provide stdnoreturn.h for windows port
5 years phk 1.3173 ntp.h, ntp_proto.c:
  Don't do arithmetic on NULL pointer when we have a real pointer to use
ntp_parser.y, ntp_config.c:
  A set of no-op pedantic changes inspired by FlexeLints complaints,
  while looking for ways to make the simulator work again:
  Add prototype for yyparser() until bison joins the century of the fruit-bat.
  Make some functions static.
  Deal with "SIM-only" stuff in ntp_parser.y rather than later.
  Mark knowingly unused arguments
  Signed/Unsigned/Long fixes to constants.
  Const char* argument to fprintf(3).
  Use systems assert(3) for FlexeLint analysis
5 years stenn 1.3172
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P457
5 years stenn 1.3171 Update .point-changed-filelist
5 years stenn 1.3170 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2622
5 years phk 1.3169 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/phk/ntp-dev
5 years phk 1.3156.2.2 Typo fix
5 years stenn 1.3168 Added Brian Utterback to the copyright file
5 years stenn 1.3167 autogen-5.18.4pre14
5 years stenn 1.3166 autogen-5.18.4pre14
5 years stenn 1.3165 autogen-5.18.4pre14
5 years jnperlin 1.3156.1.12 implement new logic to define difference limit and limit check with SHM clock (driver28)
5 years phk 1.3156.2.1 Pass the configration source into the parser as argument rather than through a global variable
5 years stenn 1.3164 autogen-5.18.4pre12
5 years stenn 1.3163 autogen-5.18.4pre12
5 years stenn 1.3162 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen-5.18.4
5 years jnperlin 1.3156.1.11 [Bug 2622] Change SHM driver so TOY restricted API is not used any more. (Plus some minor cleanup in logic and flow control)
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.10
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P456
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.9 CID 739722: Change the way the extention and MAC fields are processed
5 years jnperlin 1.3156.1.8 Work around Coverity issue over mismatch of formal and paket layout.
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P455
5 years stenn 1.3161 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen-5.18.4
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.6 [Bug 2565] ntpd sometimes logs unexpected getifaddrs() errors
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.5 CID 739722: Clean up the definition of the exten field of struct pkt
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.4 Clean up the definition of the exten field of struct pkt
5 years jnperlin 1.3156.1.3 make consistent layout for 'struct pkt'
5 years stenn 1.3156.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P454
5 years jnperlin 1.3156.1.1 [Bug 2628] 'mon_getmoremem()' relies on undefined behaviour
5 years stenn 1.3160 autogen-5.18.4pre9
5 years stenn 1.3159 Fix nits in the ntpq man page
5 years stenn 1.3158 Fix  a nit in the ntpq man page
5 years stenn 1.3157 autogen-5.18.4pre9
5 years stenn 1.3156
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P453
5 years stenn 1.3155 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2597
5 years stenn 1.3154
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P452
5 years stenn 1.3153 Make all of the html/ .html files use the same format for "Last update"
5 years stenn 1.3152
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P451
5 years stenn 1.3151 Fix the "Last update" entries in the html/ subtree
5 years jnperlin 1.3148.1.1 [Bug 2597] leap file loose ends
 - uniform log messages for timer and config triggered leap file loads
 - timer triggered load errors only once per day
5 years stenn 1.3150
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P450
5 years stenn 1.3149 Distribute the scripts needed for the fix for Bug 2547
5 years stenn 1.3148
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P449
5 years harlan 1.3147 Fix typos in decode.html and debug.html
5 years harlan 1.3146 [Bug 2547] Automate update of "Last Update" datestamps in .html files
5 years stenn 1.3145 Quiet warnings from ntp_calendar.h: avoid using argument names
5 years stenn 1.3144 [Bug 2623] Missing {} in refclock_oncore.c
5 years stenn 1.3143
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P448
5 years stenn 1.3142 Quiet warnings from ntp_calendar.h: avoid using argument names
5 years jnperlin 1.3141 [Bug 2621] Avoid use of indeterminate address after 'free()'
5 years stenn 1.3140
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P447
5 years stenn 1.3139 [Bug 2624] Fix signed compare on 'l_fp'
5 years stenn 1.3138 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-lfptest
5 years jnperlin 1.3131.3.2 [Bug 2618) (side work) added unit test for 'l_fp' operations
5 years stenn 1.3137 Remove extraneous NULs
5 years stenn 1.3136 [Bug 2620] Use version.pm for checking version numbers in NTP::Util
5 years jnperlin 1.3131.3.1 added first tests for 'l_fp'
5 years stenn 1.3135
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P446
5 years stenn 1.3134 Allow for version suffix in libevent in ntp_libevent.m4
5 years stenn 1.3133 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2614
5 years stenn 1.3131.1.4 ntp_crypto.c, ChangeLog:
  [Bug 2619] Save a signed int copy of the return value of i2d_DSA_SIG().
    Provide missing msyslog() message in crypto_alice().
5 years stenn 1.3131.1.3 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/.stage/h-thump2/phk/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev
5 years stenn 1.3131.2.1 [Bug 2597] leap file processing -- loose ends
5 years phk 1.3131.1.2 ChangeLog:
  fix a variable lifetime issue
5 years phk 1.3131.1.1 ntp_crypto.c:
  Don't assign stack variables to globals.
5 years jnperlin 1.3132 [Bug 2614] use 'unsigned long' consistently in 'ntp_random.c' to avoid undefined signed int overflow
6 years stenn 1.3131
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P445
6 years stenn 1.3130 [Bug 2556] mrulist isn't mentioned in the ntpq man page
6 years stenn 1.3129
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P444
6 years stenn 1.3128 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2597
6 years stenn 1.3127
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P443
6 years stenn 1.3126 [Bug 2594] Update the year in sntp/include/copyright.def
6 years harlan 1.3125 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp11.local:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.3123.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P442
6 years harlan 1.3124 [Bug 2594] Update the year in sntp/include/copyright.def
6 years harlan 1.3123 turn off the SCCS flag in extern.html
6 years harlan 1.3122 [Bug 2600] Fix "Undisicplined Local Clock" driver1.html page
6 years harlan 1.3121 [Bug 2589] Update VS2013 project files for libntp
6 years jnperlin 1.3107.1.41 [bug 2597] leap second loose ends -- coverity issues
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.40
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P441
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.39 nits
6 years jnperlin 1.3107.1.38 [Bug 2597] fixed loose ends: changed/unified logging for leapfile related actions
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.37
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P440
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.36 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2570
6 years stenn 1.3107.4.2 [Bug 2536] ntpd sandboxing support (libseccomp2) cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3107.4.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P439
6 years jnperlin 1.3107.1.35 [Bug 2570] cleanup: log format for successful leapfile load
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.34 [Bug 2589] fix VS2009 compile problem
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.33
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P438
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.32 Windows build documentation updates
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.31
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P437
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.30 [Bug 2537] ntpd truncates symmetric keys to 20 bytes
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.29 [Bug 2546] Documentation updates
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.28 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.3107.3.1 [Bug 2546] Documentation updates
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.27
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P436
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.26 * Update to libopts-40.2.15, and autogen-5.18.3pre18.
* [Bug 2311] Add more tags to mdoc2xxx.
* [Bug 2502] Assorted text replacement errors in 4.2.7p345
* [Bug 2538] ntp programs print exit code as part of the "usage" text.
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.25 Update to libopts-40.2.15
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.24
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P435
6 years jnperlin 1.3107.1.23 [Bug 2570] cleanup: reduced logging noise, moved some functions into libntp
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.22
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P434
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.21 [Bug 2577] Update VS2013 solution and project files
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.20
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P433
6 years harlan 1.3118 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp11.local:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.19 Clean up last-update timestamps of html/*.html files
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.18
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P432
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.17 CID 711660: Do a non-NULL pointer assertion check a bit earlier
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.16
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P431
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.15 [Bug 2572] cross-compiling fails for --with-yielding-select
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.14 CID 711669: Do a non-NULL pointer assertion check a bit earlier
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P430
6 years harlan 1.3107.1.12 [Bug 2572] cross-compiling fails for --with-yielding-select
6 years harlan 1.3107.1.11 [Bug 2572] cross-compiling fails for --with-yielding-select
6 years harlan 1.3107.1.10 Upgrade to libevent-2.1.3-alpha-dev
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P429
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.8 [Bug 2170] Use AC_PREPROC_IFELSE instead of AC_EGREP_CPP
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.7 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:../perlinger/ntp-dev-2570
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.3107.2.2 Reorder ChangeLog entry
6 years jnperlin 1.3107.2.1 * [Bug 2570] refuse to load leapsec file with bad/missing SHA1 hash
-- change reading the hash line code: NIST omits leading zeros.
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.6 CID 1189401: Use INSIST() instead of a belt-and-suspenders pointer check
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.5 [Bug 2576] refclock_gpsdjson.c doesn't compile if CLOCK_GPSDJSON is not enabled at configure time
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.4 CID 1165098: Remove logically dead code from refclock_true.c
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.3 In ntp_dir_sep.m4, we care about $host_os, not $target_os
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.2 bootstrap script needs to 'touch' files in finer-grained groups
6 years stenn 1.3107.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P428
6 years stenn 1.3107 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2570
6 years stenn 1.3103.2.3 [Bug 2562] Distribute the code in libjsmn/
6 years stenn 1.3103.2.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P427
6 years perlinger 1.3103.2.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-os1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-gpsd
6 years jnperlin 1.3106 Merge perlinger@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev-2570
into  hydra.(none):/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-dev-2570
6 years jnperlin 1.3102.1.1 [Bug 2562] GPSD_JSON clock: fix build issues with solaris (asprintf(),isfinite())
6 years perlinger 1.3103.1.1 [Bug 2570] add signature check when reading leapseconds file
6 years jnperlin 1.3105 default
6 years perlinger 1.3104 [Bug 2570] add signature check when reading leapseconds file
 - include isc/sha1.c in build
6 years stenn 1.3103 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-gpsd
6 years stenn 1.3093.4.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P426
6 years stenn 1.3093.4.3 test -nt is not portable
6 years stenn 1.3093.4.2 [Bug 2561] Allow wildcards in the target of the "interface" command
6 years stenn 1.3093.4.1 [Bug 2572] cross-compiling fails for --with-yielding_select
6 years harlan 1.3093.3.2 test SCCS date/time keyword expansion for html files
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.10 [Bug 2113] Warn about ignored extra args in ntpq
6 years harlan 1.3093.3.1 test bk keyword expansion
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.9 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-2561
6 years stenn 1.3093.2.1 [Bug 2561] Allow wildcards in the target of the "interface" command
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.8
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P425
6 years jnperlin 1.3102 [Bug 2562] first release of the GPSD client clock (type 46)
6 years perlinger 1.3101 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-gpsd
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.7 Copyright file update
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P424
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.5 [Bug 2541] ntpd terminates itself with SIGHUP unexpectedly
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P423
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.3 [Bug 2565] Handle EINTR on getifaddrs()
6 years jnperlin 1.3100 refclock_gpsdjson: operation reordering (grouping) during startup
6 years jnperlin 1.3099 refclock_gpsdjson: fix clock status report logic (did not work after reconnect)
6 years jnperlin 1.3098 GPSD_JSON: do not build on Win32
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P422
6 years stenn 1.3093.1.1 [Bug 2536] ntpd sandboxing support (libseccomp2)
6 years jnperlin 1.3097 GPSD/JSON driver: added type aliases, some more cleanup
6 years jnperlin 1.3096 started documentation on driver 46 (GPSD_JSON)
6 years jnperlin 1.3095 logging, cleanup, refactoring: still a work in progress
6 years jnperlin 1.3094 added the GPSD-JSON client driver
6 years stenn 1.3093
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P421
6 years stenn 1.3092 calc_tickadj/Makefile.am man/mdoc page build cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3091 calc_tickadj/Makefile.am man/mdoc page build cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3090 [Bug 2555] Autogen mdoc man pages all stamped with SunOS 5.10
6 years stenn 1.3089 [Bug 898] More documentation fixes
6 years stenn 1.3088
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P420
6 years stenn 1.3087 [Sec 2542] Strengthen the mrulist nonce
6 years stenn 1.3086 [Bug 492] Clearly document ntpdate's pending deprecation
6 years stenn 1.3085 [Bug 1186] ntpd fails with link local IPv6 addresses
6 years stenn 1.3084
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P419
6 years jnperlin 1.3083 Merge perlinger@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev-2466
into  hydra.(none):/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-dev-2466
6 years jnperlin 1.3052.1.1 [Bug 2466] Fold NMEA date into 1024 week cycles - GPS has no absolute date.
6 years stenn 1.3082
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P418
6 years stenn 1.3081 [Bug 2551] --disable-local-libevent breaks the build
6 years stenn 1.3080
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P417
6 years stenn 1.3079 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/bug-2539
6 years stenn 1.3075.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P416
6 years stenn 1.3075.1.3 Tweak the 'Modified' line on appropriate html pages
6 years stenn 1.3075.1.2 Note in the deprecation of ntpdc in its documentation
6 years stenn 1.3075.1.1 [Bug 2332] Be more careful about when we use 'libgcc_s'
6 years murray 1.3078 ChangeLog:
  Bug 2539, doc extra statistics and code fixe for NMEA driver
  expand extra counters
  fix for missing NMEA sentence in clockstats
  document extra statistics
  several minor fixes
6 years murray 1.3077 ChangeLog:
  Add check for enable stats to ntpd/complete.conf.in
  Add check for enable stats
6 years murray 1.3076 confopt.html, ChangeLog:
  Fix typo
6 years stenn 1.3075
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P415
6 years harlan 1.3074 Fix the man page installation for the scripts/ files
6 years stenn 1.3073
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P414
6 years stenn 1.3072 [Bug 1002] ntp-keygen option and documentation updates
6 years stenn 1.3071 [Bug 2493] ntptrace needs a man page (fixed in 4.2.7p402)
6 years stenn 1.3070 [Bug 2366] ntpdc.html: burst/iburst only work on servers
6 years stenn 1.3069 [Bug 2049] Clarify ntpdate's -d option behavior
6 years stenn 1.3068 [Bug 1734] Include man page for ntp.conf (fixed in 4.2.7p297)
6 years stenn 1.3067 [Bug 1349] statistics command not documented in HTML documentation
6 years stenn 1.3066 [Bug 1002] ntp-keygen option and documentation updates
6 years stenn 1.3065 [Bug 930] ntpdc docs refer to 'clockinfo', but mean 'clockstat'
6 years stenn 1.3064 [Bug 898] Documentation fixes
6 years stenn 1.3063 [Bug 2545] Cleanup of scripts/monitoring/ntptrap
6 years stenn 1.3062 [Bug 792] TrueTime TL-3 WWV refclock support
6 years stenn 1.3061
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P413
6 years stenn 1.3060 update .point-changed-filelist
6 years stenn 1.3059 Add missing std_def_list
6 years stenn 1.3058 Require a version string for perl scripts that use autogen
6 years stenn 1.3057 Require a version string for perl scripts that use autogen
6 years stenn 1.3056 html/ cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3055
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P412
6 years stenn 1.3054 [Bug 2540] bootstrap script needs to 'touch' files in finer-grained groups
6 years stenn 1.3053
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P411
6 years stenn 1.3052 [Bug 2532] Note in ntpdc docs that "enable pps" only works on older ntpd
6 years stenn 1.3051
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P410
6 years stenn 1.3050 [Bug 2530] Fix documentation for enable/disable mode7 and pps
6 years stenn 1.3049 [Bug 2332] Force reference to 'libgcc_s' when using GCC and GNU ld
6 years stenn 1.3046.1.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2332
6 years stenn 1.3046.2.2 Cleanup to the new scripts/*/Makefile.am files
6 years stenn 1.3046.2.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P409
6 years jnperlin 1.3046.1.1 [Bug 2332] Force reference to 'libgcc_s' when using GCC, because threading+restricted user+locked memory otherwise fails on Linux.
6 years stenn 1.3047 [Bug 2060] Warn about restrictions with "kod" but not "limited"
6 years stenn 1.3046 [Bug 2060] Warn about restrictions with "kod" but not "limited"
6 years stenn 1.3045
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P408
6 years stenn 1.3044 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-2187
6 years stenn 1.3042.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P407
6 years stenn 1.3043 [Bug 2187] Update version number generation scripts
6 years stenn 1.3042 [Bug 2519] mktime.c does not compile on 64-bit Solaris but we do not need timegm() and the Solaris provides mktime()
6 years stenn 1.3041 [Bug 2522] Revert Bug 2513 fix - it breaks backward compatibility
6 years stenn 1.3040
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P406
6 years harlan 1.3039 [Bug 2521] VPATH tweaks for perl -opts files
6 years stenn 1.3038
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P405
6 years stenn 1.3037 [Bug 2521] bootstrap script needs a tweak for perl *-opts files
6 years stenn 1.3036 [Bug 2524] Add ntpsweep to sntp/loc/* files
6 years stenn 1.3035
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P404
6 years stenn 1.3034 [Bug 135] AIX5: "Address already in use" for IPv6 wildcard
6 years stenn 1.3033
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P403
6 years stenn 1.3032 [Bug 2513] Remove any PIDFILE in finish()
6 years stenn 1.3031 [Bug 2517] Fix peer status errors in decode.html
6 years stenn 1.3030 [Bug 2516] Enable clock_gettime() support for AIX 5+
6 years stenn 1.3029
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P402
6 years stenn 1.3028 Create doc framework for summary and plot_summary
6 years stenn 1.3027 More build cleanup around Oliver's GSoC project
6 years stenn 1.3026 calc_tickadj man page generation fixes
6 years stenn 1.3025 cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3024 automake cleanup for Oliver's work
6 years stenn 1.3023 updates
6 years stenn 1.3022 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/kindernay/ntp-dev-final
6 years stenn 1.3020.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P401
6 years stenn 1.3020.1.4 [Bug 2491] VS20xx compile fixes
6 years stenn 1.3020.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P400
6 years stenn 1.3020.1.2 [Bug 2491] VS2013 project files
6 years stenn 1.3020.1.1 [Bug 2491] VS2013 project files
6 years stenn 1.3021 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/kindernay/ntp-dev-final
6 years stenn 1.2991.2.1 Incorporate Oliver Kindernay's GSoC 2013 scripts/ cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3020
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P399
6 years stenn 1.3018 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/kardel/ntp-dev/ntp-dev-2506
6 years stenn 1.3017 [Bug 2514] secs/* #define usage cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3016 [Bug 2326] More leapsecond file notification cleanup
6 years stenn 1.3015
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P398
6 years harlan 1.3014 [Bug 2326] More leapsecond file notification cleanup
6 years harlan 1.3013 [Bug 2326] More leapsecond file notification cleanup
6 years harlan 1.3012 Emit %m value on KoD file open failure.
6 years stenn 1.3011
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P397
6 years stenn 1.3010 [Bug 2326] Improve stale leapsecond notifications
6 years stenn 1.3009
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P396
6 years kardel 1.3005.1.1 ChangeLog:
  [Bug 2506] make sure routing updates are always tracked
  the 'flapping fix' from 2010-12-12 was and is incorrect
  as routes can change without change of interface
6 years jnperlin 1.3008 [Bug 2326] sidekick: C99 type cleanup
6 years jnperlin 1.3007 [bug 2326] use time-to-live of leap second table for better diagnostics
6 years stenn 1.3006 [Bug 2326] Improve stale leapsecond notifications
6 years stenn 1.3005
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P395
6 years stenn 1.3004 Upgrade to autogen-5.18.3pre5 and libopts-40.1.15
6 years stenn 1.3003
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P394
6 years stenn 1.3002 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-2256
6 years stenn 1.2996.1.8 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2499
6 years jnperlin 1.2996.4.1 [Bug 2499] Win32 user-space/loopback ppsapi provider drops samples.
6 years jnperlin 1.2996.3.1 [Bug 2272] (update) Use C99 integer types.
6 years stenn 1.3001 [Bug 2256] Improve configure's function searches in libraries
6 years stenn 1.3000 [Bug 2256] Improve configure's function searches in libraries
6 years jnperlin 1.2996.1.7 [Bug 1050] Change ONCORE log message for leap second announcement to avoid misunderstandings.
6 years stenn 1.2999 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-2256
6 years stenn 1.2998 [Bug 2256] Improve configure's function searches in libraries
6 years stenn 1.2996.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P393
6 years stenn 1.2996.1.5 [Bug 2272] Use c99 integer types: ntp_calendar.h, ntp_types.h
6 years stenn 1.2996.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P392
6 years harlan 1.2996.1.3 [Bug 2375] Improve AIX compatibility
6 years jnperlin 1.2996.2.1 [Bug 2490] Fixed non-const initializer introduced with [Bug 2250] fix.
6 years harlan 1.2996.1.1 Fix comments and netbsd patterns in configure.ac
6 years stenn 1.2997 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-2256
6 years stenn 1.2990.1.1 Prep for fixing bug 2256
6 years stenn 1.2996
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P391
6 years stenn 1.2995 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2419
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
6 years jnperlin 1.2991.1.1 [Bug 2419] [rc-nmea] Improve clockstats reporting when receiver sends data without valid GPS fix.
6 years jnperlin 1.2994 [Bug 2250] Cleanup & Win32 integration of the NTPD leapsec module
fixed handling of leap second removal
trigger logic and windows port for leap seconds
6 years jnperlin 1.2993 [Bug 2250] minor cleanup
6 years jnperlin 1.2992 Merge perlinger@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev-2250-full
into  hydra.localnet:/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-dev-2250
6 years jnperlin 1.2985.2.1 [Bug 2250] Rework of leap second handling machine
6 years stenn 1.2991
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P390
6 years stenn 1.2990 [Bug 2482] Cleanup of droproot and jail support for Solaris
6 years stenn 1.2989
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P389
6 years stenn 1.2988 #ifdef PRIV_AWARE_RESET for older Solaris for now...
6 years perlinger 1.2987 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2473
6 years stenn 1.2985.1.1 [Bug 2482] Add droproot ahd jail support for Solaris
6 years jnperlin 1.2986 [Bug 2473] revisited: Avoid possible unsigned underrun for startup condition when testing for clock backstep.
6 years stenn 1.2985
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P388
6 years perlinger 1.2984 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2473
6 years stenn 1.2983
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P387
6 years harlan 1.2982 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp11.local:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev-dlm
6 years harlan 1.2977.1.10 [Bug 1642] ntpdsim can't find simnulate block in config file
6 years stenn 1.2981 Remove obsolete agtexi-file.tpl patch
6 years stenn 1.2980 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P386
6 years jnperlin 1.2977.2.1 [Bug 2473] NTPD exits after clock is stepped backwards externally
6 years jnperlin 1.2977.1.8 * [Bug 2472] (WinXP) Avoid self-termination of IO thread during exit().
6 years stenn 1.2979 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P385
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.6 [Bug 2426] Possibly uninitialized data in crypto_send() - CID 975596
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.5 CID 975596: Copy/paste error: vallen should be siglen
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.4 CID 1009579: Check return status of X509_add_ext()
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.3 [2085] Fix root distance and root dispersion calculations
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P384
6 years stenn 1.2977.1.1 [Bug 2450] --version has bogus short option
6 years stenn 1.2978 Note [Bug 2399] Reset sys_kodsent in proto_clr_stats() was fixed in 4.2.7p21
6 years stenn 1.2977
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P383
6 years stenn 1.2976 (no changes - force a rebuild for a new Coverity scan)
6 years stenn 1.2975
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P382
6 years stenn 1.2974 [Bug 2454] Need way to set file descriptor limit - cleanup
6 years stenn 1.2973
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P381
6 years stenn 1.2972 [Bug 2458] AM_CONFIG_HEADER is obsolete
6 years stenn 1.2971 [Bug 2458] AM_CONFIG_HEADER is obsolete
6 years stenn 1.2970 fix type in miscopt.html - thanks Michael Tatarinov!
6 years stenn 1.2969 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/kardel/current/ntp-dev-2452
6 years stenn 1.2966.1.5 Reorder bug numbers in ChangeLog
6 years stenn 1.2966.1.4 Check in of updated files from Brian's updates for 2451,53,54
6 years utterback 1.2966.1.3 [Bug 2454] Need way to set file descriptor limit.
[Bug 2453] Need a way to avoid calling mlockall.
[Bug 2451] rlimit command is missing from the table of contents in miscopt.html
6 years kardel 1.2968 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/kardel/current/ntp-dev-2452
6 years stenn 1.2966.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P380
6 years stenn 1.2966.1.1 CID 984511: Some systems have different printf needs for sizeof
6 years kardel 1.2967 ChangeLog ntpd.h, ntp_io.c:
  [Bug 2452] provide io_handler/input_handler only on non HAVE_IO_COMPLETION_PORT platforms
6 years stenn 1.2966
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P379
6 years stenn 1.2965 CID 739724: Fix printf arg mismatch in a debug line
6 years stenn 1.2964 CID 739724: Fix printf arg mismatch in a debug line
6 years kardel 1.2963 ChangeLog ntp_io.c:
  [Bug 2425] compile io_handler() in ntp_io.c unconditionally
6 years stenn 1.2962 [Bug 2448] Fix checks for configure --with-stack-limit and --with-memlock values
6 years stenn 1.2961
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P378
6 years stenn 1.2960 [Bug 2446] Quiet warnings from Oracle's Studio compiler
6 years stenn 1.2959 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/kardel/current/ntp-dev-2425
6 years stenn 1.2957.1.3 Upgrade to AutoGen-5.18.1pre3
6 years stenn 1.2957.1.2 Upgrade to libopts-40.1.15
6 years stenn 1.2957.1.1 Upgrade to libopts-40.1.15
6 years kardel 1.2958 ntpd.c, ntp_io.c, ChangeLog, ntpd.h, iosignal.h:
  [Bug 2425] move part of input handler code from ntpd.c to ntp_io.c
  and fix select() only platforms calling input_handler directly.
6 years stenn 1.2957
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P377
6 years stenn 1.2956 [Bug 2397] License/copyright cleanup
6 years stenn 1.2955 [Bug 2439] Fix check of EscapeCommFunction() in ports/winnt/libntp/termios.c
6 years stenn 1.2954
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P376
6 years stenn 1.2953 [Bug 2322] Oncore driver should send 0 PPS offset to GPS
6 years stenn 1.2952
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P375
6 years stenn 1.2951 [Bug 883] log warning arguments swapped in refclock_gpsvme.c
6 years stenn 1.2950 [Bug 2434] Line-buffer (v. block-buffer) stdout
6 years stenn 1.2949 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-dev-2413
6 years karlsson 1.2948 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/scratch/ntp-dev-2413
6 years murray 1.2946.1.22 test.sh, ChangeLog:
  Correct bug in previous attempt to fix bug-2368.
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.21
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P374
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.20 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/kardel/current/ntp-dev-2425
6 years karlsson 1.2946.4.4 [Bug 2413] Fix "make check" with automake >= 1.13
6 years karlsson 1.2946.4.3 [Bug 2413] Fix "make check" with automake >= 1.13
6 years stenn 1.2946.4.2 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/ntp-dev-2368
6 years murray 1.2946.5.1 test.sh, ChangeLog:
  Fix bug 2368
6 years stenn 1.2946.4.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P373
6 years kardel 1.2946.1.19 ntp_io.c:
  add missing static
6 years kardel 1.2946.1.18 ntp_io.c, work_thread.c:
  [Bug 2425] keep init_socket_sig() within ntp_io.c to avoid interference with sntp's way of doing i/o
6 years kardel 1.2946.1.17 work_thread.c, ntpd.h, ntpd.c, ntp_io.c, ChangeLog, iosignal.h, iosignal.c:
  [Bug 2425] fix async io setup for worker thread
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.16 Bug 2427] configure fails to detect recvmsg() on Solaris
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.15
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P372
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.14 [Bug 2428] do_unconf() should reset 'items' before the 2nd loop
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.13 [Bug 2423] Log command-line args at LOG_INFO
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.12 [Bug 2375] AIX 7 doesn't like a libevent validation check
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.11 [Bug 1466] Oncore should set FLAG_PPS
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.10
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P371
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.9 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev-autogen-5.17
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.8 CID 1042586: Check the return value of clock_gettime() in worker_sleep()
6 years stenn 1.2946.3.1 Upgrade to libopts-39.0.14 from 5.17.5pre10
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P370
6 years harlan 1.2946.1.6 Remove tailing \n's from msyslog output strings
6 years harlan 1.2946.2.1 Remove tailing \n's from msyslog output strings
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P369
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.3 [Bug 2415] RES_LIMITED flags check should use &, not &&
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.2 Have NTP_LIBNTP check for time.h and clock_getres()
6 years stenn 1.2946.1.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
6 years stenn 1.2939.1.1 Fix ntpsweep to use sntp instead of ntpdate, from Oliver Kindernay
6 years karlsson 1.2947 [Bug 2413] make check fails to run tests with automake >= 1.13
7 years stenn 1.2946
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P368
7 years stenn 1.2945 [Bug 2145] ntpq dumps core when displaying sys_var_list and more
7 years stenn 1.2944
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P367
7 years stenn 1.2943 [Bug 2382] Implement LOGTOD using ldexp() instead of shifting
7 years utterback 1.2942 ChangeLog, ifiter_ioctl.c:
  [Bug 1485] Sometimes ntpd crashes
7 years stenn 1.2941
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P366
7 years stenn 1.2940 [Bug 1866] Disable some debugging output in refclock_oncore
7 years stenn 1.2939
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P365
7 years stenn 1.2936.1.1 [Bug 2149] Log an error message if /proc/net/if_inet6 cannot be opened
7 years stenn 1.2937 Clean up autogen-version check
7 years stenn 1.2936
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P364
7 years stenn 1.2935 sntp/include/autogen-version.def
7 years stenn 1.2934
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P363
7 years stenn 1.2933 Upgrade to libopts from 5.17.3pre10
7 years stenn 1.2932
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P362
7 years stenn 1.2931 [Bug 2364] "sed -i" is not portable
7 years stenn 1.2930
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P361
7 years stenn 1.2929 [Bug 2365] "make check" fails in libevent
7 years stenn 1.2928 [Bug 2357] sntp/libopts/usage.c sometimes needs -lintl
7 years stenn 1.2927
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P360
7 years stenn 1.2926 UPgrade libevent (Coverity fixes, etc.).
ChangeLog, kod_management.c:
  EEXIST is OK for mkdir() in sntp/kod_management.c
7 years stenn 1.2925
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P359
7 years stenn 1.2924 [Bug 2359] Fix send_via_ntp_signd() prototype
7 years stenn 1.2923
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P358
7 years stenn 1.2922 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev
7 years stenn 1.2919.1.1 Upgrade to autogen-5.17.3pre4 and libopts-38.0.13
7 years stenn 1.2921
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P357
7 years stenn 1.2920 Upgrade to autogen-5.17.2pre and libopts-38.0.13
7 years stenn 1.2919 Upgrade to autogen-5.17.2pre and libopts-38.0.13
7 years stenn 1.2918
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P356
7 years harlan 1.2917 Added loc/debian
7 years stenn 1.2916
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P355
7 years stenn 1.2915 CID 739711: Ignore return status of remove() in ntp-keygen.c
7 years stenn 1.2914 CID 739710: Check return status of mkdir() in sntp/kod_management.c
7 years stenn 1.2913 CID 739709: Check return status of fcntl() in refclock_datum.c
7 years stenn 1.2912 CID 739708: Check return status of fcntl() in refclock_arc.c
7 years stenn 1.2911 CID 739723: Print sizeof as unsigned
7 years stenn 1.2910 CID 971094: Clean up time of check/time of use in check_leap_file()
7 years stenn 1.2909
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P354
7 years stenn 1.2908 CID 739714: Fix code indentation level
7 years stenn 1.2907 CID 739715: Clean up sockaddr_dump()
7 years stenn 1.2906 CID 97194: Check return from setsockopt()
7 years stenn 1.2905 CID 739713: devmask/recmask copy/paste error
7 years stenn 1.2904 CID 739559: Double close
7 years stenn 1.2903 CID 739558: Double close
7 years stenn 1.2902 CID 739473,739532: Out-of-bounds access/illegal address computation
7 years stenn 1.2901
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P353
7 years harlan 1.2900 [Bug 2326] Check hourly for a new leapfile if the old one expired
7 years stenn 1.2899
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P352
7 years stenn 1.2898 [Bug 2326] Notice when a new leapfile has been installed
7 years stenn 1.2897 [Bug 2326] Notice when a new leapfile has been installed
7 years stenn 1.2896
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P351
7 years burnicki 1.2895 [Bug 2328] Don't apply small time adjustments on Windows versions which don't support this.
7 years stenn 1.2894
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P350
7 years stenn 1.2893 Added sntp/loc/netbsd based on info from Christos Zoulas
7 years stenn 1.2892
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P349
7 years burnicki 1.2891 Support C99 exact size int types in a way which is compatible with the upcoming
version of libopts which will not #include <inttypes.h> unconditionally anymore.
Fixes the build errors under Windows reported in [Bug 2321].
7 years stenn 1.2890
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P348
7 years stenn 1.2889 Cleanup to ntpsnmpd-opts.def
7 years stenn 1.2888 Cleanup to ntpsnmpd-opts.def
7 years stenn 1.2887 Cleanup to ntpq.texi
7 years stenn 1.2886 Documentation cleanup to various .def files
7 years stenn 1.2885 Documentation cleanup to various .def files
7 years stenn 1.2884 In ntp.conf.def, cleanup SEE ALSO, document 'rlimit' options
7 years stenn 1.2883 [Bug 2327] Rename sntp/ag-tpl/:Old to sntp/ag-tpl/Old.
7 years stenn 1.2882 Add a reference to RFC5907 in the ntpsnmpd documentation
7 years stenn 1.2881
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P347
7 years stenn 1.2880 [Bug 2325] Re-enable mlockall() check under Linux post-1223 fix
7 years stenn 1.2879
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P346
7 years stenn 1.2878 Libopts-5.17.1pre14 update
7 years stenn 1.2877 Libopts-5.17.1pre14 update
7 years stenn 1.2876 [Bug 1223] reorganize inclusion of sys/resource.h
7 years stenn 1.2875
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P345
7 years stenn 1.2874 clarify the reasoning for local libopts
7 years stenn 1.2873 Update several .def files to use autogen-5.17 feature set
7 years stenn 1.2872
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P344
7 years stenn 1.2871 Refactor and enhance mdoc2texi
7 years stenn 1.2870 Cleanup to ntp.conf.def
7 years stenn 1.2869 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-at1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen-5.17
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P343
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.6 Update the copyright year
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P342
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.4 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/backroom/ntp-dev
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/users/stenn/ntp-dev-2081
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P341
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.2 Fix permissions on ntpsnmpd/netsnmp_daemonize.c
7 years stenn 1.2867 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen-5.17
7 years stenn 1.2865.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P340
7 years stenn 1.2866 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen-5.17
7 years stenn 1.2865 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev-autogen
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
7 years stenn 1.2863.2.1 mdoc2texi: fix trailing punctuation handlers
7 years stenn 1.2863.1.1 Upgrade to autogen-5.17 and libopts-37.0.12
7 years murray 1.2857.1.2 monopt.html:
  Fix for bug-2801
7 years murray 1.2857.1.1 ntp_util.c, ntpd.h, ChangeLog, ntp_proto.c:
  Fix for bug 2081
7 years stenn 1.2864
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P339
7 years stenn 1.2863 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
7 years stenn 1.2860.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P338
7 years stenn 1.2862 mdoc2texi fixes: parseQuote, closing of list item tables
7 years stenn 1.2861 ntp-wait, ntpd, ntpdc, ntpq, ntpsnmpd autogen documentation updates
7 years stenn 1.2860 mdoc2texi fixes: Handle_ArCmFlIc, Handle_Fn, HandleQ
7 years stenn 1.2859 ntp-keygen autogen documentation updates
7 years stenn 1.2858 ntpq autogen docs
7 years stenn 1.2857
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P337
7 years stenn 1.2856 [Bug 1223] More final cleanup for rlimit changes
7 years stenn 1.2855
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P336
7 years stenn 1.2854 [Bug 1223] Final cleanup for rlimit changes
7 years stenn 1.2853
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P335
7 years stenn 1.2852 nothing
7 years stenn 1.2851 Update documentation templates and definitions
7 years stenn 1.2850 Update documentation templates and definitions
7 years stenn 1.2849 Update documentation templates and definitions
7 years stenn 1.2848 Update documentation templates and definitions
7 years stenn 1.2847 Update documentation templates and definitions
7 years stenn 1.2846 Update documentation templates and definitions
7 years stenn 1.2845 Create agtexi-file.tpl
7 years stenn 1.2844
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P334
7 years stenn 1.2843 [Bug 2114] Update tests for sntp's synch distance
7 years stenn 1.2842 Create ntp-keygen.{html,texi}
7 years stenn 1.2841
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P333
7 years stenn 1.2840 Autogen documentation cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2839
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P332
7 years stenn 1.2838 update ntpd docs
7 years stenn 1.2837 sntp doc cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2836
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P331
7 years stenn 1.2835 Include VERSION in the texi output
7 years stenn 1.2834 autogen cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2833 fix include path for texi version
7 years harlan 1.2832 [Bug 2114] Correctly calculate sntp's synch distance
7 years stenn 1.2831
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P330
7 years stenn 1.2830 autogen doc update
7 years stenn 1.2829 autogen doc cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2828 autogen doc cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2827 autogen doc cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2826
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P329
7 years stenn 1.2825 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-2278
7 years stenn 1.2824 Use an enum for the ACTS state table
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.73 html doc reconciliation with DLM's copy
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.72
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P328
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.71 html doc reconciliation with DLM's copy
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.70
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P327
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.69 [Bug 2024] Identify Events in the system status word in decode.html
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.68 [Bug 2040] Provide a command-line option for the identity key bits
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.67 [Bug 2040] Provide a command-line option for the identity key bits
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.66 Create loc/darwin for Mac OSX
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.65
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P326
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.64 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-dlm
7 years stenn 1.2822.11.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P325
7 years stenn 1.2822.11.1 typo fix
7 years harlan 1.2822.1.63 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp11.local:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev-dlm
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.62 [Bug 2202] ntpq.html: there is no "acv" billboard
7 years harlan 1.2822.10.2 [Bug 2246] Clear sys_leap when voting says to disarm the leap
7 years harlan 1.2822.10.1 [Bug 1214] 'proto: precision = ...' should be at INFO, not NOTICE
7 years jnperlin 1.2822.1.61 [Bug 2306] Keep pps hack for Win32 even if user-mode/loopback PPS API is activated on a serial line.
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.60
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P324
7 years harlan 1.2822.1.59 [Bug 2098] Install DLM's HTML documentation
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.58 Use "diff -u" when comparing complete.conf
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.57 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2306
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.56 Reinstate change from Mike T. to authentic.html
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.55 [Bug 1223] cleanup for rlimit changes
7 years stenn 1.2822.9.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P323
7 years stenn 1.2822.8.2 added ntp_rlimit.m4
7 years stenn 1.2822.8.1 rlimit cleanup
7 years jnperlin 1.2822.7.1 [Bug 2306] Added user-mode/loop-back PPS API provider for Win32
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.51 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/backroom/snaps/ntp-dev
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.50 RLIMIT header cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2822.6.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P322
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.49 html/ updates from Dave Mills
7 years harlan 1.2822.1.48 Merge stenn@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp11.local:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev-html
7 years harlan 1.2822.5.1 Documentation updates from Dave Mills.
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.47 [Bug 2123] cleanup to html/leap.html
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.46 for the setrlimit() stuff, use INSIST(), not ASSERT()
7 years harlan 1.2822.1.45 [Bug 2120] no sysexits.h under QNX
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.44 Cleanup for bug 1223 - rlimit() updates
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.43 Bug 1223 cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.42 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-1223
7 years stenn 1.2822.4.5 More cleanup of fix for Bug 1320
7 years stenn 1.2822.4.4 [Bug 1320] Log ntpd's initial command-line parameters - updated fix
7 years stenn 1.2822.4.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P321
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.41 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-1223
7 years stenn 1.2822.4.2 Fix typo: [Bug 1320] Log ntpd's initial command-line parameters
7 years stenn 1.2822.4.1 [Bug 1320] Log ntpd's initial command-line paprameters
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.40 [Bug 1223] Allow configurable values for RLIMIT_STACK and RLIMIT_MEMLOCK
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.39
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P320
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.38 [Bug 1217] libisc/ifiter_sysctl.c:internal_current(): Ignore RTM messages with wrong version
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.37 [Bug 969] Clarify ntpdate.html documentation about -u and ntpd
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.36
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P319
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.35 [Bug 2296] Fix compile problem with building with old OpenSSL
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.34
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P318
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.33 [Bug 2301] Remove spurious debug output from ntpq
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.32
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P317
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.31 [Bug 922] Allow interspersed -4 and -6 flags on the ntpq command line
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.30
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P316
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.29 [Bug 2296] Update fix for Bug 2294 to handle --without-crypto
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.28
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P315
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.27 [Bug 2294] ntpd crashes in FIPS mode
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.26
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P314
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.25 Document a tricky malloc() of dns_ctx in sntp
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.24
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P313
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.23 [Bug 2293] add support for SO_BINTIME, refine support for SO_TIMESTAMPNS (bug 1374)
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.22 [Bug 2291] sntp should report why it cannot open file.kod
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.21
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P312
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.20 Remove debugging from testing the fix for [Bug 938]
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.19
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P311
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.18 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.17 [Bug 938] The argument to the -D flag takes a number, not a string
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.16 [Bug 1374] Support SO_TIMESTAMPNS
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.15 [Bug 1374] Support SO_TIMESTAMPNS
7 years stenn 1.2822.3.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P310
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.14 [Bug 1013] ntpdate's HTML page claims wrong default version.
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.13 [Bug 1374] Support SO_TIMESTAMPNS
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.12 [Bug 2274] Bring libopts/enum.c back to (old) ANSI C compliance
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.11 [Bug 2266] Remove deprecated refclock_trak.c from Windows Makefile equivalents
7 years davehart 1.2822.1.10 Merge dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-notrak-win
7 years davehart 1.2822.2.1 Bring libopts/enum.c back to ANSI C compliance.
Reflect removal of refclock_trak.c in Windows Makefile equivalents.
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P309
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.8 [Bug 2287] ntpdate returns 0 even if adjtime() call fails
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P308
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.6 CID 97198: Check return from ioctl() calls in refclock_acts.c
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P307
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.4 [Bug 1997] Fix sntp broadcast timeouts
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.3  Fix typo in html/select.html
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.2 [Bug 2234] Fix incorrect ntptrace html documentation.
7 years stenn 1.2822.1.1 [Bug 2262] Install html docs in $htmldir
7 years stenn 1.2823 [Bug 2278] ACTS flag3 mismatch between code and driver18.html.
7 years stenn 1.2822
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P306
7 years stenn 1.2821 [Bug 752] ToS cleanup from Mike Tatarinov
7 years stenn 1.2820
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P305
7 years stenn 1.2819 [Bug 2276] clk_sel240x.c #define's _XOPEN_SOURCE, breaking QNX6
7 years stenn 1.2818 generated parser file cleanup
7 years stenn 1.2817 [Bug 2258] Add syslog message about leap insertion
7 years stenn 1.2816 [Bug 1232] Convert SHM refclock to use struct timespec
7 years stenn 1.2815 Updates to driver28.html
7 years stenn 1.2814 [Bug 2263] broadcast server doesn't work for host with OS_MISSES_SPECIFIC_ROUTE_UPDATES
7 years stenn 1.2813 [Bug 752] Use proper ToS network packet markings for IPv4 and IPv6
7 years stenn 1.2812 [Bug 2271] Decode refclock types when built with --disable-all-clocks.
7 years stenn 1.2811
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P304
7 years stenn 1.2810 In refclock_wwv.c rename SECOND to WWV_SEC and MINUTE to WWV_MIN
7 years stenn 1.2809 [Bug 2264] Cleanup SEL240X Refclock
7 years stenn 1.2808
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P303
7 years stenn 1.2807 [Bug 1232] Add nanosecond support to SHM driver
7 years stenn 1.2806
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P302
7 years stenn 1.2805 [Bug 2160] Log warning about expired leapseconds file
7 years stenn 1.2804
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P301
7 years stenn 1.2803 [Bug 2164] Greater precision needed for ntpq offset report
7 years stenn 1.2802 Clean the man5_MANS in ntpd/
7 years stenn 1.2801
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P300
7 years stenn 1.2800 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
7 years stenn 1.2791.1.3 Installing html docs is bug 2262
7 years stenn 1.2791.1.2 Install sntp.html into htmldir
7 years stenn 1.2791.1.1 [Bug 2270] Install fails due to repeated man5 page names
7 years stenn 1.2799
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P299
7 years stenn 1.2798 More cleanup to the bootstrap script
7 years stenn 1.2797
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P298
7 years stenn 1.2796 Remove extraneous parens
7 years stenn 1.2795 Remove extraneous parens
7 years stenn 1.2794 Add a missing "%s" syslog format string
7 years stenn 1.2793
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P297
7 years stenn 1.2792  Distribute ntp.conf.def and ntp.keys.def
7 years stenn 1.2791 Fix mdoc2man
7 years stenn 1.2790 Distribute ntp.conf.def
7 years stenn 1.2789
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P296
7 years stenn 1.2788 Potential bugfix for agtexi-cmd.tpl
7 years stenn 1.2787 Begin support for autogen maintaining ntp.conf and ntp.keys docs
7 years stenn 1.2786 Begin support for autogen maintaining ntp.conf and ntp.keys docs
7 years stenn 1.2785 Upgrade to autogen-5.16.2 and libopts-36.5.11
7 years stenn 1.2784 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.76
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P295
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.75 Look for syslog's facilitynames[]
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.74
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P294
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.73 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
7 years davehart 1.2773.4.5 Attempt to resolve strict-aliasing violation in refclock_tsyncpci.c.
Force prior config.cache files to be flushed due to [Bug 2242] fix
  invalidating getifaddrs() cached result.
7 years davehart 1.2773.4.4 [Bug 2242] configure fails to detect getifaddrs function on Solaris.
7 years davehart 1.2773.4.3 [Bug 2252] palisade: formats nanosecs to a 6-char field.
7 years davehart 1.2773.4.2 Remove unneeded \ line continuation in ntp_config.c if condition.
Use INSIST() instead of equivalent NTP_INSIST in a few places.
7 years davehart 1.2773.4.1 [Bug 2249] Bad operator for 'test' in 'make check' of libevent.
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.72 Fix && -> & typo in refclock_palisade.c debug statements
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.71
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P293
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.70 Cleanup kclk_sel240x.o rules in libparse/Makefile.am
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.69 Documentation cleanup from Mike T.
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.68 [Bug 2247] (more) Get rid of the TRAK refclock - deprecated since 2006.
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.67
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P292
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.66  [Bug 1545] Note why we are logging the Version string
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.65 [Bug 2247] Get rid of the TRAK refclock - deprecated since 2006
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.64 [Bug 1872] Remove legacy ppsclock fdpps, #ifdef PPS
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.63 Clean up an exit status in ntpq.c
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.62 [Bug 2075] Fix spelling of 'incompatible'
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.61
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P291
7 years utterback 1.2773.1.60 [Bug 2241] New: MDNS registration should only happen if requested.
7 years stenn 1.2783 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
7 years stenn 1.2782 Upgrade to autogen-5.16.1 and libopts-36.4.11
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.59
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P290
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.58 [Bug 1454] Add parse clock support for the SEL-240x GPS products
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.57 CID 709185: refclock_chu.c will leak fd==0 (better fix)
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.56
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P289
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.55 CID 97123: Future-proof possible change to refclock_nmea.c
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.54 CID 97377: ntp-keygen.c's followlink() might not NUL-terminate
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.53 CID 709185: refclock_chu.c will leak fd==0 (which should be impossible)
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.52
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P288
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.51 CID 709173: Make sure a libisc function we do not use is called properly
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.50
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P287
7 years davehart 1.2773.1.49 Remove 1024 associations-per-server limit from ntpq.
Remove blank line between ntpq mreadvar associations.
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.48
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P286
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.47 CID 97193: check return from sscanf() in ntp_config.c
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.46 CID 709207: Initialize "quality" for ulink_receive
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.45 CID 709169: check return from open("/dev/null", 0) and friends
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.44
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P285
7 years stenn 1.2773.1.43 Automake-1.12 wants us to use AM_PROG_AR
7 years stenn 1.2781 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
7 years davehart 1.2773.1.42 generated files from last cset's ntp_parser.y and keyword-gen.c changes.
7 years davehart 1.2773.1.41 [Bug 2227] Enable mrulist access control via "restrict ... nomrulist".
Conditionalize msyslog messages about rejected mode 6 requests due to
  nomodify and nomrulist restrictions under "logconfig +sysinfo".
Increment sys_restricted in a few rejection paths due to nomodify
  restrictions where previosuly overlooked.
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.40
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P284
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.39 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:../hart/ntp-dev-libevent-20120614
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2773.3.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P283
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.38 Update ChangeLog for libevent update and [Bug 2225].
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.36 Linux 2.6.26 and earlier will fail libevent's timerfd_create() call due to
  nonzero flags, yet some systems using that version have the nonworking
  flags in their header files (Debian Lenny).  Do not spew warnings in
  regress output in that case, and set epollop->timerfd = -1.  Suggested
  by Nick Mathewson.
8 years stenn 1.2773.3.2 Improvements to sntp/m4/ntp_openssl.m4
8 years stenn 1.2773.3.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P282
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.35 repair merge flub
keep local-to-NTP patch up to date with event-config.h s/_EVENT/EVENT_/
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.34 Merge dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-upstream
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-20120614
8 years davehart 1.2461.1.10 update to libevent git master, after 2.1.1-alpha, as of 14-Jun-2012 git cset
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.33 tickadj may need to be linked with PTHREAD_LIBS
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.32
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P281
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.31 U_INT32_MAX cleanup in include/ntp_types.h
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.30 When linking, ntp_keygen and tickadj need $(LIBM)
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.29
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P280
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.28 [Bug 2224] Use-after-free in routing socket code after dropping root.
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.27
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P279
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.26 [Bug 2211] findbcastinter(): possibly undefined variable iface used.
[Bug 2220] Incorrect check for maximum association id in ntpq.
8 years stenn 1.2780 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.25
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P278
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.24 Update --enable-getifaddrs handling in ntp_ipv6.m4 to match bind 9.9.1 for
  [Bug 2204] Build with --enable-getifaddrs=glibc fails
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.23 Merge dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libisc-upstream
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2204
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.22 Correct incompatible pointer type assignment warning refclock_tsyncpci.c:341
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.21 [Bug 2191] dcfd -Y y2kcheck on CentOS 6.2 x86_64 breaks make check.
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.20 [Bug 2178] refclock_tsyncpci.c reach register fails to shift.
8 years davehart 1.2004.2.2 unmodified bind-9.9.1
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.19
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P277
8 years karlsson 1.2773.1.18 [Bug 2193] Building timestruct tests with Clang 3.1 fails.
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.17
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P276
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.16 [Bug 2179] Remove sntp/header.h
8 years stenn 1.2779 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years stenn 1.2778 autogen upgrade
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.15
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P275
8 years harlan 1.2773.1.14 [Bug 1744] Remove obsolete ntpdate/ntptime* items
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P274
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.12 [Bug 2174] ntpd rejects source UDP ports less than 123 as bogus.
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.11 Remove redundant manual systime_s.o: systime.c dependency from libntp's
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.10
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P273
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.9 Correct authnumfreekeys accounting broken in 4.2.7p262.
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.8 [Bug 2141] handle_sigio() calls get_systime(), which must be
  reentrant when SIGIO is used.  Sanity checks relative to the prior
  get_systime() are disabled in ntpd on systems with signaled I/O, but
  active in sntp and ntpdate.
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.7 Remove inttoa() and uinttoa(), convert solitary use of latter
  to simpler code.
8 years stenn 1.2777 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years stenn 1.2776 Upgrade to autogen-5.16 and libopts-36.4.11
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P272
8 years harlan 1.2773.1.5 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp.local:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2773.2.1 Change the link order for ntpsntpd
8 years harlan 1.2773.1.4 LCRYPTO is gone - replace with VER_SUFFIX
8 years stenn 1.2775 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years stenn 1.2773.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P271
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.2 Put openssl -L flags from pkg-config in LDADD_NTP as comment indicates,
  rather than in LDFLAGS_NTP.
8 years davehart 1.2773.1.1 [Bug 1122] openssl detection via pkg-config fails when no additional
  -Idir flags are needed.
Avoid overwriting user variable LDFLAGS with OpenSSL flags, instead
  they are added to LDFLAGS_NTP.
8 years stenn 1.2774 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years stenn 1.2773
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P270
8 years stenn 1.2772 Update driver45.html page
8 years stenn 1.2771
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P269
8 years stenn 1.2770 Clean up configure.ac
8 years stenn 1.2769 Cleanup configure.ac's TSYNC PCI section
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.43
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P268
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.42 reindent driver45.html
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.41
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P267
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.40 Initial cut at a basic driver45.html page
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.39
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P266
8 years hart 1.2762.1.38 refclock_tsyncpci.c:
  Change mode to -rw-rw-r--
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.37 Merge dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-refclock-tsyncpci
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.36 Include Linux-specific refclock_tsyncpci.c in --enable-all-clocks only
  on Linux.
Clean up configure.ac m4 quoting, indents to match current style.
8 years stenn 1.2762.10.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P265
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.35 Add reference to refclock_tsyncpci.c to ntpd.vcproj
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.34 Spectracom TSYNC reference clock driver from tsync.2.5.0.tar.gz downloaded from
(see linux/ntp/tsync.patch)
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.33 Treat zero counter as indication of precise system time in Windows
  PPSAPI helper function pps_ntp_timestamp_from_counter(), enabling
  PPSAPI providers to use the Windows 8 precise clock directly.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.32
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P264
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.31 Quiet "DAY" redefinition warning compiling ntp-keygen.c
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.30 [Bug 2160] Note if leapseconds file is past its prime.
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.29 Use GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime() on Windows 8.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.28
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P263
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.27 [Bug 2159] Windows ntpd using leapfile erroneous leap second 20120401.
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.26 [Bug 2156] clock instability with LOCAL driver, from Miroslav Lichvar.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.25 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.263 Update 2mirror trigger to copy directly to bk2
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.24
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P262
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.23 Add missing library to ntpsnmpd build
8 years stenn 1.2762.9.1 Disable bkbits as a mirror for now
8 years stenn 1.2762.8.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.21 Improve ntpd scalability for servers with many trusted keys.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.20
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P261
8 years stenn 1.2762.7.3 Upgrade to autogen-5.15
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.19 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:../hart/ntp-dev-2048
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2762.7.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-autogen
8 years stenn 1.2762.7.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P260
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.18 [Bug 2048] add the clock variable timecode to SHM refclock.
  Thanks to Michael Tatarinov.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.17 Fix the check-scm-rev invocation in several Makefile.am's.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.16
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P259
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.15 [Bug 2148] ntpd 4.2.7p258 segfault with 0x0100000 bit in NMEA mode.
refclock_nmea.c merge cleanup thanks to Juergen Perlinger.
Use mutex with Lamport checks in get_systime() on Windows, which
  unlike portable ntpd uses the routine across threads.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.14
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P258
8 years hart 1.2762.1.13 refclock_nmea.c:
  add newline to EOF
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.12 Merge psp-deb1:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2143
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2143
8 years jnperlin 1.2762.6.1 [bug 2143] discard data if quality indication not good to avoid glitches
add stat counters for diagnostics (mode bit enabled) to clockstats file
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.11 Merge dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2140
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2143
8 years davehart 1.2762.4.2 [Bug 2143] NMEA 4.2.7p204 uses timecodes indicating lost reception.
Increase detail in clockstats for NMEA driver (from Hal Murray).
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.10 fix user-mode PPS end of line timestamp, and use wait I/O
  completion timestamp not read completion.
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.9 Merge psp-deb1:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2140
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2140
8 years davehart 1.2762.5.1 Minor nonfunctional refclock_nmea.c cleanup while hunting bug.
8 years jnperlin 1.2762.1.8 hack to get rid of leading CR/LF and keep timestamp for the whole buffer
8 years jnperlin 1.2762.4.1 [bug 2143] do not process data if quality indication says 'not good' to avoid glitches
8 years jnperlin 1.2762.1.7 [Bug 2140] Rework of Windows I/O completion port handling to avoid garbling serial input in UNIX line discipline emulation.
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P257
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.5 Restore accidentally-removed "parsetime" local variable declaration
  in refclock_parse.c stream_receive().
Remove Windows-specific code from indicate_refclock_packet() as it is
  now used only on non-Windows systems.
process_refclock_packet() is used only on Windows, #ifdef away elsewhere.
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.4 Merge psp-deb1:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-2135
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2135
8 years jnperlin 1.2762.2.1 [Bug 2135] defer calls to 'io_input' to main thread under Windows
8 years stenn 1.2762.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P256
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.2 [Bug 2131] Set the system variable settimeofday only after clock step.
8 years davehart 1.2762.1.1 [Bug 2134] --enable-C99-snprintf does not force rpl_snprintf use.
8 years stenn 1.2764 cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2763 autogen translator updates
8 years stenn 1.2759.1.2 Handle .5 in the mansec substitutions
8 years stenn 1.2759.1.1 Rules for ntp.conf.5 and ntp.keys.5
8 years stenn 1.2762
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P255
8 years stenn 1.2761 [Bug 603] Only link with nlist()-related libraries when needed: More cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2760
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P254
8 years stenn 1.2759 Only link with nlist()-related libraries when needed
8 years stenn 1.2758
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P253
8 years stenn 1.2757 Update a license URL
8 years davehart 1.2756 Override --version output without the ugly hack previously used,
  as Autogen 5.13 and later provide version-proc = override in .def.
8 years davehart 1.2755 [Bug 2126] Compile error on Windows with libopts from Autogen 5.14.
8 years stenn 1.2754
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P252
8 years stenn 1.2753 Upgrade to autogen-5.14 (and libopts-36.1.11)
8 years stenn 1.2752
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P251
8 years stenn 1.2751 [Bug 2115] ntptrace should accept both rootdispersion and rootdisp
8 years stenn 1.2750
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P250
8 years stenn 1.2749 Update the copyright year
8 years harlan 1.2748 [Bug 2113] Warn about ignored extra args in ntpq
8 years stenn 1.2747
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P249
8 years davehart 1.2746 [Bug 2111] Remove minpoll delay before iburst for pool and
8 years davehart 1.2745 Move refclock-specific scheduled timer code under #ifdef REFCLOCK
  and move "action" and "nextaction" data for same from struct peer to
  struct refclockproc.  These provide a way to schedule a callback some
  seconds in the future.
8 years stenn 1.2744
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P248
8 years davehart 1.2743 [Bug 2109] "make clean check" is broken with gtest available.
[Bug 2110] systime.c typo breaks build on microsecond clocks.
Use $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) for submakes.
8 years stenn 1.2742
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P247
8 years stenn 1.2741 cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2740 tolerate an error touching a file in a read-only srcdir
8 years davehart 1.2739 Fix build break triggered by updating deps-ver and libntp/systime.c at
  the same time by explicitly depending systime_s.c on systime.c.
8 years stenn 1.2738
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P246
8 years davehart 1.2737 Merge dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev
into  dlh-7551.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-tvalspec
8 years davehart 1.2732.1.1 [Bug 2104] ntpdc fault with oversize -c command.
[Bug 2106] Fix warnings when using -Wformat-security.
Refactor timespecops.h and timevalops.h into inline functions.
8 years stenn 1.2736
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P245
8 years stenn 1.2735 typo
8 years jnperlin 1.2734 [Bug2100] conversion timespec/timeval <--> l_fp fixed
8 years jnperlin 1.2733 add test cases to reveal bug#2100
cleanup of test code
8 years stenn 1.2732
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P244
8 years stenn 1.2731 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.262
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P5
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.261 ntp-4.2.6p5
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.260 fix typos
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.259 NEWS cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.258 NEWS file cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2730
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P243
8 years stenn 1.2729 typo
8 years stenn 1.2728  [Bug 2095] ntptrace now needs 'rv' instead pf 'pstat', reported by Michael Tatarinov
8 years stenn 1.2727
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P242
8 years stenn 1.2726 Documentation updates
8 years stenn 1.2725
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P241
8 years davehart 1.2724 [Bug 2015] Overriding sys_tick should recalculate sys_precision.
[Bug 2068] "tos ceiling" default and cap changed to 15.
Floor peer delay using system precision, as with jitter, reflecting
  inability to measure shorter intervals.
8 years davehart 1.2723 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2037
8 years davehart 1.2713.1.1 [Bug 2037] Fuzzed non-interpolated clock may decrease.
8 years stenn 1.2722
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P240
8 years davehart 1.2721 [Bug 2092] clock_select() selection jitter miscalculated.
[Bug 2093] Reintroduce smaller stratum factor to system peer metric.
8 years stenn 1.2720
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P239
8 years stenn 1.2719 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2718
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P238
8 years stenn 1.2717 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.257
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P5_RC3
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.256 Update NEWS for RC3
8 years davehart 1.2716 Correct ChangeLog merge to duplicate -stable entries in -dev section.
8 years davehart 1.2715 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2085-86-87
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2085-86-87
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.255 [Bug 2087] sys_jitter calculation overweights sys.peer jitter.
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.254 [Bug 2086] get_systime() should not offset by sys_residual.
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.253 [Bug 2085] clock_update() sys_rootdisp calculation omits root delay.
8 years davehart 1.2714 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2082
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2082
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.252 [Bug 2082] 3-char refid sent by ntpd 4.2.6p5-RC2 ends with extra dot.
Ensure NULL peer->dstadr is not accessed in orphan parent selection.
8 years stenn 1.2713
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P237
8 years stenn 1.2712 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.251
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P5_RC2
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.250 update
8 years davehart 1.2711 Floor calculation of sys_rootdisp at sys_mindisp in clock_update (from
  Dave Mills).
8 years davehart 1.2710 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2709 [Bug 2073] Correct ntpq billboard's MODE_PASSIVE t from 'u' to 'S'.
Round l_fp traffic interval when converting to integer in rate limit
  and KoD calculation.
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.249 merge cleanup
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.248 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2059-66-68-69
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2082.47.2 Never send KoD rate limiting response to MODE_SERVER response.
8 years davehart 1.2708 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.247 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2082.48.2 [Bug 2072] Orphan parent selection metric needs ntohl().
8 years davehart 1.2707 more merge cleanup
8 years davehart 1.2706 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2082.48.1 Avoid redefinition warnings for INT32_MIN, INT32_MAX, U_INT32_MAX.
8 years davehart 1.2705 Restore 4.2.6 clock_combine() weighting to ntp-dev, reverting
 to pre-4.2.7p70 logic and avoiding divide-by-zero (from Dave Mills).
8 years davehart 1.2704 merge cleanup
8 years davehart 1.2703 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.245 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2050-59-66-68-69
8 years davehart 1.2082.47.1 [Bug 2059] optional billboard column "server" does not honor -n.
[Bug 2066] ntpq lopeers ipv6 "local" column overrun.
[Bug 2068] ntpd sends nonprintable stratum 16 refid to ntpq.
[Bug 2069] broadcastclient, multicastclient spin up duplicate
  ephemeral associations without broadcastdelay.
Exclude not-yet-determined sys_refid from use in loopback TEST12
  (from David Mills).
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.244 [Bug 2050] Orphan mode stratum counting to infinity.
8 years stenn 1.2702
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P236
8 years stenn 1.2701 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2700
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P235
8 years davehart 1.2699 [Bug 2052] Autokey CRYPTO_ASSOC host@group vallen needs checking.
8 years stenn 1.2698
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P234
8 years stenn 1.2697 LDADD cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2696 Clean up -libm entries regarding libntp.a
8 years stenn 1.2695
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P233
8 years stenn 1.2694 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2693
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P232
8 years stenn 1.2692 Clean up some bitrotted code in libntp/socket.c
8 years stenn 1.2691 Update the NEWS file so we note the default disable of mode 7 requests
8 years stenn 1.2690
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P231
8 years davehart 1.2689 Add ntpq reslist command to query access restrictions, similar to
  ntpdc's reslist.
8 years stenn 1.2688 cleanup
8 years jnperlin 1.2687 [Bug 1940] ignore auth key if hex decoding fails
8 years stenn 1.2686
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P230
8 years stenn 1.2685 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years davehart 1.2684 use rand() twice to get about 32 bits of noise for mrulist.
8 years davehart 1.2683 Disable mode 7 (ntpdc) query processing in ntpd by default.  ntpq is
  believed to provide all functionality ntpdc did, and uses a less-
  fragile protocol that's safer and easier to maintain.  If you do find
  some management via ntpdc is needed, you can use "enable mode7" in the
  ntpd configuration.
8 years davehart 1.2682 Directly limit the number of datagrams in a mrulist response, rather
  than limiting the number of entries returned to indirectly limit the
  datagram count.
8 years stenn 1.2681
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P229
8 years perlinger 1.2680 [bug 1995] fixed wrong use of ZERO() macro in ntp_calendar.c
8 years stenn 1.2679
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P228
8 years stenn 1.2678 Start the NEWS file updates in preparation for 4.2.8
8 years davehart 1.2677 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1995
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.50
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P227
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.49 [Bug 2036] gcc 2.95.3 preprocessor can't nest #ifdef in macro args.
A number of compiler warnings eliminated.
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.48
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P226
8 years davehart 1.2676 Minor style cleanup of ntp_calendar.c and systime.c
8 years jnperlin 1.2675 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hydra.localnet:/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-dev-settime
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.47 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.46 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.243
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P5_RC1
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.242 ntp-4.2.6p5-RC1
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.241 update NEWS file
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.45 [Bug 2035] ntpq -c mrulist sleeps 1 sec between queries, not 5 msec.
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.44 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2034
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2034
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.240 Generalize [Bug 2034] summary, correct NEWS description of same.
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.239 Update NEWS file for 4.2.6p5
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.43 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2034
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2034
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.238 [Bug 2034] interface ignore fe80::/64 mismatches ::, ::1...
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.42
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P225
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.41 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.40
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P224
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.39 ntpq mrulist shows intermediate counts every five seconds while
  retrieving list, and allows Ctrl-C interruption of the retrieval,
  showing the incomplete list as retrieved.  Reduce delay between
  successive mrulist retrieval queries from 30 to 5 msec.  Do not
  give up mrulist retrieval when a single query times out.
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.38
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P223
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.37 revert bogus changes
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.36 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.35
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P222
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.34 [Bug 2029] "make check" clutters syslog.
Log signal description along with number on ntpd exit.
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.33
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P221
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.32 [Bug 2028] ntpd -n (nofork) redirects logging to stderr.
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.31 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.30 DLM does not want STA_UNSYNC set in kernel when ntpd exits.
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.29 [Bug 2025] Switching between daemon and kernel loops can doubly-
  correct drift
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.28
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P220
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.27 Keep add_full_recv_buffer() and SetEvent(WaitableIoEventHandle) 1:1
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.26 [Bug 1945] mbg_gps166.h use of _TM_DEFINED conflicts with MS VC.
[Bug 1946] parse_start uses open; does not work on Windows.
[Bug 1947] Porting parse-based Wharton refclock driver to Windows.
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.25 [Bug 2024] Remove unused system event code EVNT_CLKHOP.
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.24
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P219
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.23 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.22
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P218
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.21 typo
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.20 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2019
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.19 [Bug 2019] Allow selection of cipher for private key files.
ntp-keygen private key cipher default now triple-key triple DES CBC.
ntp-keygen on Windows XP and later systems will now create links
  expected by ntpd.  They are hardlinks on Windows, soft on POSIX.
8 years stenn 1.2673.3.2 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2673.3.1 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.18 [Bug 2019] Allow selection of cipher for private key files.
Change default cipher from DES CBC to triple-key triple DES CBC.
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.17 ntp-keygen -M is intended to ignore all other defaults and
  options, so do not attempt to open existing Autokey host certificate
  before generating symmetric keys and terminating.
Restore IFF, MV, and GQ identity parameter filename convention to
  ntpkey_<scheme>par_<group/host> in ntpd, matching ntp-keygen.
Change some error logging to syslog to ignore logconfig mask, such
  as reporting PPSAPI failure in NMEA and WWVB refclocks.
Conditionalize NMEA serial open message under clockevent.
Send all peer variables to trappers in report_event().
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.16
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P217
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.15 cleanup
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.14 [Bug 2020] ntp-keygen -s no longer sets host in cert file name.
ntp-keygen -i option long name changed from misleading --issuer-name
  to --ident.  [Backward Incompatible]
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.13 [Bug 2009] cleanup warning about adj_systime() returning no value.
[Bug 2020] Expand ntp-keygen-opts.def explanations of host name and
  group name options and how they affect output, rename -i long form
  from --issuer-name to --ident to match reality.
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.12
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P216
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.11 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2673.2.1 mdoc2man improvements
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.10
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P215
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.9 Use patched mdoc2man script, from Eric Feng
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.8 Use updated mdoc2man
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.7 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.237
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P4
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.236 ntp-4.2.6p4
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P214
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.5 whitespace cleanup
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.4 [Bug 2009] EVNT_NSET adj_systime() mishandled by Windows ntpd.
8 years davehart 1.2673.1.3 [Bug 1981] Initial offset convergence applies frequency correction 2x
  with kernel discipline.
[Bug 2008] Initial offset convergence degraded with 500 PPM adjtime().
8 years stenn 1.2673.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P213
8 years jnperlin 1.2673.1.1 [Bug 1999] NMEA driver should not send PMOTG once per second
8 years jnperlin 1.2674 [Bug 1995] added support for getting build time stamp
8 years stenn 1.2673
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P212
8 years davehart 1.2672 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2003
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2003
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.235 [Bug 2003] libntpq ntpq_read_assoc_peervars() broken.
8 years stenn 1.2671
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P211
8 years davehart 1.2461.1.9 make libevent/test/*.sh scripts executable
8 years davehart 1.2669 Update libevent to git head (2.1 branch) as of 2.0.14-stable.

Applies to prior merge cset.
8 years davehart 1.2668 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-20110831

Updates our copy of libevent to git master as of
(which is in-progress libevent 2.1 branch as of 2.0.14-stable)
8 years davehart 1.2667 Remove now-unsupported vc6 and vs2003 subdirs of ports/winnt.
8 years davehart 1.2461.1.8 Update to libevent master (to be 2.1) as of 2.0.14-stable, HEAD git commit
8 years stenn 1.2666
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P210
8 years davehart 1.2665 Require -D4 or higher for ntpd SIGALRM debug trace from [Bug 2000].
8 years stenn 1.2664
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P209
8 years stenn 1.2663 Use pre-calculated values for the sntp synch distance checks
8 years stenn 1.2662 Update sntp test to use synch distance instead of root dispersion
8 years davehart 1.2661 Fix copy/paste error (SIGIO -> SIGPOLL)
8 years stenn 1.2660 cleanup
8 years davehart 1.2659 [Bug 2000] ntpd worker threads must block signals expected in main thread.
8 years davehart 1.2658 [Bug 2001] add ntpq -c timerstats like ntpdc -c timerstats.
8 years davehart 1.2657 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-2001
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-2000-01
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.234 [Bug 2001] ntpdc timerstats reports overruns as handled.
8 years stenn 1.2656
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P208
8 years stenn 1.2655 Fix the CLOCK_MONOTONIC TRACE() message
8 years stenn 1.2654
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P207
8 years stenn 1.2653 Cleanups for ntp-wait-opts.def
8 years stenn 1.2652 cleanup ntp.keys.def
8 years stenn 1.2651 ntp.keys.def cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2650 Restore the original CLOCK_MONOTONIC output format in sntp
8 years stenn 1.2649 Cleanups for ntp-wait-opts.def and ntp.keys.def
8 years stenn 1.2648
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P206
8 years stenn 1.2647 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2645.1.2 sntp documentation and behavior improvements suggested by Steven Sommars
8 years stenn 1.2645.1.1 Have sntp report synchronization distance instead of root dispersion
8 years davehart 1.2646 [Bug 1993] ntpd Windows port adj_systime() broken in 4.2.7p203.
8 years stenn 1.2645
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P205
8 years davehart 1.2644 Fix typo in libevent/test/rpcgen_wrapper.sh spotted by Nick Mathewson.
8 years davehart 1.2643 [Bug 1992] util/tg2 doesn't compile, needs libntp.
Patch supplied by  kukabu@gmail.com:
8 years stenn 1.2642
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P204
8 years stenn 1.2641 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2637.1.3 [Bug 1989] sntp manual page sometimes refers to SNTP as a program
8 years stenn 1.2640 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-newnmea
8 years stenn 1.2639 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-newnmea
8 years davehart 1.2637.1.2 [Bug 1988] Better sntp send failed error message needed.
[Bug 1990] sntp output should include stratum.
8 years stenn 1.2637.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P203
8 years jnperlin 1.2638 PGRMF support in NMEA driver
8 years stenn 1.2637 Note that 1986 was fixed by this changeset
8 years davehart 1.2636 Actually use long long for (u_)int64 by correcting spelling
  of SIZEOF_LONG_LONG in ntp_types.h.
Require Visual C++ 2005 or later compilers in Windows port.
Force .exe minimum Windows version to 0x0400 to allow NT4 in
  vs2005/*.vcproj files.
8 years davehart 1.2635 Correct init_logging()'s def_syslogmask type to u_int32 following
  change of ntp_syslogmask from u_long to u_int32 in p202.
8 years davehart 1.2634 Attempt to fix libevent "make distcheck" failure related to read-only
srcdir and event_rpcgen.py by avoiding creating stub regress.gen.h and
regress.gen.c in the build directory when $srcdir has both already.
8 years stenn 1.2633
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P202
8 years stenn 1.2632 [Bug 1983] --without-sntp build breaks in sntp subdir
8 years davehart 1.2631 [Bug 1983] --without-sntp build breaks in sntp subdir.
8 years davehart 1.2630 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1984-85
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1984-85
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.233 [Bug 1985] "logconfig =allall" rejected.
8 years davehart 1.2629 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1984
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1984
8 years davehart 1.2628 [Bug 1984] ntp/libisc fails to compile on OS X 10.7 (Lion).
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.232 [Bug 1984] ntp/libisc fails to compile on OS X 10.7 (Lion).
8 years stenn 1.2627
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P201
8 years stenn 1.2626 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2625 sntp autogen regenerate after merge cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2624 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2623 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2620.1.1 sntp: change -h/--headspace to -g/--gap, and change the default gap from 10 to 50ms
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.231 [Backward Incompatible] sntp: -l/--filelog -> -l/--logfile, to be consistent with ntpd
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.230 [Backward Incompatible] sntp: -l/--filelog -> -l/--logfile, to be consistent with ntpd
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.229 libopts/file.c fix from Bruce Korb (arg-type=file)
8 years stenn 1.2622 Update Changelog
8 years stenn 1.2621
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P200
8 years stenn 1.2620 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.228
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P4_RC2
8 years stenn 1.2619
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P199
8 years stenn 1.2618 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2617
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P198
8 years stenn 1.2616 remove old binsubdir stuff from SNTP, as NTP_LOCINFO does that now.
8 years stenn 1.2615
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P197
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.227 Backport if_nametoindex() check for hpux
8 years stenn 1.2614 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/backroom/snaps/ntp-dev
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2612.1.9 cleanup
8 years harlan 1.2612.1.8 [Bug 1977] Mismatch between flag and description in ntp-keygen-opts.def
8 years stenn 1.2612.1.7 Update sntp/loc/solaris to conform to stock locations
8 years davehart 1.2612.1.6 Fix warnings in ntp_request.c ([Bug 1973] oversight) and sntp/main.c
  (CID 159, apparent overrun due to union, actually correct).
8 years davehart 1.2612.1.5 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1978
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1976
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.226 Correct [Bug 1978] description in ChangeLog.
8 years davehart 1.2612.1.4 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1978
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1976
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.225 [Bug 1978] Ignore tentative IP addresses on Linux.
Backport several fixes for Coverity warnings from ntp-dev.
8 years davehart 1.2612.1.3 Do not force "legacy" when --with-locfile is not given, genLocInfo
  will find the correct default for the system.
8 years davehart 1.2612.1.2 Merge psp-os1:/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-dev-1975
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1976
8 years karlsson 1.2612.2.1 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/development/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-stable-1975
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/development/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1975
8 years davehart 1.2612.1.1 [Bug 1976] genLocInfo writes to srcdir break 'make distcheck'.
8 years stenn 1.2613 cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2612
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P196
8 years stenn 1.2611 use --with-loc=legacy in br-flock
8 years stenn 1.2610 cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2609 work around solaris /bin/sh issues for genLocInfo.
8 years stenn 1.2608 Be louder about loc/ changes
8 years stenn 1.2607 Improve the help text: --with-locfile=XXX
8 years stenn 1.2606 genLocInfo cleanup
8 years karlsson 1.2082.4.224 [Bug 1975] libntp/mktime.c won't work with 64-bit time_t
8 years stenn 1.2605 Removed sntp/m4/ntp_bindir.m4 - no longer needed
8 years davehart 1.2604 Fix build on Linux systems lacking linux/if_addr.h or IFA_F_TENTATIVE.
8 years davehart 1.2603 [Bug 1973] Widen reference clock mode from 8 to 32 bits.
8 years davehart 1.2602 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1972
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1972-73
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.223 [Bug 1972] checking for struct rtattr fails.
8 years stenn 1.2601
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P195
8 years stenn 1.2600 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2598.1.10
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P194
8 years stenn 1.2598.1.9 Added loc/solaris
8 years stenn 1.2598.1.8 Add support for installing programs and scripts to libexec
8 years stenn 1.2598.1.7 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev-1608
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.222 [Bug 1608] Parse Refclock driver should honor trusttime
8 years stenn 1.2598.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P193
8 years davehart 1.2598.1.5 Update libevent to 2.1 HEAD as of merge of 2.0.13-stable-dev.
  (applies to prior cset)
Match addr_eqprefix() sizeof and memcpy destination to make it clear
  to static analysis that there is no buffer overrun (CID 402).
8 years davehart 1.2598.1.4 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-20110723
8 years davehart 1.2461.1.7 Update to libevent HEAD as of 20110723, 77a4d7f406be9d78876ba8a1b7c7d834d8998479
Snapshot of libevent 2.1, as of 2.0.13-stable-dev release.
8 years davehart 1.2598.1.3 slight ChangeLog cleanup (wrap after 72 chars, s/4.2.6p4/4.2.6p4-RC2/)
8 years davehart 1.2598.1.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1970
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1970
8 years davehart 1.2082.4.221 Backport latest ntp_lists.h from ntp-dev, remove redundant () in
8 years karlsson 1.2598.1.1 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/development/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-stable-1970
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/development/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1970
8 years karlsson 1.2082.4.220 [BUG 1970] UNLINK_EXPR_SLIST() causes crash if list is empty.
8 years stenn 1.2599 Added loc/redhat
8 years stenn 1.2598
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P192
8 years stenn 1.2597 [Bug 1966] Broken FILES section for ntp.keys.def
8 years stenn 1.2596
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P191
8 years davehart 1.2595 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1963
8 years stenn 1.2593.1.2 [Bug 1948] Update man page section layout
8 years stenn 1.2593.1.1 [Bug 1964] --without-sntp should not build sntp
8 years davehart 1.2594 [Bug 1963] add reset command for ntpq :config, similar to ntpdc's
8 years stenn 1.2593
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P190
8 years stenn 1.2592 Require autogen-5.12
8 years stenn 1.2591 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.219 [Bug 1961] html2man update: distribute ntp-wait.html
8 years stenn 1.2590
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P189
8 years stenn 1.2589 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.218
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P4_RC1
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.217 4.2.6p4-RC1
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.216 Update the NEWS file
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.215 [Bug 1961] html2man needs an update
8 years stenn 1.2588 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.214 [Bug 1790] Update config.guess and config.sub to detect AIX6
8 years stenn 1.2082.4.213 [Bug 1134] ntpd fails binding to tentative IPv6 addresses
8 years stenn 1.2587
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P188
8 years harlan 1.2586 ntp-wait: some versions of ntpd spell "associd" differently
8 years harlan 1.2585 [Bug 1958] genLocInfo must export PATH
8 years stenn 1.2584
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P187
8 years stenn 1.2583 Implement --with-locfile=filename configure argument
8 years stenn 1.2582 [Bug 1954] Fix typos in [s]bin_PROGRAMS in ntpd/Makefile.am
8 years stenn 1.2581 Fix typos in [s]bin_PROGRAMS in ntpd/Makefile.am
8 years stenn 1.2580
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P186
8 years stenn 1.2579 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2577.1.1 Update .point-changed-filelist for the new man pages
8 years stenn 1.2578 Documentation update from Dave Mills
8 years stenn 1.2577 merge cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2576 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2574.1.6 Update the building of OS-specific programs
8 years stenn 1.2574.1.5 generated man page updates
8 years stenn 1.2574.1.4 Work around solaris /bin/sh braindamage
8 years stenn 1.2574.1.3 Do not ignore generated man pages
8 years stenn 1.2574.1.2 validate MANTAGFMT in genLocInfo
8 years stenn 1.2574.1.1 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2573.1.4 Finish conversion to genLocInfo.
8 years stenn 1.2575
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P185
8 years stenn 1.2573.1.3 Rename ntp_locs.m4 to ntp_locinfo.m4
8 years stenn 1.2573.1.2 ntp_locs.m4: handle the case where . is not in the PATH
8 years stenn 1.2573.1.1 [Bug 1950] Control installation of event_rpcgen.py
8 years stenn 1.2574 . may not be in the PATH - ntp_locs.m4 fix
8 years stenn 1.2573 More genLocInfo cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2572 genLocInfo is EXTRA_DIST, not noinst_SCRIPT
8 years stenn 1.2571
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P184
8 years stenn 1.2570 genLocInfo cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2569 genLocInfo cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2568 genLocInfo cleanup
8 years stenn 1.2567 Updates to ntp_locs.m4
8 years stenn 1.2566 genLocInfo improvements
8 years stenn 1.2565 genLocInfo improvements
8 years stenn 1.2564 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
8 years stenn 1.2561.1.2 Add the man page tag "flavor" to the loc.* files
8 years stenn 1.2561.1.1  Add/distribute genLocInfo
8 years stenn 1.2563
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P183
8 years stenn 1.2562 Update the autogen include list for scripts/Makefile.am
8 years stenn 1.2561 Added loc.freebsd (and distribute it)
8 years stenn 1.2560 Added loc.legacy (and distribute it)
9 years stenn 1.2559
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P182
9 years stenn 1.2558 Update .point-changed-filelist
9 years stenn 1.2557 [Bug 1304] Update sntp.html to reflect new implementation
9 years stenn 1.2556 ntpdc documentation fixes
9 years stenn 1.2555 Update ntp-wait autogen docs
9 years stenn 1.2554 Update the ntpd autogen docs
9 years stenn 1.2553 Update the ntpsnmpd autogen docs
9 years stenn 1.2552 Use autogen to produce ntp-keygen docs
9 years stenn 1.2551 Add "license name" to ntp.lic for autogen-5.11.10
9 years stenn 1.2550 Prepare for ntp.keys.5
9 years stenn 1.2549 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2544.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P181
9 years stenn 1.2544.1.4 [Bug 1938] addr_eqprefix() doesn't clear enough storage
9 years stenn 1.2544.1.3 p180 was: Upgrade to libevent-2.0.12
9 years stenn 1.2544.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P180
9 years stenn 1.2548 More sntp.1 cleanups
9 years davehart 1.2544.1.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-20110604
9 years davehart 1.2461.1.6 Update to libevent HEAD as of 20110604, e40bafe796a8e544e9e54e247cb3aa30c95e06b0
Snapshot of libevent 2.1, as of 2.0.12-stable release.
9 years davehart 1.2461.1.5 cleanup arlib cruft.
add sntp/libevent/.git and .gitignore to ease shared bk/git repo for libevent upstream.
9 years stenn 1.2546 Produce ntpq.1 with the new autogen macros
9 years stenn 1.2545 Remove the deprecated "detail" stanza from ntpdc-opts.def
9 years stenn 1.2544
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P179
9 years stenn 1.2543 Upgrade local autoopts templates to 5.11.10pre5
9 years stenn 1.2542 Update cmd-doc.tlib to autogen-5.11.10pre5
9 years stenn 1.2541
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P178
9 years stenn 1.2540 Update the std_def_list to include the ntp.lic file.
9 years stenn 1.2539 Distribute ntp.lic
9 years stenn 1.2538 Distribute ntp.lic
9 years stenn 1.2537
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P177
9 years stenn 1.2536 Clean up the ntp.lic file
9 years stenn 1.2535 Provide ntp.lic for the new autogen license template
9 years stenn 1.2534 Use the latest autogen's new copyright template code
9 years stenn 1.2533 p176 cleaned up sntp docs and autogen doc templates
9 years stenn 1.2532
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P176
9 years stenn 1.2531 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2529.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P175
9 years stenn 1.2530 sntp documentation updates
9 years stenn 1.2529 cmd-doc.tlib cleanup from Bruce Korb
9 years stenn 1.2528 [Bug 1936] Correctly set IPV6_MULTICAST_LOOP
9 years stenn 1.2527
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P174
9 years stenn 1.2526 sntp documentation cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2525 sntp documentation cleanup (for autogen)
9 years stenn 1.2524 ntpdc documentation cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2523 Don't build libevent with openssl support
9 years stenn 1.2522 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2461.1.4 libevent HEAD (will be 2.1) 20110526 95f70166df3bc9c0817ef98aa3711564300d5bb3
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.14
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P173
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.13 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1932
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2517.2.1 parsesolaris.c compile fails on SPARC Solaris with conflicting printf.
ntp_util.c compile fails on AIX and OSF with conflicting statsdir.
9 years stenn 1.2521 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.12 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.212
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P4_BETA2
9 years davehart 1.2517.1.11 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1695-1832-1933
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1695-1832-1933
9 years davehart 1.2517.1.10 typo in #ifndef EREALLOC_CALLSITE hides file/line number from
  emalloc() error message where available.
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.211 [Bug 1695] ntpdate takes longer than necessary.
[Bug 1832] ntpdate doesn't allow timeout > 2s.
[Bug 1933] WWVB/Spectracom driver timestamps LFs, not CRs.
Backport utility routines from ntp-dev: mprintf(), emalloc_zero().
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P172
9 years davehart 1.2517.1.8 Remove hardcoded 1/960 s. fudge for <CR> transmission time at 9600 8n1
  from WWVB/Spectracom driver introduced in 4.2.7p169.
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P171
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.6 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2517.1.5 Eliminate warnings about shadowing global "basename" on Linux.
Use filegen_config() consistently when changing filegen options.
mprintf() should go to stdout, not stderr.
Repair a few simulator problems (more remain).
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P170
9 years davehart 1.2517.1.3 [Bug 1932] libevent/util_internal.h builtin_expect compile error with
  gcc 2.95.
Use 64-bit scalars in LFPTOD() and DTOLFP() on more platforms by
  conditionalizing on HAVE_U_INT64 rather than UINT64_MAX.
9 years stenn 1.2517.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P169
9 years stenn 1.2520 More cleanup around autogen-erating ntpdc.1 and ntpdc.html
9 years stenn 1.2519 More cleanup around autogen-erating ntpdc.1 and ntpdc.html
9 years davehart 1.2517.1.1 Bug 1933 - WWVB/Spectracom driver timestamps LFs, not CRs
9 years stenn 1.2518 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2516.1.2 Prepare for the autogen versions of ntpdc.1 and friends
9 years stenn 1.2516.1.1 Prepare for the autogen versions of ntpdc.1 and friends
9 years stenn 1.2517
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P168
9 years davehart 1.2516 Convert receive buffer queue from doubly-linked list to FIFO.
9 years stenn 1.2515 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2514 update the comments in packageinfo.sh
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.210
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P4_BETA1
9 years davehart 1.2513 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1554-1921-24
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1554-1921-24
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.209 [Bug 1554] peer may stay selected as system peer after becoming
[Bug 1921] LOCAL, ACTS drivers with "prefer" excluded from initial
  candidate list.
[Bug 1923] orphan parent favored over LOCAL, ACTS drivers.
[Bug 1924] Billboard tally codes sometimes do not match operation,
Enable tickadj-like taming of wildly off-spec Windows clock using
  NTPD_TICKADJ_PPM env. var. specifying baseline slew.
9 years stenn 1.2512
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P167
9 years stenn 1.2511 4.2.7p164 documentation updates regarding 'tos orphanwait' expanded scope
9 years davehart 1.2510 [Bug 1931] cv always includes fudgetime1, never fudgetime2.
9 years davehart 1.2509 [Bug 1927] io_closeclock() should purge pending recvbufs.
Use acts_close() in acts_shutdown() to avoid leaving a stale lockfile
  if unpeered via runtime configuration while the modem is open.
Correct acts_close() test of pp->io.fd to see if it is open.
9 years stenn 1.2508
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P166
9 years stenn 1.2507 Distribute sntp/ag-tpl/
9 years stenn 1.2506 Use our autogen templates if we have any
9 years stenn 1.2505
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P165
9 years stenn 1.2504 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.208 Upgrade to AutoGen 5.11.9 (and require it)
9 years stenn 1.2503 Convert snmp docs to mdoc format, which requires autogen 5.11.9
9 years stenn 1.2502
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P164
9 years stenn 1.2501 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2500 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-orphanwait-local-acts
9 years davehart 1.2479.13.2 Update ChangeLog additions for ntp_proto.c changes to reference newly-filed
  bug reports:  [Bug 1921] [Bug 1922] [Bug 1923] [Bug 1924]
9 years stenn 1.2499
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P163
9 years davehart 1.2498 [Bug 1911] missing curly brace in libntp/ntp_rfc2553.c
9 years stenn 1.2497
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P162
9 years harlan 1.2496 [Bug 1910] Support the Tristate Ltd. TS-GPSclock-01
9 years stenn 1.2495 more ignore file cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2494
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P161
9 years davehart 1.2493 Add missing --enable-local-libevent help to top-level configure.
9 years davehart 1.2492 [Bug 1906] 4.2.7p160 - libtool: compile: cannot determine name of
  library object in ./libevent
Share a single sntp/libevent/build-aux directory between all three
  configure scripts.
9 years davehart 1.2491 ChangeLog entry needed for -dev, which rolled with the bug.
9 years davehart 1.2490 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1904
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1904
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.207 [Bug 1904] New: 4.2.7p160 Windows build broken (POSIX_SHELL).
9 years stenn 1.2489
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P160
9 years stenn 1.2488 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.206 hack around a possible regression in the new autogen
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.205 Upgrade to libopts 35.0.10 from AutoGen 5.11.9pre8
9 years stenn 1.2487 [Bug 1901] Simulator does not set progname.
9 years davehart 1.2479.13.1 Change "pool DNS" messages from msyslog to debug trace output.
Prefer LOCAL and ACTS drivers to orphan parent peer as documented.
Include LOCAL and ACTS drivers marked prefer in candidate list.
Remove unused FLAG_SYSPEER from peer->status.
Respect "tos orphanwait 0" at startup.  Previously there was an
  unconditional 300 s. startup orphanwait, though other values were
  respected for subsequent orphan wait periods after no_sys_peer events.
Apply "tos orphanwait" (def. 300 seconds) to LOCAL and ACTS reference
  clock drivers, in addition to orphan parent operation.  LOCAL and ACTS
  are not selectable during the orphanwait delay at startup and after
  each no_sys_peer event.  This prevents a particular form of clock-
  hopping, such as using LOCAL briefly at startup before remote peers
  are selectable.  This fixes the issue reported in [Bug 988].
[Bug 988] Local clock eats up -g option, so ntpd stops with large
  initial time offset.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.82 cleanup the bk ignore file - add sntp/scm-rev, remove old version stuff
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.81
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P159
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.80 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/ntp-dev-warnings
9 years murray 1.2479.12.3 ntp_io.c:
  Fix unused variable warning (no IPv6)
  Fix unused variable warning (no REFCLOCKs)
  Fix unused variable warnings.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.79 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-tvalops
9 years stenn 1.2479.12.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P158
9 years davehart 1.2479.12.1 Update libevent --disable-libevent-regress handling to work when
  building libevent using mingw.
9 years jnperlin 1.2479.1.78 minor cleanup in timespecops/timevalops
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.77
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P157
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.76 [Bug 1890] 4.2.7p156 segfault in duplicate freeaddrinfo().
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.75
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P156
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.74 [Bug 1851] freeaddrinfo() called after getaddrinfo() fails.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.73
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P155
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.72 Automerge of ChangeLog got it wrong.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.71 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-dnsfix
9 years stenn 1.2479.11.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P154
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.70 Correct includes in lib/isc for strlcpy(), strlcat() prototypes.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.69 Fix leak in refclock_datum.c start failure path.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.68 [Bug 1887] DNS fails on 4.2.7p153 using threads.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.67
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P153
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.66 A few more Coverity Scan cleanups.
9 years davehart 1.2479.10.1 Merge psp-os1:/home/hart/ntp-dev-libevent-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-20110415
9 years davehart 1.2461.1.3 libevent HEAD 20110415 11:33 UTC d28fc52815023113840fb9e108ada0126964a799
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.64
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P152
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.63 Automerge cleanup
9 years davehart 1.2461.1.2 overlooked file
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.61 Merge psp-os1:/home/hart/ntp-dev-libevent-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-20110414
9 years davehart 1.2461.1.1 libevent 2.1 (prerelease git head bfdda26534ea66b847760720260a4b4d8fcefe58)
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.60
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P151
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.59 Log failure to fetch time from HOPF_P hardware.
Check HOPF_S sscanf() conversion count before converted values.
Correct mvsnprintf() and mvfprintf() for vsnprintf() that handles %m.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.58 Detect vsnprintf() support for "%m" and disable our "%m" expansion.
Add --enable-c99-sprintf to configure args for -noopenssl variety of
  flock-build to avoid regressions in (v)snprintf() replacement.
More msnprintf() unit tests.
Coverity Scan error checking fixes.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.57
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P150
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.56 ntp_proto.c sprintf() -> snprintf()
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.55 Move rpl_vsnprintf() declaration and #define vsnprintf to config.h
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.54 Remove remaining sprintf() calls except refclock_ripencc.c (which is
  kept out of --enable-all-clocks as a result), upstream libs which use
  sprintf() ony after careful buffer sizing, and ntp_proto.c.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.53 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-C99-snprintf
9 years davehart 1.2479.9.1 Remove never-used, incomplete ports/winnt/ntpd/refclock_trimbledc.[ch]
On systems without C99-compliant (v)snprintf(), use C99-snprintf
  replacements.  (http://www.jhweiss.de/software/snprintf.html)
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.52
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P149
9 years harlan 1.2479.1.51 Cleanup autoconf macro ordering/dependencies
9 years harlan 1.2479.1.50 [Bug 1881] describe the {+,-,s} characters in configure --help output
9 years harlan 1.2479.8.1 Bug 1881: describe the {+,-,s} characters in configure --help output
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.48
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P148
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.47 Buffer safety and sign extension fixes (thanks Coverity Scan).
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.46 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-strlcpy
9 years davehart 1.2479.7.4 Use _mkgmtime() as timegm() in the Windows port, rather than
  libntp/mktime.c's timegm().  Fixed [Bug 1875] on Windows using the old
  asn2ntp() code from before 4.2.7p147.
ntp_crypto.c string buffer safety.
Remove use of MAXFILENAME in mode 7 (ntpdc) on-wire structs.
Change ntpd MAXFILENAME from 128 to 256 to match ntp-keygen.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.45
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P147
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.44 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-1875
9 years jnperlin 1.2479.1.43 [bug 1875] 'asn2ntp()' rewritten in terms of 'caltontp()' (ChangeLog update)
9 years stenn 1.2479.7.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P146
9 years davehart 1.2479.7.2 ChangeLog entry for prior cset.
String buffer safety cleanup, converting to strlcpy() and strlcat().
Use utmpname() before pututline() so repeated steps do not
  accidentally record into wtmp where utmp was intended.
Use setutent() before each pututline() including first.
9 years davehart 1.2479.7.1 String buffer safety cleanup, converting to strlcpy() and strlcat().
Use utmpname() before pututline() so repeated steps do not accidentally
  record into wtmp where utmp was intended.
Use setutent() before each pututline() including first.
9 years jnperlin 1.2479.1.42 bug1875 added missing header
9 years jnperlin 1.2479.1.41 bug1875: timegm() from libntp blows up with 64bit time_t on Windows
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.40
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P145
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.39 Cleanup a few Coverity static analysis warnings.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.38 [Bug 1840] ntp_lists.h FIFO macros buggy.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.37
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P144
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.36 [Bug 1874] ntpq -c "rv 0 sys_var_list" empty.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.35
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P143
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.34 Temporarily restore legacy ppsclock global fdpps for trak, zyfer refclocks
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.33 Follow Ralf Wildenhues' advice for avoiding dead-code elimination
  in configure test for in6addr_any.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.32 [Bug 1862] in6addr_any test in configure fooled by arm gcc 4.1.3 -O2.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.31 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1732
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1861
9 years davehart 1.2479.6.1 Remove "signal_no_reset: signal 17 had flags 4000000" logging, as it
  indicates no problem and is interpreted as an error.  Previously some
  bits had been ignored one-by-one, but Linux SA_RESTORER definition is
  unavailable to user headers.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.30 [Bug 1861] tickadj build failure using uClibc.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.29 [Bug 1732] ntpd ties up CPU on disconnected USB refclock.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.28 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-lose-ldisc-clk
9 years stenn 1.2479.5.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P142
9 years davehart 1.2479.5.1 [Bug 1844] ntpd 4.2.7p131 NetBSD, ld --gc-sections links bad executable.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.27 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-lose-ldisc-clk
9 years davehart 1.2479.4.1 Remove kernel line discipline driver code for clk and chu, deprecate
  related LDISC_ flags, and remove associated ntpd code to decode the
  timestamps, remove clktest line discipline test program.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.26
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P141
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.25 Add overlooked ChangeLog entry for refclock_pps() (was in commit comment
  but not ChangeLog text).
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.24 Add "ntpq -c iostats" similar to "ntpdc -c iostats".
Compare entire timestamp to reject duplicates in refclock_pps().
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.23
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P140
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.22 [Bug 1848] ntpd 4.2.7p139 --disable-thread-support does not compile.
Add --disable-thread-support to one flock-build variation.
One more lock-while-init in lib/isc/task.c to quiet lock analysis.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.21
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P139
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.20 typo
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.19 [Bug 1848] make check ntpd --saveconfigquit clutters syslog.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.18
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P138
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.17 [Bug 1846] MacOSX: debug symbol not found by propdelay or tickadj
9 years harlan 1.2479.1.16 Call init_lib() in propdelay and tickadj just to get the debug symbol from libntp
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.15 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-coverity-lock
9 years davehart 1.2479.3.1 Lock under-construction task, taskmgr objects to satisfy Coverity's
  mostly-correct assumptions about which variables are protected by
  which locks.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.14
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P137
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.13 Add overlooked ChangeLog entry for last cset.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.12 Use TRACE() instead of DPRINTF() for libntp and utilities, which
  use the "debug" variable regardless of #ifdef DEBUG.
Declare debug in libntp instead of each program.  Expose extern declaration
  to utilities, libntp, and DEBUG ntpd.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.11
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P136
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.10 [Bug 1839] 4.2.7p135 still installs libevent ev*.h headers.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P135
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.8 libevent: When building on systems with CLOCK_MONOTONIC available,
  separate the internal timeline (possibly counting since system boot)
  from the gettimeofday() timeline in event_base cached timevals.  Adds
  new event_base_tv_cached() to retrieve cached callback round start
  time on the internal timeline, and changes
  event_based_gettimeofday_cached() to always return times using the
  namesake timeline.  This preserves the benefit of using the never-
  stepped monotonic clock for event timeouts while providing clients
  with times consistently using gettimeofday().
Correct event_base_gettimeofday_cached() workaround code in
  sntp to work with corrected libevent.
Remove sntp l_fp_output() test now that it uses prettydate().
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.7 [Bug 1839] 4.2.7p131 installs libevent ev*.h headers.
9 years davehart 1.2479.1.6 Ensure CONFIG_SHELL is not empty before relying on it for #! scripts.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P134
9 years davehart 1.2479.2.4 Another ac_cv_path* variable needs clearing to prevent caching the
  full path to pkg-config.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.3 merge cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.2 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1837
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2481 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1837
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2479.2.3 Fix make distcheck failure seen on psp-deb1 by distributing
  sntp/tests/data files individually by name rather than
  listing "data".
9 years davehart 1.2479.2.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-maxalign
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1837
9 years davehart 1.2479.2.1 [Bug 1837] Build fails on Win7 due to regedit requiring privilege.
Provide fallback definitions for GetAdaptersAddresses() for Windows
  build environments lacking iphlpapi.h.
Rename file containing 1.xxxx ChangeSet revision from version to
  scm-rev to avoid invoking GNU make implicit rules attempting to
  compile version.c into version.  Problem was with sntp/version.o
  during make distcheck after fix for spurious sntp rebuilds.
9 years stenn 1.2479.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P133
9 years stenn 1.2480 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2478.1.1 Start using the new autogen doc template
9 years davehart 1.2479 [Bug 1834] ntpdate 4.2.7p131 aborts with assertion failure.
Move sntp last in top-level Makefile.am SUBDIRS so that the libevent
  tearoff (if required) and sntp are compiled after the rest.
Use a single set of Automake options for each package in configure.ac
  AM_INIT, remove Makefile.am AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS= lines.
Correct spurious sntp rebuilds triggered by a make misperception
  sntp/version was out-of-date relative to phony target FRC.version.
Do not cache paths to perl, test, or pkg-config, searching the PATH
  at configure time is worth it to pick up tool updates.
9 years stenn 1.2478
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P132
9 years davehart 1.2477 Avoid relying on remake rules for routine build/flock-build for
  libevent as for the top-level and sntp subproject.
9 years stenn 1.2476 ElectricFence was suffering bitrot - remove it.  valgrind seems better.
9 years stenn 1.2471.1.2 Updated to AutoGen-5.11.6
9 years davehart 1.2473 [Bug 1832] ntpdate doesn't allow timeout > 2s.
[Bug 1833] The checking sem_timedwait() fails without -pthread.
Enable all relevant automake warnings.
Correct Solaris 2.1x PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT extra braces test to avoid
  triggering warnings due to excess braces.
Remove libevent-cfg from sntp/Makefile.am.
Provide bug report and URL options to Autoconf.
9 years stenn 1.2471.1.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.204 upgrade to libopts-34.0.9
9 years davehart 1.2472 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-m4quote
9 years davehart 1.2467.1.1 Autoconf 2.61 workarounds
9 years stenn 1.2471 Remove libevent-cfg from sntp/Makefile.am
9 years stenn 1.2470
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P131
9 years stenn 1.2469 The fixes for bugs 1087 and 1088 are in the udated SNTP code
9 years harlan 1.2468 older autoconf sometimes dislikes [].
9 years davehart 1.2467 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-sntp
9 years stenn 1.2422.10.1 refclock_acts.c cleanup from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2466 Cleanup for prior merge cset
9 years davehart 1.2465 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libevent-sntp
9 years davehart 1.2464 Attempt typical subpackage approach for libevent
sntp test cleanup
IPv6 hackery
Split up ntp_lib.m4 into smaller, more specific subsets
Use {step,adj}_systime from libntp.  Use EX_* codes for exit status.
libevent cleanup
libevent upgrade
Move blocking worker and intres from ntpd to libntp.
Move AC_FUNC_FORK and AC_FUNC_ALLOCA to ntp_libntp.m4 along with move
  of intres/blocking worker to libntp.
Use %m instead of strerror().
make -lz depend on zlib.h
hp-ux portability fix
Allow libevent's regress to be skipped in make check.
Switch sntp from evdns to blocking worker intres.
Quiet "signal_no_reset: signal 18 had flags 20000" on OpenSolaris,
Be consistent about how blocking children go away:
  1.  Parent requests them to go by closing pipe or CHILD_EXIT_REQ.
  2.  Child goes away quietly.
  3.  Parent sees them gone via broken resp pipe or CHILD_GONE_RESP.
  4.  Parent clears blocking_children entry for reuse.
Make delay between queries to addresses resolved from same hostname
  per-family in sntp, as ntpd won't consider our v4 and v6 source
  addresses to be one remote rate-limit target.
use freeaddrinfo() in ntpq's getnetnum().
valgrind warned of branch dependent on uninitialized value,
  irig_decode()'s local syncdig.
Free OpenSSL dynamic allocations atexit.
Enable pthreads build
libntp autoconf macro cleanup
Move "can't write KoD file" warning from sntp shutdown to startup.
Use libevent log callback to redirect messages from stderr to msyslog()
enable libevent debug mode if sntp debug > 0
Issue a single read event for each socket, rather than one per query.
Do not attempt to read in socket callback for EV_TIMEOUT.
ipv6 fixes for sntp
Crib some pthread m4 from BIND for libisc.
Fix step/slew logic in sntp.
sntp --headspace option (default 10ms) spaces queries.
Provide less-broken gettimeofday_cached().
Add support for --(no-)wait and -uctimeout
Remove duplicate clock_gettime/clock_settime logic from sntp/configure.ac,
  it's now in sntp/m4/ntp_libntp.m4.
Bump config.cache version stamps to account for cache-incompatible change
  to librt detection.
Omit unused code with recent gcc and gnu ld.
AC_LANG update for openldap autoconf macros
Clean up AC_DEFINE and AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED arg quoting in openldap*.m4
add a timeout for test-eof.c as it may hang under HP-UX 10.20
Use pthreads for blocking worker rather than fork, if possible.
Quiet alignment warning due to casting sockaddr * to sockaddr_u *
Quiet ntp_control.c and ntp_request.c warnings about casting char *
  to u_int32 * using unions.
Use void * rather than char * for variant pointers to help with
  pointer cast increases required alignment warnings.
Fix many warnings enabled with -Wcast-align, when casting
  a pointer to a more-strictly-aligned underlying type.
preset ol_with_yielding_select=${ol_with_yielding_select-auto}
Also change tests to use x prefix as insurance against other issues.
We always need the PTHREADS AM_CONDITIONAL.  Use the OL check.
Use NTP_LIBEVENT m4sh macro to decide between installed and tearoff
Add readonly arg to kod_init_kod_db() for tests -- prevents editing
  test baseline input KoD files during make check, regression limited
  to sntp/libevent branch.
Switch libevent-2.0.10-stable from ACX_PTHREADS to OL_THREAD_CHECK
Use socketpair() instead of pipe() when available, as avoiding
  EV_FEATURE_FDS allows libevent to use a faster backend on
  systems like Linux without an O(1) backend that handles pipes.
Remove contentious libevent-cfg sentinel files, modify libevent's
  confgure args via $ac_configure_args.
Strip unneeded checks from ntp_ipv6.m4:
  for struct sockaddr_storage member ss_family
  for struct sockaddr_storage member ss_len
  for struct sockaddr_storage member __ss_len
Move things used by libntp from top-level configure.ac to NTP_LIBNTP and NTP_IPV6
Change "forked worker child (pid 0)" from msyslog() to DPRINTF().
Change initial socket boundary message from DEBUG-only msyslog() to DPRINTF().
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.61 Add INC_ALIGNED_PTR() macro to align pointers like malloc().
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.60
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P130
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.59 [Bug 1811] Update the download location in WHERE-TO-START
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.58
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P129
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.57 Add missing "break;" to ntp_control.c ctl_putsys() for caliberrs, used
  by ntpq -c kerninfo introduced in 4.2.7p104.
Fix leak in ntp_control.c read_mru_list().
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.56
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P128
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.55 * [Bug 1799] ntpq mrv crash.
* [Bug 1801] ntpq mreadvar requires prior association caching.
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.54
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P127
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.53 [Bug 1797] Restore stale timestamp check from the RANGEGATE cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.52
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P126
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.51 Add entries for updates from Dave Hart
9 years davehart 1.2422.9.3 silence signed overflow warning
mark isc_assertioncallback_t __attribute((__noreturn__))
9 years davehart 1.2422.9.2 Rename tests/libntp/t{val|spec}ops.cpp to time{val|spec}ops.cpp so
  base filename matches tested source file, as with others.
9 years davehart 1.2422.9.1 Fix off-by-one bug in format_time_fraction() introduced by hart@ntp.org.
Remove abs(prec) <= 9 requirement from format_time_fraction().
Add more time{spec|val}_tostr() tests.
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.49
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P125
9 years davehart 1.2422.8.3 Add new files to Windows build.
Fix make distcheck by distributing include/timetoa.h and
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.8.2 fixed cut&paste error in tests/libntp/tvalops.cpp
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.7.1 Refactoring of struct timeval string conversion, extended regression tests for struct timeval processing
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.47 [Bug 1794] ntpq -c rv missing clk_wander information.
[Bug 1795] ntpq readvar does not display last variable.
bk rm libntp/tvtoa.c libntp/utvtoa.c
  Thanks to Pearly for noticing these dead, nondistributed files in
  the version control system.
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.46
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P124
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.45 On second thought...
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.44 sntp/Makefile.am needs any passed-in CFLAGS.
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.43
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P123
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.1.42 [Bug 1788] tables in libntp/tvtots.c imprecise
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.41
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P122
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.40 ACTS refclock cleanup from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.39 Avoid shadowing the "group" global variable
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.38
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P121
9 years stenn 1.2463 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-libevent
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.37 [Bug 1786] Remove extra semicolon from ntp_proto.c
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.36
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P120
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.35 Change new timeval and timespec to string routines to use snprintf()
  rather than hand-crafted conversion, avoid signed int overflow there.
Add configure support for SIZEOF_LONG_LONG to enable portable use of
  snprintf() with time_t.
9 years stenn 1.2462 Import libevent
9 years stenn 1.2461 Import libevent
9 years stenn 1.2460 Add #ifdef DEBUG lines to sntp/main.c
9 years stenn 1.2459 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-libevent
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.1.34 changed timeval / timespec string conversion (snprintf() format strings for time_t vs. int / long / long long; avoid signed integer overflow)
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.33 Grow ntpd/work_thread.c arrays as needed.
Add DEBUG_* variants of ntp_assert.h macros which compile away using
  ./configure --disable-debugging.
Fix tvalops.cpp unit test failures for 32-bit builds.
Return to a single autoreconf invocation in ./bootstrap script.
Fix warnings seen on FreeBSD 9.
NMEA driver documentation update from Juergen Perlinger.
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.32 crypo group changes from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.31 Lose the RANGEGATE check in PPS, from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.30 ACTS refclock cleanup from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.29 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2458 Move DEBUG-enablement checks to ntp_libntp.m4
9 years stenn 1.2457 DEBUG cleanup
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.6.2 added tests for timevalops.c, enhancements for timespecops.c tests
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.6.1 Merge perlinger@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-dev-timeops
into  hydra.localnet:/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-dev-timeops
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.5.1 Improvements on timeval / timespec ops
9 years stenn 1.2456 autogen and debug cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.27
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P119
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.26 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-timeops
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.25 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-strerror_r
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2422.4.6 Distribute timespecops.h and timevalops.h
9 years jnperlin 1.2422.4.5 added timespecops and timevalops for operations on struct timespec and struct timeval
9 years stenn 1.2455 sntp option cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2454 libevent cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2453 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-libevent
9 years stenn 1.2422.4.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P118
9 years stenn 1.2422.4.3 Use a do-nothing rule to avoid an SCCS "get"
9 years stenn 1.2422.4.2 Simplify the built-sources stuff in sntp/
9 years stenn 1.2422.4.1 Fix check for -lipv6 on HP-UX 11
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.24 Correct msyslog.c build break on Solaris 2.9 from #ifdef/#if mixup.
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.23
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P117
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.22 Make sure the built-sources-only target is writable
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.21 Some systems do not have strerror_r
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.20 Improve libntp.a dependency checking
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.19 Keep AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, instead of changing to LT_INIT
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.18 Add configure --without-sntp option to disable building sntp and
  sntp/tests.  withsntp=no in the environment changes the default.
Build infrastructure cleanup:
  Move m4 directory to sntp/m4.
  Share a single set of genver output between sntp and the top level.
  Share a single set of autogen included .defs in sntp/include.
  Share a single set of build-aux scripts (e.g. config.guess, missing).
  Add ntp_libntp.m4 and ntp_ipv6.m4 to reduce configure.ac duplication.
  Warn and exit build/flock-build if bootstrap needs to be run.
9 years stenn 1.2452 Implement -u for sntp
9 years stenn 1.2451 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2450 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2449 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2448 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2447 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2446 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2445 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2444 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2443 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2442 debug level cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2441 autogen cleanup, debug level cleanup, add --concurrent support
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.17
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P116
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.16 refclock_nmea.c refactoring by Juergen Perlinger.
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.15 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-perlinger-nmea
9 years davehart 1.2254.1.3 minor style cleanup of Juergen's refactored NMEA driver
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.14
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P115
9 years stenn 1.2440 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2439 cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2438 progress and cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2437 debug cleanup. Use our stock Version string stuff
9 years stenn 1.2436 Use the same "debug" mechanism that the rest of NTP uses
9 years davehart 1.2435 ntp_io.c minor cleanup
sntp/main.c use sockaddr_u in new code
9 years stenn 1.2434 Use sptoa() in various places, so we can see the port #
9 years stenn 1.2433 cleanup
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.13 correct ntpq nextvar() warning cleanp
9 years stenn 1.2432 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-libevent
9 years stenn 1.2431 cleanup, and start in on the NTP packet callback
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.12 [Bug 1781] longlong undefined in sntp handle_pkt() on Debian amd64.
Bump deps-ver and sntp/deps-ver to force each directory to be cleaned once,
  to work around build breaks triggered by changing erealloc() and
  estrdup() from functions to macros.
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.11 [Bug 1780] Windows ntpd 4.2.7p114 crashes in ioctl().
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.10
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P114
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.9 Fix for openssl pkg-config detection eval failure.
  (applies to prior cset)
Add erealloc_zero(), refactor estrdup(), emalloc(), emalloc_zero() to
  separate tracking callsite file/line from using debug MS C runtime,
  and to reduce code duplication.
9 years davehart 1.2422.3.2 use tr to deal with trailing newline from pkg-config in ntp_openssl.m4
9 years davehart 1.2422.3.1 add libntp/socket.c references to Windows libntp projects.
9 years stenn 1.2429 first cut at key auth and the initial packet send for SNTP
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P113
9 years stenn 1.2428 Handle initial socket creation for sntp
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.6 portability adjustment
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.5 typo
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.4 Begin moving some of the low-level socket stuff to libntp
9 years stenn 1.2425 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-libevent
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.3 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1776
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2422.2.1 If the subject-name begins with @, prefix it with the certname
9 years davehart 1.2422.1.2 [Bug 1776] sntp mishandles -t/--timeout and -a/--authentication.
Default to silent make rules, override with make V=1 or ./configure
Correct --with-openssl-incdir defaulting with pkg-config.
Correct ./build on systems without gtest available.
9 years stenn 1.2424 libevent
9 years stenn 1.2422.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P112
9 years stenn 1.2423 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev-libevent
9 years stenn 1.2393.1.1 libevent changes
9 years davehart 1.2422 ./build makes unit tests with V=0 before make check
9 years hart 1.2421 Use silent rules for first make invocation in build
9 years davehart 1.2420 [Bug 1773] openssl not detected during ./configure.
[Bug 1774] Segfaults if cryptostats enabled and built without OpenSSL.
9 years stenn 1.2419
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P111
9 years davehart 1.2418 Quiet warnings
9 years davehart 1.2417 [Bug 1772] refclock_open() return value check wrong for ACTS.
Default --with-openssl-libdir and --with-openssl-incdir to the values
  from pkg-config, falling back on our usual search paths if pkg-config
  is not available or does not have openssl.pc on PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
Change refclock_open() to return -1 on failure like open().
Update all refclock_open() callers to check for fd <= 0 indicating
  failure, so they work with older and newer refclock_open() and can
  easily backport.
Initialize refclockproc.rio.fd to -1, harmonize refclock shutdown
  entrypoints to avoid crashing, particularly if refclock_open() fails.
Enable tickadj-like taming of wildly off-spec Windows clock using
  NTPD_TICKADJ_PPM env. var. specifying baseline slew.
9 years stenn 1.2416
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P110
9 years davehart 1.2415 don't stop the search on a prefix match in get_ext_sys_var()
9 years davehart 1.2414 make V=0 and configure --enable-silent-rules supported.
9 years davehart 1.2413 setvar modemsetup = ATE0... overrides ACTS driver default.
Preserve last timecode in ACTS driver (ntpq -ccv).
Tolerate previous ATE1 state when sending ACTS setup.
Enable raw tty line discipline in Windows port.
Allow tty open/close/open to succeed on Windows port.
Enable ACTS and CHU reference clock drivers on Windows.
9 years stenn 1.2412 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-1771
9 years stenn 1.2410.1.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.203
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.202 4.2.6p3
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.201 Fix release date
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.200 cleanup NEWS file for 4.2.6p3
9 years jnperlin 1.2411 [Bug 1771] fixed and test cases provided
9 years stenn 1.2410
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P109
9 years davehart 1.2409 quiet warning about n potentially used uninit in ntpq's collect_display_vdc()
9 years davehart 1.2408 refactor peer_st_flags() and kstatus_to_text() to use common
  data-driven loop instead of repeated macro expansions.
9 years davehart 1.2407 ChangeLog was omitted accidentally from last cset
9 years davehart 1.2406 Remove nearly all strcpy() and most strcat() from NTP distribution.
  One major pocket remains in ntp_crypto.c.  libopts & libisc also have
  (safe) uses of strcpy() and strcat() remaining
9 years hart 1.2405 copyright.html:
  bump copyright.html for 2011
9 years hart 1.2404 Merge psp-os1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-stable
into  psp-os1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2403 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2402
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P108
9 years hart 1.2082.4.199 copyright.html:
  bump copyright.html to 2011
9 years stenn 1.2401 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2400 Typo cleanup from DLM's recent changes
9 years stenn 1.2399 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1764-murray
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.198 Update the copyright year
9 years stenn 1.2396.1.1 typo
9 years davehart 1.2398 remove -dev-only remains of earlier [Bug 1764] fix from
9 years davehart 1.2397 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1764-murray
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1764-murray
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.197 Test for modem control just once in configure.ac
9 years stenn 1.2396 Autokey multiple identity group improvements from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2395 [Bug 1768] TIOCFLUSH undefined in linux for refclock_acts
9 years murray 1.2082.4.196 refclock_conf.c, configure.ac, refclock_palisade.c, ChangeLog:
  [Bug 1764] Palisade driver doesn't build on Linux. (cleanup)
9 years stenn 1.2394
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P107
9 years stenn 1.2393 refclock_acts.c updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2392 [Bug 1766] Oncore clock has offset/high jitter at startup.
9 years stenn 1.2391 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-ntpq-simplecook
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2389.1.1 [Bug 1764] Palisade driver doesn't build on Linux.
Move ntp_control.h variable IDs to ntp_control.c, remove their use by
  ntpq.  They are implementation details private to ntpd.  [Bug 597] was
  caused by ntpq's reliance on these IDs it need not know about.
9 years stenn 1.2390
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P106
9 years stenn 1.2389 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.195 Update genCommitLog for the bk-5 release
9 years stenn 1.2388
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P105
9 years stenn 1.2387 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.194 Distribute check--help from the correct variable
9 years stenn 1.2386
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P104
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.193 Fix location of check--help for sntp
9 years stenn 1.2385 Fix location of check--help for sntp
9 years stenn 1.2384 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.192 typo
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.191 Create and use scripts/check--help when generating .texi files
9 years stenn 1.2383 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2382 Support for multiple Autokey identity groups from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.190 Update bk triggers for the bk-5 release
9 years davehart 1.2381 Add ntpq kerninfo command similar to ntpdc's.
9 years davehart 1.2380 Add ntpq authinfo command, similar to ntpdc's authinfo.
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.189 Fix typo in NEWS file
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.188
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC12
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.187 RC12 NEWS updates
9 years davehart 1.2379 Add ntpq sysinfo command, similar to ntpdc's sysinfo.
9 years stenn 1.2378
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P103
9 years stenn 1.2377 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2376 Add ntpq pstats command similar to ntpdc's.
Remove ntpq pstatus command, rv/readvar does the same and more.
9 years davehart 1.2372.1.1 Correct ntpq handling of &1 with multiple servers on cmd line.
9 years stenn 1.2374
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P102
9 years stenn 1.2373 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2372 Allow ntpq &1 associd use without preceding association-fetching.
9 years stenn 1.2371
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P101
9 years davehart 1.2370 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-lc-nobuild
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-lc-nobuild
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.186 libopts 34.0.9 from AutoGen 5.11.6pre7
Relax minimum Automake version to 1.10 with updated libopts.m4.
9 years stenn 1.2369 Documentation updates for sntp
9 years stenn 1.2368
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P100
9 years stenn 1.2367 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2366
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P99
9 years davehart 1.2365 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-msyslog
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-mvsnprintf-test
9 years davehart 1.2082.46.1 handle % at end of string correctly in format_errmsg().
do not force trailing newline in m[v]snprintf().
9 years davehart 1.2364 Add unit tests for msnprintf().
move responsibility for adding newline if not present from
  format_errmsg() to addto_syslog() so that msnprintf() does
  not also force a trailing newline.
Correct corner case of "%\0" in msyslog() and friends.
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.184 [Bug 1743] update SNTP time reporting documentation
9 years stenn 1.2363 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2362 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1757
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1757
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.183 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1757
9 years stenn 1.2361
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P98
9 years stenn 1.2360 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years hart 1.2359 ntp_parser.c:
  Bison output
  add top-level ident directive
9 years davehart 1.2358 [Bug 1761] clockstuff/clktest-opts.h omitted from tarball.
9 years davehart 1.2357 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1762
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1762
9 years davehart 1.2082.44.8 [Bug 1458] Can not compile NTP on FreeBSD 4.7.
  -- applies to prior lineedit cset which overlooked ChangeLog
[Bug 1762] manycastclient solicitation responses interfere.
9 years stenn 1.2356
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P97
9 years stenn 1.2082.44.7 Remove unused libntp/net.c.bak file
9 years stenn 1.2355 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2354 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1458
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1458
9 years hart 1.2082.44.6 sntp AutoGen 5.11.6pre5 output
9 years davehart 1.2353 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1458
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1458
9 years hart 1.2082.44.5 AutoGen 5.11.6pre5 output
9 years davehart 1.2082.44.4 [Bug 1760] ntpd Windows interpolation cannot be disabled.
Upgrade to libopts 34.0.9 from AutoGen 5.11.6pre5.
  applies to prior cset merged from ntp-stable-libopts-upstream
9 years davehart 1.2082.44.3 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-libopts-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1458
9 years davehart 1.2082.45.1 libopts 34.0.9 (AutoGen 5.11.6pre5)
9 years stenn 1.2352
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P96
9 years davehart 1.2082.44.2 [Bug 1458] Can not compile NTP on FreeBSD 4.7
9 years stenn 1.2351 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2350 Log listening address as addr:port.
remove assoc_number < 0 check now that it is unsigned.
9 years davehart 1.2349 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1758
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1758
9 years davehart 1.2082.44.1 [Bug 1758] setsockopt IPV6_MULTICAST_IF with wrong ifindex.
9 years stenn 1.2348
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P95
9 years stenn 1.2347 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1757
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2345.1.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1757
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1757
9 years stenn 1.2346 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.182 [Bug 1757] oncore snprintf("%m") doesn't expand %m.
9 years davehart 1.2345 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-libopts-33.5.8
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libopts-33.5.8
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.180 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-libopts-33.5.8
9 years davehart 1.2344 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-libopts-33.5.8
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libopts-33.5.8
9 years hart 1.2082.42.3 Many files:
  Autogen 5.11.6pre3 output
9 years davehart 1.2082.42.2 restore NTP local patch to LIBOPTS_CHECK to not build libopts
  from the top-level configure.ac.
9 years davehart 1.2082.42.1 libopts 33.5.8 unmodified from AutoGen 5.11.6pre3
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.179 libopts upgrade
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.178 first verbose --version attempt caused --help to segfault.
9 years davehart 1.2342 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-libopts-33.4.8
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libopts-33.4.8
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.177 Upgrade to libopts 33.4.8 from AutoGen 5.11.6pre1.
9 years davehart 1.2341 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1754
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1754
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.176 #include <config.h> in new file libntp/ntp_libopts.c
add libopts includes to libntp INCLUDES = now that ntp_libopts.c
  uses them.
9 years davehart 1.2340 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1754
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1754
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.175 * [Bug 1740] ntpdc treats many counters as signed. (backport)
* [Bug 1754] --version output should be more verbose.
* Suppress ntp-keygen OpenSSL version display for --help, --version,
  display both build and runtime OpenSLL versions when they differ.
9 years davehart 1.2339 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1751
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1753
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.174 Use LIBS not LDFLAGS for configure tests of -lcrypto, -lcrypto -lz
9 years davehart 1.2338 [Bug 1753] 4.2.7p94 faults on startup in newpeer(), strdup(NULL).
9 years stenn 1.2337
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P94
9 years davehart 1.2336 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1618-1719
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1618-1719
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.173 [Bug 1618] Unreachable code in jjy_start(). (backport from ntp-dev)
  (applies to -stable changes previously pulled to -dev only)
[Bug 1719] ntp-keygen -V crash. (backport)
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.172 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1618-1719
9 years davehart 1.2335 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1751
9 years stenn 1.2329.1.1 Documentation updates from Dave Mills.
9 years davehart 1.2334 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1751
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1751
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.22 get along better with OpenSSL 1.0.0c headers by including
evp.h instead of rand.h in ssl_init.c and configure.ac tests.
9 years davehart 1.2333 quiet gcc4 warnings
alloc/free peer group identity member
9 years davehart 1.2332 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1751
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1751
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.21 [Bug 1751] correct -lcrypto -lz dependency test
9 years davehart 1.2331 cleanup merge flub
9 years davehart 1.2330 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1751
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1751
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.20 [Bug 1751] Support for Atari FreeMiNT OS.
9 years stenn 1.2329
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P93
9 years stenn 1.2328 Documentation updates from Dave Mills.
9 years stenn 1.2327 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1741
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2323.2.2 "server ... ident <groupname>" changes from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2323.2.1 Documentation updates from Dave Mills.
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.19 SNTP documentation cleanup
9 years davehart 1.2326 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1741
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1741
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.18 Merge pogo:/usa/burnicki/ntp-stable-1510
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1741
9 years davehart 1.2323.1.3 Add test for socktoa(), sockporttoa() with scoped address.
Correct unit tests for sntp offset_calculation() arg change.
9 years davehart 1.2323.1.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1741
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1741
9 years davehart 1.2323.1.1 include non-zero scope in IPv6 stoa() output
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.17 [Bug 1741] Enable multicast reception on each address (Windows).
Minimize local address flip-flopping by avoiding peer_refresh_allinterfaces()
  if nothing has changed in the interface list since the last scan.
Separate handling of scope ID embedded in many in6_addr from ifindex used
  for IPv6 multicasting ioctls.
Add INT_PRIVACY endpt bit flag for IPv6 RFC 4941 privacy addresses.
Enable outbound multicast from only one address per interface in the same
  subnet, and in that case prefer embedded MAC address modified EUI-64 IPv6
  addresses first, then static, and last RFC 4941 privacy addresses.
Use setsockopt(IP[V6]_MULTICAST_IF) before each send to multicast to select
  the local source address, using the correct socket isn't enough.
9 years burnicki 1.2082.41.5 Updated changelog.
9 years burnicki 1.2324 Merge pogo.udel.edu:/data-1/projects/ntp/bk/ntp-stable-1510
into  pogo.udel.edu:/data-1/projects/ntp/bk/ntp-dev-1510
9 years burnicki 1.2082.41.4 [Bug 1510] Add modes 20/21 for driver 8 to support RAWDCF @ 75 baud.
9 years stenn 1.2323
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P92
9 years stenn 1.2322 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.41.3 [Bug 1743] Display timezone offset when showing time for sntp in the local timezone.
9 years stenn 1.2082.41.2 Clean up the SNTP documentation
9 years stenn 1.2321
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P91
9 years davehart 1.2320 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1732
9 years stenn 1.2317.1.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2319 [Bug 1732] ntpd ties up CPU on disconnected USB device.
9 years stenn 1.2082.41.1 [Bug 1742] Fix a typo in an error message in the "build" script
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.14 correct relatively harmless retrying GetAdaptersAddresses() on errors
9 years stenn 1.2317
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P90
9 years davehart 1.2316 [Bug 1740] ntpdc -c reslist packet count wrongly treated as signed.
9 years davehart 1.2315 [Bug 1738] Windows ntpd has wrong net adapter name.
  Applies to prior cset merged from ntp-stable-1738
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.13 Add GetAdaptersAddress()-based interface enumeration to libisc Windows code,
  runtime linked on Windows XP SP1 and later only, which provides correct 
  interface name with each address.
9 years stenn 1.2313
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P89
9 years stenn 1.2312 Add clktest-opts.[ch] to .point-changed-filelist
9 years stenn 1.2311 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.12 Clean up the SNTP documentation
9 years davehart 1.2310 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1736
9 years davehart 1.2309 [Bug 1736] tos int, bool options broken in 4.2.7p66.
9 years davehart 1.2308 centralize TTY header goop in ntp_tty.h.
move clockstuff utils closer to building cleanly.
9 years stenn 1.2304.1.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P88
9 years jnperlin 1.2304.1.2 [Bug 1735] clocktime() aborts ntpd on bogus input: changed to regular error indication
9 years stenn 1.2304.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P87
9 years davehart 1.2306 restore HP-UX net/if.h workaround to sntp subproj, needed by ntp.h
 inclusion leading to isc/net.h and then net/if.h.
9 years davehart 1.2305 Refine HP-UX mpinfou workaround to add predeclaration only if it helps.
Remove unused u_int8_t and u_int64_t tests.
Remove qsort type check, ANSI C nails it down.
Remove AC_C_CONST for similar reason.
Enable propdelay, chutest, clktest builds.
9 years davehart 1.2304 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-undef
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-undef
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.11 cleanup last changeset
9 years davehart 1.2303 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-undef
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-undef
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.10 Clean up m4 quoting in configure.ac, *.m4 files, resolving
  intermittent AC_LANG_PROGRAM possibly undefined errors.
9 years stenn 1.2302
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P86
9 years davehart 1.2301 implement configuration of association option ident specifying
  the autokey group.  Implementation not yet complete.
9 years stenn 1.2300 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.9 Use A.host build directory names at ntp.org
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.8
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC11
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.7 Improvements to the 'build' script
9 years stenn 1.2299 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2298
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P85
9 years stenn 1.2297 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.6 Update the NEWS file to include work done in RC11
9 years stenn 1.2082.40.5 [Bug 1733] IRIX doesn't have 'head' (affects scripts/checkChangeLog)
9 years davehart 1.2296 cleanup AC_LANG_PROGRAM quoting to silence autoreconf
9 years davehart 1.2295 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-quiet-reconf
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.4 configure.ac m4 quoting cleanup
attempt to quiet expanded before required warnings from libopts
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.3 workaround for HP-UX /usr/include/machine/sys/getppdp.h gcc4 break.
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.2 correct m4 quoting to quiet autoreconf warnings
enable ./bootstrap --force
9 years davehart 1.2082.40.1 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
9 years hart 1.2082.39.4 build:
  Do not skip configure if it is newer than config.status
9 years davehart 1.2294 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-bs-no-recursive
9 years davehart 1.2082.39.3 Reduce bootstrap redundancy with autoreconf --no-recursive in the
  top level, followed by recursive autoreconf in sntp.
9 years davehart 1.2082.39.2 BBF to the rescue finding typos in #ifdef'd code
9 years stenn 1.2293
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P84
9 years davehart 1.2292 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-nonvolatile
9 years davehart 1.2082.39.1 Bump minimum Automake version to 1.11, required for AM_COND_IF
9 years davehart 1.2291 Add "nonvolatile" ntp.conf directive to control how often the
  driftfile is written.
9 years davehart 1.2290 [Bug 1618] Unreachable code in jjy_start().
JJY driver improvements for Tristate JJY01/02, including changes
  to its clockstats format.

applies to prior cset merged from a -stable repo
9 years davehart 1.2289 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1618
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1618
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.171 [Bug 1618] jjy_start() unreachable code.
refclock_jjy.c Tristate JJY01/02 improvements.
9 years davehart 1.2288 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2287 remove Autogen 5.10 --wait-sync workaround from ntpdbase-opts.def, ntpd.c
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.170 hack around a problem building sntp/sntp.html
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.169 Add support for "br-flock -1"
9 years davehart 1.2285 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.168 repair make distcheck failure with sntp/libopts/Makefile
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.167 Remove top-level libopts/
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.166 backport the html timestamp fixes for bootstrap
9 years davehart 1.2284 Add ntp-keygen -l/--lifetime to control certificate expiry.
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.165 Properly quote the configure.ac LIBOPTS_CHECK argument
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.164 autogen-5.11.3 upgrade
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.163 autogen upgrade
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.162 autogen upgrade
9 years davehart 1.2283 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2282 add "tos nonvolatile" to control interval between driftfile writes.
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.161 Update generated .menu files
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.160 Use the new autoopts no-misuse-usage keyword
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.159 Upgrade libopts to 33.3.8 and autogen to 5.11.3
9 years davehart 1.2281 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years stenn 1.2272.1.7 Initial loopfilter overhaul from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2280 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-ag5.11.2
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-ag5.11.2
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.158 convert Windows build to share single sntp/libopts
9 years stenn 1.2272.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P83
9 years davehart 1.2279 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.157 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
9 years davehart 1.2278 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2277 remove ChangeLog reference to 1727, integrated first from another branch.
9 years stenn 1.2272.1.5 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1727
9 years stenn 1.2272.2.1 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2272.1.4 [Bug 1727] ntp-keygen PLEN, ILEN undeclared --without-crypto.
9 years davehart 1.2272.1.3 get rid of duplicate libopts copy
9 years stenn 1.2272.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P82
9 years stenn 1.2272.1.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.38.1 [Bug 1728] In ntp_openssl.m4, don't add -I/usr/include or -L/usr/lib to CPPFLAGS or LDFLAGS
9 years davehart 1.2276 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.156 correct tests for link-local (fe80) and site-local (fec0) unicast
  IPv6 addresses in selecting default multicast source addresses.
9 years davehart 1.2275 merge repair
9 years davehart 1.2274 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1725
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1725
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.155 Remove log_msg() and debug_msg() from sntp in favor of msyslog().
9 years davehart 1.2273 [Bug 1727] ntp-keygen PLEN, ILEN undeclared --without-crypto.
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.154 Do not send multicast from both link-local and global addresses on 
  the same underlying network interface.
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.153 [Bug 1725] ntpd sends multicast from only one address.
9 years stenn 1.2272
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P81
9 years stenn 1.2271 [Bug 1719] Cleanup for ntp-keygen and fix -V crash, from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2270 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.152
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC10
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.151 Update NEWS file for changes thru RC10
9 years davehart 1.2269 temporarily disable sntp unit tests that need rework after changes to use msyslog
9 years davehart 1.2268 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-sntp-msyslog
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-sntp-msyslog
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.150 [Bug 1681] More sntp logging cleanup.
9 years davehart 1.2267 fix merge typo
9 years davehart 1.2266 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1683
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1683
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.149 [Bug 1683] Non-localhost on loopback exempted from nic rules.
9 years jnperlin 1.2254.1.2 fixed doc error, improved comments
9 years stenn 1.2265
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P80
9 years stenn 1.2264 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.148
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC9
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.147 Backport sntp from -dev
9 years davehart 1.2263 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-sntp
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-sntp
9 years davehart 1.2262 pave the way for pulling -stable backport which has these as new files
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.146 Backport sntp changes from -dev
9 years stenn 1.2261 ChangeLog:
  [Bug 1708] "make check" fails with googletest 1.4.0
  [Bug 1718] Improve gtest checks in configure.ac
9 years stenn 1.2260 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.145 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-stable-1574-1681-83-91-1709
9 years stenn 1.2082.37.1 [Bug 1692] packageinfo.sh needs to be "sourced" using ./
9 years davehart 1.2259 [Bug 1715] sntp utilitiesTest.IPv6Address failed.
9 years jnperlin 1.2252.1.1 reformed NMEA driver implementation and doc
9 years davehart 1.2258 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1574-1681-83-91-1709
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1574-1681-83-91-1709
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.144 Correct missing leading zeros in sntp tv_usec display from tv_to_str().
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.143 [Bug 1681] sntp logging cleanup.
9 years davehart 1.2257 merge from -stable cleanup
9 years davehart 1.2256 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1574-1683-91-1709
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1574-1683-91-1709
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.142 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1709
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1574-1683-91-1709
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.141 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1691
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1574-1683-91-1709
9 years davehart 1.2082.34.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1683
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1574-1683-91-1709
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.140 [Bug 1691] Use first NMEA sentence each second.
  -- applies to prior cset
9 years davehart 1.2082.36.1 [Bug 1709] ntpdate ignores replies with equal receive and transmit timestamps.
9 years davehart 1.2082.35.1 [Bug 1574] sntp:set_time doesn't set tv_usec correctly.
9 years davehart 1.2082.34.1 [Bug 1683] Interface binding does not seem to work as intended.
9 years davehart 1.2255 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1709
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1709
9 years davehart 1.2082.33.1 [Bug 1709] ntpdate ignores replies with equal receive and transmit timestamps.
9 years stenn 1.2254
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P79
9 years stenn 1.2253 Correct frequency estimate with no drift file, from David Mills
9 years stenn 1.2252
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P78
9 years stenn 1.2251 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years hart 1.2250 Makefile.am:
  move test-driver from EXTRA_DIST to noinst_check_SCRIPTS
9 years davehart 1.2249 fix make distcheck with gtest by distributing test pieces
9 years davehart 1.2248 Add ChangeLog entries, Windows build tweaks to Juergen Perlinger's
  calendar refactoring and [Bug 1697]
9 years jnperlin 1.2247 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hydra.localnet:/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-dev-calendarstuff
9 years jnperlin 1.2243.1.3 added calendar regression tests, fixed german umlaut mixup
9 years stenn 1.2246
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P77
9 years stenn 1.2243.2.2 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1695
9 years stenn 1.2243.3.1 [Bug 1692] packageinfo.sh needs to be "sourced" using ./
9 years jnperlin 1.2243.1.2 fixes for regression test
9 years davehart 1.2243.2.1 [Bug 1695] ntpdate takes longer than necessary.
9 years jnperlin 1.2156.20.1 added modular calendar functions
9 years stenn 1.2244 Distribute the test/ subdir
9 years stenn 1.2243
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P76
9 years stenn 1.2242 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2241 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1691
9 years stenn 1.2240 [Bug 1692] in sntp/, -lrt may only be needed in tests/
9 years davehart 1.2238.1.2 ChangeLog entry for [Bug 1691] -dev first
9 years davehart 1.2238.1.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1691
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1691
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.139 [Bug 1691] Use first NMEA sentence each second.
9 years karlsson 1.2239 [BUG 1690] Unit tests fails to build on some systems
9 years stenn 1.2238 Only build/run the sntp tests if we have gtest
9 years harlan 1.2237 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  hms-mbp.lan:/Users/harlan/src/ntp-dev-tests
9 years harlan 1.2235.1.1 Put the sntp tests under sntp/
Put the sntp tests under sntp/
9 years stenn 1.2236
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P75
9 years stenn 1.2235 Include Linus Karlsson's GSoC 2010 testing code.
9 years stenn 1.2234 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.152 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years karlsson 1.2233 Fixed required include on Solaris
9 years linus 1.2232 Fixed floating point test errors.
9 years karlsson 1.2231 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.151
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P74
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.150 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.149 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.138 checkChangeLog fix for Makefile.am
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.137
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC8
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.136 First cut at using scripts/checkChangeLog
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.135 typo
9 years stenn 1.2230 Merge stenn.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years hart 1.2082.4.134 for perlinger, [Bug 1685]
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.148
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P73
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.147 add test case that would have caught [Bug 1678]
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.146 ntp_loopfilter.c, ntpd.h, ChangeLog, ntp_proto.c:
  * [Bug 1680] Fix alignment of clock_select() arrays.
  * refinements to new startup behavior from David Mills.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.145 For the bootstrap script, touch .html files last
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.144
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P72
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.143 [Bug 1679] Fix test for -lsocket.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.142 configure.ac, ChangeLog:
  * [Bug 1679] Fix test for -lsocket.
  * Clean up missing ;; entries in configure.ac
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.141
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P71
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.140 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.139 merge cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.133
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC7
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.138 merge cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.137 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.132 Added scripts/checkChangeLog
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.136 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1678
9 years stenn 1.2156.19.2 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2156.19.1 typo fixes
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.135 [Bug 1678] "restrict source" treated as "restrict default".
9 years perlinger 1.2082.4.131 [Bug 1676] fixed in refclock_nmea (GPGLL did not work after fix 1571)
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.134
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P70
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.133 merge cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.132 Fix from Dave Mills for a rare singularity in clock_combine()
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.131 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-1571-2
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.130 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1675-win-keyword
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-1571-2
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.130
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC6
9 years davehart 1.2156.17.4 revert prior overly-successful merge (ntp-dev and ntp-stable
  tos attr_val types differ)
9 years davehart 1.2156.17.3 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1675
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1675
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.128 NEWS file update
9 years davehart 1.2082.30.5 fix bad "tos cohort" backport from -dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.127 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-stable-1675
9 years stenn 1.2156.18.1 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-1571-2
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.128 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1675
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1675-win-keyword
9 years davehart 1.2156.17.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1675
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1675
9 years davehart 1.2082.30.4 [Bug 1675] Prohibit includefile remote config.
9 years jnperlin 1.2082.4.126 ntp_fp.h: HTONL_MFP() uses ntohl(), should use htonl() (benign error)
9 years stenn 1.2156.17.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P69
9 years jnperlin 1.2082.4.125 polish to NMEA driver
9 years jnperlin 1.2082.4.124 final update for [Bug 1571] and [Bug 1572]
9 years jnperlin 1.2082.4.123 Merge perlinger@psp-deb1.ntp.org:ntp-stable-1571
into  hydra.localnet:/home/jnperlin/Projects/Packages/NTP-DEV/src/ntp-stable-1571
9 years jnperlin 1.2082.25.2 nmea calendar cleanup
9 years perlinger 1.2082.4.122 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-1571
9 years hart 1.2156.1.127 correct POSIX file permissions in ports/winnt
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.126 Enable generating ntpd/ntp_keyword.h after ntpd/keyword-gen.c changes
  on Windows as well as POSIX platforms.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.125 [Bug 1671] Audoomatic delay calibration is sometimes inaccurate
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.124
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P68
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.123 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.30.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC5
9 years stenn 1.2082.30.2 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/hart/ntp-stable-1669
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.122 Documentation cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.121 [Bug 1670] Fix peer->bias and broadcastdelay
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.120 Documentation EOL cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.119 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.118 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1669
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1669
9 years davehart 1.2082.31.1 [Bug 1669] NTP 4.2.6p2 fails to compile on IBM AIX 5.3.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.117
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P67
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.116 Exclude keyword-gen.c and ntp_parser.y from release as well as
  debug Windows builds.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.115 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1649
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1649
9 years davehart 1.2082.30.1 [Bug 1649] Require NMEA checksum if $GPRMC or previously seen.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.114
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P66
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.113 ChangeLog:
  * [Bug 1277] Provide and use O(1) FIFOs, esp. in the config tree code.
  * Remove unused 'bias' configuration keyword.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.112 quiet ntpdsim build warnings about unused funcs,
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.111 merge cleanup, simulator fixes, generated files from previous merge.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.110 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1277
9 years davehart 1.2156.16.1 [Bug 1277] provide, use O(1) FIFOs, esp. config tree.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.109
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P65
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.108 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.120
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC4
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.107 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1584
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1584
9 years davehart 1.2082.29.1 min/max confusion in ntpsnmpd change
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.118 Update NEWS to 4.2.6p3-RC4
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.106 Remove 'calldelay' and 'sign' remnants from parser, ntp_config.c.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.105 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1584
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1584
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.117 [Bug 1584] wrong SNMP type for precision, resolution.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.104
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P64
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.103 typo cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.102 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.101 Remove 'calldelay' and 'sign' keywords (Dave Mills)
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.100 removed unused "calldelay" and "sign" tokens from keyword
  scanner, yet to be removed from parser once DLM's update
  to ntp_config.c is integrated.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.99 [Bug 1663] ntpdsim should not open net sockets.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.98 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1584
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1584
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.116 [Bug 1659] Need CLOCK_TRUETIME not CLOCK_TRUE.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.97 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1584
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1584
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.115 constantly more fun
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.96 correct prior merge of ntpq.c
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.95 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1584
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1584
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.114 const additions needed for ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.113 ntpsnmpd, libntpq warning cleanup.

9 years davehart 1.2156.1.94 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1584
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1584
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.112
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC3
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.111 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/hart/ntp-stable-1584
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.110 Update the NEWS file
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.93 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.92
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P63
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.91 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/hart/ntp-dev-1080
9 years stenn 1.2156.15.1 Add missing [bug 750] update to Changelog
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.90 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/hart/ntp-dev-1080
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.89 Documentation nit cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.88 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2156.14.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1080
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1080
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.109 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1581
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1080
9 years davehart 1.2156.14.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1080
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1080
9 years davehart 1.2082.22.21 [Bug 1080] ntpd on ipv6 routers very chatty.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.87
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P62
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.86 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.20 [Bug 750]: Non-existing device causes coredump with RIPE-NCC driver
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.85 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.19 [Bug 750]: Non-existing device causes coredump with RIPE-NCC driver
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.84 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.83 Lose peer_count from ntp_peer.c and ntp_proto.c (Dave Mills)
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.82 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-stable-1567-1659
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1567-1659
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.18 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-stable
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-stable-1567-1659
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.17 [Bug 1661]: Re-indent refclock_ripencc.c
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.16 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
9 years stenn 1.2082.28.1 [Bug 1660]: On some systems, test is in /usr/bin, not /bin
9 years davehart 1.2082.27.1 [Bug 1584]: ntpsnmpd OID must be mib-2.197.
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.81 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1567-1659
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1567-1659
9 years davehart 1.2082.26.3 [Bug 1567] Support Arbiter 1093C Satellite Clock on Windows.
[Bug 1659] Support Truetime Satellite Clocks on Windows.

9 years stenn 1.2156.1.80
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P61
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.79 Documentation and code cleanup from Dave Mills. No more NTP_MAXASSOC.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.78
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P60
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.77 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.76 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.75 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.74
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P59
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.72 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.71 Variable name cleanup from Dave Mills
9 years harlan 1.2156.1.70 [Bug 1657] darwin needs res_9_init, not res_init.
9 years stenn 1.2082.26.2 Update the NEWS file for 4.2.6p3
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.69
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P58
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.68 Merge bk://bk2.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/hart/ntp-dev-1646
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.67 Clock select bugfix from Dave Mills.
[Bug 1554]: peer may stay selected as system peer after becoming
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.66 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.65 ChangeLog cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2082.26.1 [Bug 1644]: cvo.sh should use lsb_release to identify linux distros.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.64 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2156.13.1 [Bug 1646] ntpd crashes with relative path to logfile.
9 years stenn 1.2156.12.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P57
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.15 [Bug 1644]: cvo.sh doesn't handle some unstable/testing linux distros
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.63 [Bug 1644] from 4.2.6p3: cvo.sh doesn't handle some unstable/testing linux distros
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.62 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.61 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.60 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.59
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P56
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.58 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.14 typo fix
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.57 Merge psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-stable
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/stenn/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.13 [Bug 1643]: Range-check the decoding of the RIPE-NCC status codes
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.56 [Bug 1643] from 4.2.6p3: Range-check the decoding of the RIPE-NCC status codes
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.55 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.12
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC2
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.54 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.53 Clock combining algorithm improvements from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.52 [Bug 1642] ntpdsim can't find simulate block in config file.
9 years jnperlin 1.2082.24.1 [Bug 1571][Bug 1572] first clean-running version
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.51
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P55
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.50 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.49 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.48 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.47 correct Bison output of merged ntp_parser.y
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.46 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1635-36
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1636
9 years davehart 1.2082.22.11 [Bug 1636] yyparse() segfault after denied filegen remote config.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.45
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P54
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.44 More initial convergence improvements from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.43 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.42 Correct skipped merge of generated file ntp_parser.c
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.41 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1635
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1635
9 years davehart 1.2082.22.10 [Bug 1635] "filegen ... enable" is not default.
9 years linus 1.2229 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.40
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P53
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.39 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.38 More initial convergence improvements from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.37
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P52
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.36 Initial convergence improvements from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.35
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P51
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.34 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_RC1
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.8 4.2.6p3-RC1
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.33 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1344
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1344-1629-30
9 years davehart 1.2156.11.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1344
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1344
9 years davehart 1.2082.22.7 [Bug 1344] ntpd on Windows exits without logging cause.

9 years davehart 1.2156.1.32 [Bug 1629] 4.2.7p50 configure.ac changes invalidate config.cache.
[Bug 1630] 4.2.7p50 cannot bootstrap on Autoconf 2.61.

9 years linus 1.2228 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.31
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P50
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.30 Clean up NTP_LIB_M
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.29 [Bug 1628] Clean up -lxnet/-lsocket usage for (open)solaris
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.28 [Bug 1628] Clean up -lxnet/-lsocket usage for (open)solaris
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.27
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P49
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.26 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.25
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P48
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.24 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.10.3 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2156.10.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P47
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P3_BETA1
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.5 temporary mirror trigger update
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.21 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.20 [Bug 1616] refclock_acts.c: if (pp->leap == 2) is always false.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.19 [Bug 1620] [Backward Incompatible] "discard minimum" value should be in seconds, not log2 seconds
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.18 Merge pogo:/usa/hart/ntp-dev-1588
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.17 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1588
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.15
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P46
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.14 Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS instead of AC_CHECK_LIB for NTP_LIB_M
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P45
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.12 [Bug 1578] Consistently use -lm when needed
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.11
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P44
9 years karlsson 1.2227 Merge psp-os1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-os1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years karlsson 1.2226 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.10 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-fb1.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-dev-1573
9 years stenn 1.2156.8.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P43
9 years linus 1.2225 Modified tests to redirect stderr themselves, instead of relying on an external variable in sntp/log.c
9 years linus 1.2156.9.1 Reverted sntp/log.c refactoring.
9 years linus 1.2156.3.9 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1573
9 years karlsson 1.2223 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.8.3 [Bug 1602] Refactor some of the sntp/ directory to facililtate testing
9 years karlsson 1.2222 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/sntp-refactoring-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2156.8.2 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/sntp-refactoring-dev
9 years karlsson 1.2221 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years karlsson 1.2220 Fixed a testing bug, where key type was not null terminated
9 years stenn 1.2156.8.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P42
9 years linus 1.2219 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2156.3.8 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-stable-1573
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1573
9 years linus 1.2082.22.4 [BUG 1573] Miscalculation of offset in sntp.
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.7 Merge bk://bk1.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/hart/ntp-dev-1593
9 years karlsson 1.2156.5.5 Merge psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-dev-1597
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-dev-1595-7
9 years stenn 1.2082.22.3 Merge psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-stable-1597
into  psp-fb2.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/karlsson/bugs/ntp-stable-1595-7
9 years linus 1.2218 Added test for debug_msg()
9 years linus 1.2156.6.11 Minor refactoring to allow redirection of debug messages from unit tests.
9 years linus 1.2216 Added tests for debug functions in utilities.c
Minor cleanups.
9 years linus 1.2215 Added more tests in different areas.
9 years linus 1.2214 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1595
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2213 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1597
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2156.7.3 [Bug 1597] packet processing ignores RATE KoD packets.
9 years linus 1.2156.7.2 [Bug 1597] packet processing ignores RATE KoD packets, because of a bug in string comparision.
9 years linus 1.2156.5.4 [Bug 1595] empty last line in key file causes duplicate key to be added
9 years linus 1.2212 Creates the output directory before running the tests.
9 years linus 1.2211 Modified tests to use the new prototype of process_pkt()
Added tests for reply/response check moved to process_pkt() in refactoring.
9 years linus 1.2210 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/sntp-refactoring-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2156.6.10 Modified evaluation order to accept NULL as argument to spkt.
9 years linus 1.2209 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/sntp-refactoring-dev
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2156.6.9 Moved check for valid response to process_pkt() to simplify testing.
9 years linus 1.2208 Moved packet processing tests to a new unit.
Added tests for resolve_hosts()
9 years linus 1.2207 Added tests for log file.
Added test for packets signed with SHA1.
9 years linus 1.2206 Added tests for authentication
9 years linus 1.2205 Added tests for handle_packet() function.
9 years linus 1.2204 Added test for negative offset calculation.
9 years linus 1.2203 Renamed main class for tests.
Added tests for packet generation and time offset calculations.
9 years linus 1.2156.6.8 Moved time dependent code out of the offset calculations.
9 years linus 1.2156.6.7 Moved definition of progname and debug to sntp.c
9 years linus 1.2156.6.6 Moved the time offset calculations to a separate function.
9 years linus 1.2156.6.5 Refactoring of packet parsing for unit testing.
Moved packet parsing to a new function.
9 years linus 1.2156.6.4 Factored out packet generation to a new function.
9 years linus 1.2156.6.3 Moved main() function to a new file to make unit testing easier.
9 years linus 1.2199 * Added more tests for packet processing.
* Refactored the authenticated tests.
9 years linus 1.2198 Added more tests for packet processing.
9 years linus 1.2197 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1597
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years linus 1.2156.7.1 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-stable-1597
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1597
9 years linus 1.2082.23.1 [BUG 1597] packet processing ignores RATE KoD packets because of a bug in string comparison.
9 years linus 1.2196 Added tests for packet processing.
9 years linus 1.2156.6.2 Added prototype to header
9 years linus 1.2156.6.1 Made process_pkt() a public function to ease testing.
9 years linus 1.2192 Moved file handling code from test to superclass
9 years linus 1.2191 Added tests for some utilities functions.
9 years linus 1.2156.5.3 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-stable-1595
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1595
9 years linus 1.2082.22.2 [Bug 1595] empty last line in key file causes duplicate key to be added
9 years linus 1.2156.5.2 Merge beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-stable-1595
into  beam.lund.zozs.se:/home/linus/programming/gsoc/ntp/bugs/ntp-dev-1595
9 years linus 1.2082.22.1 [Bug 1595] empty last line in key file causes duplicate key to be added
9 years linus 1.2189 Added tests for reading of key file.
9 years karlsson 1.2188 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years davehart 1.2156.3.6 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1593
9 years stenn 1.2156.5.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P41
9 years davehart 1.2156.3.5 [Bug 1593] ntpd abort in free() with logconfig syntax error.
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.4 merge cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2156.3.3 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1586
9 years stenn 1.2156.4.1 orphanwait documentation changes
9 years linus 1.2187 Removed DEBUG definitions so output from Google Test more clear.
9 years karlsson 1.2186 Fixed integer constants so they work on 32-bit systems, which have 32-bit time_t
9 years linus 1.2185 Added tests for writing of KoD database to file.
9 years linus 1.2184 Modified test code to accept multiple parameters.
9 years linus 1.2183 New tests for KoD-database file reading.
9 years linus 1.2182 Boilerplate for sntp tests, and tests for KoD-database.
9 years davehart 1.2156.3.2 Avoid race with parallel builds using same source directory in
  scripts/genver by using build directory for temporary files.
9 years davehart 1.2156.3.1 [Bug 1586] ntpd 4.2.7p40 doesn't write to syslog after fork on QNX.
  Add closelog() before closing most or all descriptors after fork().
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.16 [Bug 1588] finish configure --disable-autokey implementation,
  add --disable-autokey to flock-build -no-refclocks flavor.
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.15
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P40
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.108 [Bug 1581] missed one previously
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.14 updated output of ntpdbase-opts.def
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.13 Merge bk://bk.ntp.org./ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1395-96
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.12
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P39
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.11 Fix typo in driver28.html
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.10 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.107
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.9 Correct the attribution of the next -stable tarball to 4.2.6p2
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.106 release 4.2.6p2
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.105 Use the new mirror server names for the trigger mirror update script
9 years davehart 1.2156.2.3 Remove orphan mode startup workaround from ntp_proto.c, it's
  not needed with the addition of sys_orphwait.
Add "tos orphanwait" to set sys_orphwait.
9 years davehart 1.2156.2.2 merge cleanup
9 years davehart 1.2156.2.1 Merge bk://bk1.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1395-96
(7 months of ntp-dev with original 1395/1396 repo dating to 9 Dec 2009.
9 years linus 1.2180 Fixed a bug that showed up when shuffling the tests, because the key cache was not emptied in test SetUp()
9 years davehart 1.2156.1.8 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1581
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1581
9 years davehart 1.2082.4.104 [Bug 1581] size_t printf format string mismatches, IRIG string buffers
  undersized.  Mostly backported from earlier ntp-dev fixes by Jürgen
  Perlinger, The exceptions are ntp_intres.c and refclock_irig.c.
9 years linus 1.2179 Fixed compilation warnings.
9 years karlsson 1.2178 Fixed compilation errors and warnings under FreeBSD
9 years linus 1.2177 Added more tests.
9 years linus 1.2176 Added tests for buftvtots and recvbuff.
Also cleaned up code using the lfptest superclass.
9 years linus 1.2175 Added tests for calyearstart and clocktime.
9 years linus 1.2174 Added tests for caltontp.c
9 years linus 1.2173 Added tests for statestr, tstotv and tvtots.
9 years linus 1.2172 Added tests for modetoa() and tsftomsu(), and added more tests for authkeys.
9 years karlsson 1.2168.1.1 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P38
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.6 typo fix in comment
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.5 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P37
9 years linus 1.2170 Missed a change in the last commit.
9 years linus 1.2169 Added tests for more prettydate, refnumtoa, uflydate, uinttoa and ymd2yd.
9 years karlsson 1.2168 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/karlsson/ntp-gsoc-testing
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.103
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC7
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.102 [Bug 1570] serial clock drivers get outdated input from kernel tty line buffer after startup
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.101 merge cleanup
9 years stenn 1.2082.4.100 Merge psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-stable-1575
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable-1576
9 years stenn 1.2082.21.1 [Bug 1576] sys/sysctl.h depends on sys/param.h on OpenBSD
9 years stenn 1.2156.1.3 [Bug 1576] sys/sysctl.h depends on sys/param.h on OpenBSD
10 years karlsson 1.2167 Fixed C90 warnings on psp-deb1, complaining about negative integer constants.
10 years linus 1.2166 Cleanups, fixed some warnings issued when compiling on psp-deb1.
10 years linus 1.2165 Added tests for functions in ssl_init.c and uinttoa.c
10 years karlsson 1.2164 Fixed formatting issue in humandate() test
10 years linus 1.2161.1.1 Added tests for a number of functions. Tests for inttoa() won't pass until bug 1575 if pulled into repo.
10 years perlinger 1.2082.4.99 [Bug 1575] use snprintf with LIB_BUFLENGTH in inttoa.c, tvtoa.c, utvtoa.c
10 years stenn 1.2156.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P36
10 years linus 1.2161 Added inttoa tests.
10 years stenn 1.2156.1.1 orphanwait changes (Bug 1560) and clockfilter/reachability fixes from Dave Mills
10 years linus 1.2160 Added tests for l_fp string conversions.
10 years karlsson 1.2159 Corrected configure checks for google test
10 years linus 1.2158 Uses configure script to check for gtest-config.
10 years linus 1.2152.2.3 Fixed a serious bug when testing a_md5encrypt(), and added more tests for hextolfp
10 years stenn 1.2156
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P35
10 years stenn 1.2155 merge cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2154 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  stenn.ntp.org:/a/etc/amd.stage/thump2-g3/export/ntp/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-newlfp
10 years stenn 1.2152.1.2 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.98
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC6
10 years linus 1.2152.2.2 Tests for atolfp, hextoint, decodenetnum, hextolfp, fptoa and fptoms.
10 years linus 1.2147.1.6 Changes in caljulian tests.
10 years linus 1.2147.1.5 Added tests for atouint and atolfp.
10 years linus 1.2147.1.4 Added tests for atoint and atolfp
10 years davehart 1.2152.1.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-715
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-715
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.97 [Bug 715] libisc Linux IPv6 interface iteration drops multicast flags.
10 years linus 1.2147.1.3 Added tests for a_md5encrypt.
10 years linus 1.2147.1.2 Added tests for authkeys.
10 years jnperlin 1.2153 Rewrite of multiprecision macros in 'ntp_fp.h' from J. Perlinger
10 years stenn 1.2152
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P34
10 years stenn 1.2151 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2150 fix typo
10 years jnperlin 1.2149 [Bug 1570] serial line drivers get outdated data from kernel tty line buffer after startup
10 years perlinger 1.2148 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/perlinger/ntp-dev-1580
10 years perlinger 1.2146.1.2 bug 1580 fix
10 years jnperlin 1.2146.1.1 [Bug 1580] Purge tty line buffers so serial refclocks do not get outdated data immediately after startup. 
10 years stenn 1.2147
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P33
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.96
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC5
10 years linus 1.2144.1.5 Modified Makefile for conditional testing
10 years linus 1.2144.1.4 Changed so that tests are not run during a cross compilation
10 years davehart 1.2146 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1561-65
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1561-65
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.95 [Bug 1565] sntp/crypto.c compile fails on MacOS over vsnprintf().

10 years linus 1.2144.1.3 Tuned makefile.am
10 years linus 1.2144.1.2 Added base test classes and makefiles to repo
10 years karlsson 1.2144.1.1 Modified autotools to recurse into tests
10 years davehart 1.2145 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1561
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1561
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.94 [Bug 1561] ntpq, ntpdc "passwd" prompts for MD5 password w/SHA1.
Windows port: do not exit in ntp_timestamp_from_counter() without
  first logging the reason.
Support "passwd blah" syntax in ntpq.
10 years stenn 1.2144
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P32
10 years stenn 1.2143 Copyright file cleanup from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2142 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.93
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC4
10 years davehart 1.2141 Windows port: Add msyslog() on path to exit(), relax PPS timestamp
  within one minute of now check to be used only if debug tracing is
10 years davehart 1.2140 [Bug 1558] pool prototype associations have for remote addr.
10 years davehart 1.2139 configure.ac: add --disable-autokey, #define AUTOKEY to enable future
  support for building without Autokey, but with OpenSSL for its digest
  algorithms (hash functions).  Code must be modified to use #ifdef
  AUTOKEY instead of #ifdef OPENSSL where appropriate to complete this.
include/ntp_crypto.h: make assumption AUTOKEY implies OPENSSL explicit.
10 years davehart 1.2138 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1555
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1555
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.92 * [Bug 1555] 4.2.6p2-RC3 sntp illegal C (mixed code and declarations).

10 years stenn 1.2137
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P31
10 years stenn 1.2136 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.91
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC3
10 years stenn 1.2135 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1325-1459
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.90 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-stable
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-stable-1325-1459
10 years stenn 1.2133.1.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.20.1 Windows compiling hints/winnt.html update from G. Sunil Tej
10 years davehart 1.2134 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1325-1459
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1325-1459
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.89 Add Nelson B Bolyard to html/copyright.html.
Update ChangeLog entries to reflect filing of [Bug 1552], [Bug 1553].
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.88 Simplify hash client code by providing OpenSSL EVP_*() API when built
  without OpenSSL.  (from ntp-dev)
Do not depend on ASCII values for ('A' - '0'), ('a' - '0') in sntp.
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.87 Correct ChangeLog spelling of Nelson Bolyard's name, add email address.
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.86 cleanup prior changeset, ease -dev merge.
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.85 [Bug 1325] unreachable code in sntp recv_bcst_data().
[Bug 1459] sntp MD5 authentication does not work with ntpd.
Many sntp fixes from Nelson Boyard:
  1. sntp properly handles hex key strings in the keyfile, instead of
  just treating the text as binary strings.
  2. sntp handles SHA1 as well as MD5.
  3. If the key file contains more than one key, sntp can use keys
  other than the first one in the file.
  4. sntp computes the MAC using the key, then the data (was other way).
  5. sntp handles responses with extensions now.
  6. sntp implements the -b (broadcast/multicast) option.  Tested.
  The -b option takes an argument which is the broadcast/multicast
  address on which to listen for packets.  The command still requires a
  host address at the end of the command line.  This is the address
  expected to do the broadcasting/multicasting.
  7. sntp correctly handles network-order key IDs on little-endian.
  8. Eliminated a huge amount of code duplication between the sntp
  unicast and multicast code paths, creating a single process_pkt()
  function that is used for both paths after the packet is received.
  9. The -t timeout option now works with both unicast and multicast.
  Previously it worked with neither.  It wasn't coded for unicast, and
  was incorrectly coded for multicast.
  10. In unicast mode, the requests are sent MACed using the key
  specified with the -a command line option.
  11. Cleaned up indentation consistent with the predominant style in
  the files changed, namely, using tab stop characters and not spaces
  for indentation.  This way, you can set your tab stop spacing as you
  like it and the indentation looks correct.  This was not a big change.
  The files were mostly consistent before.
  12. Eliminated LOTS of blank lines.
sntp/configure.ac OpenSSL support now that sntp optionally uses it.
Escape unprintable characters in a refid in ntpq -p billboard.
10 years stenn 1.2133
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P30
10 years davehart 1.2132 [Bug 1526] ntpd DNS pipe read EINTR with no network at startup.
10 years stenn 1.2131 Update the ChangeLog entries when merging items from -stable
10 years stenn 1.2130 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/snaps/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2126.1.5
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P29
10 years stenn 1.2129 Documentation patches from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2128 Merge pogo:/usa/hart/ntp-dev-1542-43-44
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2126.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P28
10 years stenn 1.2126.1.3 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.84 [Bug 1541] Fix wrong keyword for "maxclock".
10 years stenn 1.2126.1.2 merge cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2126.1.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years davehart 1.2127 [Bug 1542] ntpd mrulist response may have incorrect last.older.
[Bug 1543] ntpq mrulist must refresh nonce when retrying.
[Bug 1544] ntpq mrulist sscanf timestamp format mismatch on 64-bit.
Windows compiling hints/winnt.html update from Sunil Tej S.
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.83 [Bug 1512] ntpsnmpd should connect to net-snmpd via a unix-domain socket by default.  Provide a command-line 'socket name' option.
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.82 [Bug 1538] update refclock_nmea.c's call to getprotobyname()
10 years stenn 1.2126
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P27
10 years stenn 1.2125 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.81
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC2
10 years stenn 1.2124
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P26
10 years davehart 1.2123 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1534-35
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1531-32-34-35
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.80 [Bug 1534] win32/include/isc/net.h conflicts with VC++ 2010 errno.h.
[Bug 1535] "restrict -4 default" and "restrict -6 default" ignored.
10 years davehart 1.2122 Merge bk://maccarony.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1531-32
10 years davehart 1.2119.1.1 [Bug 1531] Require nonce with mrulist requests.
[Bug 1532] Remove ntpd support for ntpdc's monlist in favor of ntpq's
10 years stenn 1.2121
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P25
10 years stenn 1.2120 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.79 [Bug 1465] Make sure time from TS2100 is not invalid (backport from -dev)
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.78 [Bug 1528] Fix EDITLINE_LIBS link order for ntpq and ntpdc
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.77 Remove --with-arlib from br-flock
10 years stenn 1.2119 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.76
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P2_RC1
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.75 4.2.6p2-RC1
10 years davehart 1.2118 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1503-04-18-22
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1503-04-18-22
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.74 fix backport (should have copied and pasted from -dev).
10 years davehart 1.2117 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1503-04-18-22
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1503-04-18-22
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.73 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1522
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1503-04-18-22
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.72 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1518
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1503-04-18-22
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.71 [Bug 1518] Windows ntpd should lock to one processor more

10 years davehart 1.2082.19.2 [Bug 1522] Enable range syntax "trustedkey (301 ... 399)".
Update html/authopt.html controlkey, requestkey, and trustedkey docs.
10 years davehart 1.2082.18.3 [Bug 1503] Auto-enabling of monitor for "restrict ... limited" wrong.
[Bug 1504] ntpdate tickles ntpd "discard minimum 1" rate limit if
  "restrict ... limited" is used.
10 years stenn 1.2116
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P24
10 years stenn 1.2115 [Bug 1390] Control PPS on the Oncore M12
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.24 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1518-20-22
10 years stenn 1.2112.7.1 accopt.html: non-ntpport doc changes from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2112.6.3 Hal Murray caught another html/manyopt.html typo.
10 years davehart 1.2112.6.2 Rephrase awkward pool description, correct "descovery" typo.
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.21 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-pool-doc
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1518-20-22
10 years davehart 1.2112.6.1 Documentation updates for 4.2.7p22 changes and additions, updating
  ntpdc.html, ntpq.html, accopt.html, confopt.html, manyopt.html,
  miscopt.html, and miscopt.txt.
Modify full MRU list preemption when full to match "discard monitor"
  documentation, by removing exception for count == 1.
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.20 [Bug 1520] '%u' formats for size_t gives warnings with 64-bit builds.

  applies to prior merge
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.19 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1520
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1518-20-22
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.18 [Bug 1518] Windows ntpd should lock to one processor more
[Bug 1522] Enable range syntax "trustedkey (301 ... 399)".

covers previous two merges
10 years davehart 1.2112.5.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1522
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1522
10 years davehart 1.2082.19.1 [Bug 1522] Enable range syntax "trustedkey (301 ... 399)".
10 years perlinger 1.2112.3.2 fixed minor format glitch in ntpd/ntpd.c
10 years stenn 1.2112.4.1 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.18.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1
10 years stenn 1.2082.18.1 Release ntp-4.2.6p1
10 years jnperlin 1.2112.3.1 fix format string warnings (64-bit); avoid (m)syslog format string attacks
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.16 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1518
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1518
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.70 [Bug 1518] Windows ntpd should lock to one processor more
10 years stenn 1.2112.1.15
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P23
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.14 [Bug 1516] unpeer by IP address fails, DNS name works.
[Bug 1517] ntpq and ntpdc should verify reverse DNS before use.
  ntpq and ntpdc now use the following format for showing purported
  DNS names from IP address "reverse" DNS lookups when the DNS name
  does not exist or does not include the original IP address among
  the results: " (fake.dns.local)".
10 years stenn 1.2112.1.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P22
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.69 lose whimsy from br-flock
10 years stenn 1.2112.1.11 [Bug 1465] Make sure time from TS2100 is not invalid
10 years stenn 1.2112.1.10 [Bug 1432] Don't set inheritable flag for linux capabilities
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.9 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-pool-dns
10 years stenn 1.2112.2.7
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P21
10 years stenn 1.2112.2.6 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.68
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1_RC6
10 years stenn 1.2112.2.5 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.67 Quiet some trigger debugging
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.66 [Bug 1514] Typo in ntp_proto.c: fabs(foo < .4) should be fabs(foo) < .4
10 years stenn 1.2112.2.4 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.65 trigger cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2112.2.3 trigger cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.64 With the new bk, the trigger push needs the -q (quiet) flag
10 years stenn 1.2112.2.1 whitespace cleanup
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.8 ntpq-subs.c:
  Add ntpq "mrulist limited" and "mrulist kod" support, equivalent to
    ntpq -c "mrulist resany=0x20" and ntpq -c "mrulist resany=0x400"
  Add "r" rate limiting column to mrulist output containing a period,
    or K for KoD sent in response to last packet, or L for no response
    to last packet due to rate limiting.  These are redundant with bits
    0x400 and 0x20 in the rstr column and treated differently than other
    restrict bits, reflecting not if the restriction bit is enabled for
    the remote address, but if RES_KOD or RES_LIMITED handling was
    triggered by the last packet from them.
ntp.h, ntpdc_ops.c, ntp_proto.c, ntp_config.c:
  rename RES_TIMEOUT to RES_FLAKE to reflect v4 use (as a flakeway which
    drops 10% of incoming packets from matching addresses).
  rename RES_TIMEOUT to RES_FLAKE to reflect v4 use (as a flakeway which
    drops 10% of incoming packets from matching addresses), eliminating
    conflict with RES_TIMEOUT provided by some systems DNS headers.
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.7 ntp_control.c:
  use ctl_putts() instead of handrolled equivalent for read_mru_list().
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.6 ssl_init.c:
  MAX_MAC_LEN will always be > sizeof(keyid_t) so make max_digest_len
    const u_long instead of u_long, initialize unconditionally.
10 years davehart 1.2112.1.5 Merge pogo:/usa/perlinger/ntp-dev-pointers
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-pool-dns
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.30 ChangeLog:
  Catch up ChangeLog with several weeks' changes.
ntpq-subs.c, ntp_peer.c, ntp_io.c, ntp_proto.c:
  debug message cleanup for integration with ntp-dev
10 years jnperlin 1.2112.1.4 ntpq.c:
  fix printf format warnings
10 years jnperlin 1.2112.1.3 ssl_init.c:
  cast size_t expressions to u_long in formatting
10 years jnperlin 1.2112.1.2 ssl_init.c:
  fixed printf format warnings
10 years jnperlin 1.2112.1.1 ntp_fp.h:
  fix prototype for 'dolfptoa'
  avoid pointer wrap-around warnings, fixed prototype,
  did some rework to make the implementation cleaner.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.29 remove unused PEVNT_TAI
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.28 Fine-tune "ntpq -c mrulimit" row limit backoff and growth after
  testing over WiFi and a lossy go6.net UDP tunnel.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.27 add "ntpq -c ifstats" modeled on "ntpdc -c ifstats"
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.26 Fetch 32 rows initially in ntpq -cmrulist.
Tweak runtime adjustment of limit in response to errors, now
  will grow number of rows 50% each success and cut it in
  half each failure.
Sleep 0.3s instead of 1s between requests in ntpq -cmrulist
  on platforms that have nanosleep() or similar.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.25 add "sort=count", "sort=-count" options to ntpq -c mrulist.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.24 ntpq-subs.c:
  use "sort=lstint" and "sort=-lstint" for default and reverse
    default sort order of "ntpq -c mrulist"
  Attempt to enforce clients ignoring unknown tag=value pairs
    in CTL_OP_READ_MRU (ntpq -c mrulist) by including a randomly-
    named tag in the last row.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.23 add reverse sorting to ntpq -c mrulist, generalize.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.22 Add "sort=avgint" option to mrulist: ntpq -c "mru sort=avgint".
Add "sort=addr" option to mrulist to sort by remote address.
Remove check for qsort() using other than void *, ANSI C is
  required and it ensures void * for qsort().
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.21 add support for filtering MRU list by interface (local addr):
  ntpq -c "mru laddr="
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.20 add "ntpq -c sysstats" modeled on "ntpdc -c sysstats"
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.19 rate limit ntpdate packets to 2s interval per server to stay
  within the "restrict ... limited" default limit set by
  "discard minimum 1", plus 1s of enforcement slop.
Respect KoD rate-limiting responses from ntpd.

10 years davehart 1.2110.1.18 ntp_util.c:
  whitespace only
  split mrulist() into mrulist() and collect_mru_list().
  adjust row limit based on success/failure of individual
    queries for collect_mru_list().
  revert to one MRU entry per IP address regardless of port.
  correct MRU list preemption logic.
  revert to one MRU entry per IP address regardless of port.
ntp_control.h, ntp_control.c:
  add "kod_sent" non-default system variable for sys_kodsent.
  #undef STRINGIZE after use to avoid accidentally using on
    Windows without noticing it's specific to Windows port.
ntpq.c, ntpq.h:
  move definitions to ntpq.h needed by mrulist code in
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.17 ntpq-subs.c:
  use ========= instead of --------- to separate column headings
    from rows in mrulist().
  unpeer by hostname, needed to unpeer pool prototype
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.16 new "ntpq -c mrulist" along lines of "ntpdc -c monlist" but
  without being limited to a single request response, and
  designed to work reliably even with an arbitrarily large
  MRU list. 
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.15 ntp_net.h:
  add ADDR_EQ_PORT() like SOCK_EQ() but testing port as well.
ntpq-subs.c, ntpq.c, ntpq.h:
  use associd_t for association IDs instead of int.
systime.c, ntp_fp.h:
  provide callback from step_systime() to allow ntpd to flush
    the MRU list when stepping the clock.
  use u_short for restrict_mask type in receive(), expand comment.
  Use callback from step_systime() to flush the MRU list when
    stepping the clock.  Previously the MRU timestamps were in
    current_time units, which are monotonically increasing despite
    any steps of the system clock.  Now they are l_fp and subject
    to steps, so flush the MRU list when the clock is stepped to
    ensure all timestamps are comparable.
  whitespace only
  prepare for ntpq mrulist command by converting MRU entry timestamps
    from current_time (seconds) to l_fp (32:32 NTP standard).
  rename info_monitor, info_monitor_1 fields to reflect their
    use, lasttime -> avg_int and firsttime -> last_int.
  validate recv_srcadr_len against (now smaller) sockaddr_u size.
  add CTL_OP_READMRU for ntpq mrulist
  add prototype for win_time_stepped(), previously called
  add CTL_OP_READ_MRU for ntpq -c mrulist
layout.std, ntpdc_ops.c:
  rename info_monitor, info_monitor_1 fields to reflect their
    use, lasttime -> avg_int and firsttime -> last_int
  wrap a long line
ntp_monitor.c, ntp.h:
  prepare for ntpq mrulist command by converting MRU entry timestamps
    from current_time (seconds) to l_fp (32:32 NTP standard).
  rename info_monitor, info_monitor_1 fields to reflect their
    use, lasttime -> avg_int and firsttime -> last_int.
SetSystemTime.c, nt_clockstuff.c, clockstuff.h:
  rename time_stepped() callback to win_time_stepped(), move
    callback registration from Windows port to portable code
    now that ntpd/ntp_util.c is using it.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.14 determine MRU hash table size at runtime, attempting to
  average 8 entries per bucket at mru_maxdepth capacity.
adjust defaults for mru_maxdepth, mru_initmem.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.13 remove bloated (128 byte on win32) sockaddr_storage from sockaddr_u
  union since the largest we use is sockaddr_in6 (28 bytes on win32).
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.12 ntp_proto.c:
  broadcast demobilization fix from DLM
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.11 Many files:
  more MRU knobs
ntp_keyword.h, keyword-gen-utd:
  keyword-gen.c product
ntp_parser.h, ntp_parser.c:
  ntp_parser.y product
  limit 'ntpdc -c monlist' response to most recent 600 entries, to
    be consistent with the historical maximum MRU list size.
  read up to three named variables at once:
    ntpq -c "rv 0 version mru_depth mru_maxmem"
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.10 keyword-gen.c:
  include matching keyword prefix in ntp_keyword.h state entry comment.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.9 ntp_parser.h, ntp_parser.c:
  product of ntp_parser.y
  accompanies new keyword-gen.c and ntp_keyword.h
Many files:
  add MRU sizing knobs:
    mru mindepth 600 maxage 64 maxdepth 1024 maxmem 4096
  entries beyond 600 which are older than 64s are reclaimed,
    with a hard upper limit on the size of maxdepth (indirectly
    set by maxmem).
ntp.h, ntp_request.c:
  remove redundant storage of port in mon_entry, rmtadr has it.
  product of keyword-gen.c
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.8 ntp_config.c:
  Dr. Mills doesn't like depending on && not evaluating right side
    if left is false.
  timeout demobilizations don't seem to be working for preemptibles.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.7 ntpq-subs.c:
  just the facts, ma'am
  DLM changes via email notes
  DLM changes via email notes.
  remove "unlucky" experiment to track DLM changes.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.6 nt_clockstuff.c:
  suppress reports of interpolated clock "would have" gone backward
    for less than 10 usec.
  experiment with turning over 50% of preemptibles daily
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.5 ntp_proto.c:
  cull from preemptibles randomly as well as when unreachable
    long enough.
  increase blocking_workitems max queue depth to 128 on Windows
  whitespace only
  expose performance counter drift as ctr_frequency sysvar.
ntp_intres.c, ntpd.h, ntp_config.c:
  add retry argument to getaddrinfo_sometime() so that pool lookups
    can be one-shot.
  test speer->flags not peer->flags for FLAG_PREEMPT
10 years clemens 1.2113 This is a group of 4 patches that
    (1) replace blanks with tabs in the source.
    (2) provide a cleaner solution to turning FLAG_PPS on/off in oncore_get_timestamp.
    (3) change LOG_INFO -> LOG_DEFAULT for one message, reducing the extraneous message
           in the messages log.
    (4) an implementation of [Bug1390] initially provided by Russell Yount, to turn the
        PPS signal on/off.  Note that this does NOT affect timekeeping.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.4 new peer variable "srchost" shown instead of srcadr in
  ntpq peers billboard for .POOL. prototype associations.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.3 "restrict source ..." to set restrictions for peers.
[Bug 1497] fudge is broken by getnetnum() change
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.2 new pool implementation modeled on manycastclient.
10 years davehart 1.2110.1.1 [Bug 1483] AI_NUMERICSERV undefined in 4.2.7p20.
Maintain and use linked list of associations (struct peer) in ntpd,
  avoiding walking 128 hash table entries to iterate over peers.
Remove more workarounds unneeded since we require ISO C90 AKA ANSI C:
  - remove fallback implementations for memmove(), memset, strstr().
  - do not test for atexit() or memcpy().
Collapse a bunch of code duplication in ntpd/ntp_restrict.c added with
  support for IPv6.
Correct some corner case failures in automatically enabling the MRU
  list if any "restrict ... limited" is in effect, and in disabling MRU
  maintenance. (ntp_monitor.c, ntp_restrict.c)
Reverse the internal sort order of the address restriction lists, but
  preserve the same behavior.  This allows removal of special-case code
  related to the default restrictions and more straightforward lookups
  of restrictions for a given address (now, stop on first match).
Move ntp_restrict.c MRU doubly-linked list maintenance code into
  ntp_lists.h macros, allowing more duplicated source excision.
Correct Windows port's refclock_open() to return 0 on failure not -1.
Correct CHU, dumbclock, and WWVB drivers to check for 0 returned from
  refclock_open() on failure.
Repair ntpdate.c to handle no longer testing HAVE_TIMER_SETTIME.
Do not reference peer_node/unpeer_node after freeing when built with
  --disable-saveconfig and using DNS.
10 years davehart 1.2112 [Bug 1306] constant conditionals in audio_gain().
10 years davehart 1.2111 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1464
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1464
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.63 [Bug 1464] synchronization source wrong for refclocks ARCRON_MSF (27)
  and SHM (28).
Correct Windows port's refclock_open() to return 0 on failure not -1.
Correct CHU, dumbclock, and WWVB drivers to check for 0 returned from
  refclock_open() on failure.
Correct "SIMUL=4 ./flock-build -1" to prioritize -1/--one.

10 years stenn 1.2110
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P20
10 years davehart 1.2109 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1483
10 years davehart 1.2102.2.1 [Bug 1483] hostname in ntp.conf "restrict" parameter rejected.
Use all addresses for each restrict by hostname.
Use async DNS to resolve trap directive hostnames.

10 years stenn 1.2108
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P19
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.62
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1_RC5
10 years stenn 1.2107 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.61 [Bug 1438] Remove dead code from sntp/networking.c
10 years stenn 1.2106 [Bug 1338] Update the association type codes in ntpq.html.
10 years stenn 1.2105 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2104 Merge pogo:/usa/hart/ntp-dev-1478-79-84
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2102.1.1 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.60 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-stable
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-stable-1478-79-84
10 years stenn 1.2082.17.1 [Bug 1140] Clean up debug.html, decode.html, and ntpq.html
10 years davehart 1.2103 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1478-79-84
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1478-79-84
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.59 [Bug 1478] linking fails with undefined reference EVP_MD_pkey_type.
[Bug 1479] Compilation fails because of not finding readline headers.
[Bug 1484] ushort is not defined in QNX6.
10 years stenn 1.2102
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P18
10 years davehart 1.2101 Stop using getaddrinfo() to convert numeric address strings to on-wire
  addresses in favor of is_ip_address() alone.
10 years davehart 1.2100 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1480
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1480
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.58 [Bug 1480] snprintf() cleanup caused unterminated refclock IDs.
10 years stenn 1.2099
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P17
10 years davehart 1.2098 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1477
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1477-untaint
10 years davehart 1.2096.1.1 Attempts to cure CID 108 CID 118 CID 119 TAINTED_SCALAR warnings.
Broaden ylwrap workaround VPATH_HACK to all non-GNU make.
10 years davehart 1.2097 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1477
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1477
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.57 [Bug 1477] 1st non-gmake make in clone w/VPATH can't make COPYRIGHT.
10 years stenn 1.2096
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P16
10 years stenn 1.2095 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.56
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1_RC4
10 years davehart 1.2094 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-rm-arlib
10 years stenn 1.2091.1.1 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years davehart 1.2093 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-rm-arlib
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-rm-arlib
10 years hart 1.2082.4.55 Makefile.am:
  fix make distdir before make all on FreeBSD make
10 years davehart 1.2092 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-rm-arlib
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-rm-arlib
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.54 Remove arlib.
10 years stenn 1.2091
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P15
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.53 [Bug 1474] ntp_keygen needs LCRYPTO after libntp.a
10 years davehart 1.2090 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1455
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1455
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.52 [Bug 1455] ntpd does not try /etc/ntp.audio as documented.
Convert many sprintf() calls to snprintf(), also strcpy(), strcat().
Fix widely cut-n-pasted bug in refclock shutdown after failed start.
Remove some dead code checking for emalloc() returning NULL.
10 years stenn 1.2089
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P14
10 years davehart 1.2088 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1338
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.40 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.39 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1470-71-72-73
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.38 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  poog.il.thewrittenword.com:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.37 [Bug 1469] more int32 cleanup
10 years davehart 1.2084.13.9 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1470-73
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1470-71-72-73
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.51 [Bug 1473] "make distcheck" before build can't make sntp/version.m4.
10 years davehart 1.2084.13.8 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1470
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1470-71-72
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.50 Makefile.am:
  keyword-gen-utd is intended to have one line of content.
10 years davehart 1.2084.14.1 ntp_data_structures.h:
  ensure size_t is available by including stddef.h
10 years davehart 1.2084.13.6 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1470
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1470-71-72
10 years davehart 1.2084.13.5 [Bug 1471] CID 120 CID 121 CID 122 is_ip_address() uninit family.
[Bug 1472] CID 116 CID 117 minor warnings in new DNS code.
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.49 [Bug 1470] "make distdir" in $srcdir builds keyword-gen, libntp.a.
10 years stenn 1.2084.13.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P13
10 years stenn 1.2084.13.3 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.36 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  poog.il.thewrittenword.com:/home/stenn/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.48 [Bug 1467] Fix bogus rebuild of sntp/sntp.html
10 years stenn 1.2084.13.2 [Bug 1467] Fix bogus rebuild of sntp/sntp.html
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.35 configure.ac:
  reword to better fit with surrounding messages
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.34 configure.ac:
  attempt to properly quote all args to AC_LANG_PROGRAM()
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.33 check for int32, u_int32 before testing result.
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.32 [Bug 1469] u_int32, int32 changes broke HP-UX 10.20 build.
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.31 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1468-69
10 years stenn 1.2084.13.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P12
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.30 * [Bug 1469] u_int32, int32 changes broke HP-UX 10.20 build.
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.29 [Bug 1468] 'make install' broken for root on default NFS mount.
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.28
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P11
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.27 convert leftover debugging msyslog() to DPRINTF()
  "attempting to open log %s"
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.26 Fix libparse build in $(srcdir)
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.25 [Bug 47] Debugging and logging do not work after a fork.
[Bug 1010] getaddrinfo() could block and thus should not be called by
  the main thread/process.
#include <config.h> from all .c files and do not include it
  from any .h files.  Previously config.h appeared a dozen times in
  preprocessed output of some .c files.
handle relative path to logfile correctly despite re-opening
  after fork() with a different curdir.
eliminate hand-crafted byte-swapping code from refclock_palisade.c in
  preference to using htonl(), htons().  Tested by Fernando Hauscarriaga.

10 years stenn 1.2084.1.24
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P10
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.47
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1_RC3
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.23 [Bug 1140] Clean up debug.html, decode.html, and ntpq.html
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.22 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable-1448-49-50
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev-1448-49-50
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.46 Use TZ=UTC instead of TZ= when calling date in scripts/mkver.in
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.45 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.44 [Bug 1449] SLEW is no longer needed by the simulator
10 years mayer 1.2084.1.21 Fix move results for vc6
10 years mayer 1.2084.1.20 Remerge of bugs 1448-1450
10 years mayer 1.2084.1.19 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-dev-vc6merge
10 years mayer 1.2084.10.5 Merge pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-stable-vc6
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-dev-vc6merge
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.43 Bad inputdir reference
10 years burnicki 1.2082.4.42 Create the instserv binaries in the correct directories.
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.41 Remove ipv6.c as unnecessary
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.40 Temporarily include ntpsim.h unconditionally
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.39 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-stable-vc6
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.38 [Bug 1448] Additional fixes for Windows VC6
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.18
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P9
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.17 Merge cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.45
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P8
10 years burnicki 1.2084.10.4 Syntax fix in ntp.dsw and ntpd.dsp for VC6.
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.44 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1453
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-702-1451-53
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.43 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1451
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-702-1451-53
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.42 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1451-53
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-702-1451-53
10 years davehart 1.2082.15.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1453
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1451-53
10 years davehart 1.2084.12.2 ChangeLog: Include (4.2.6p1-RC3) - [Bug 1453] Use $CC in config.cache filename.
10 years davehart 1.2084.12.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1453
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1453
10 years davehart 1.2082.16.3 Makefile.am:
  add dependencies on copyright.def
  correct dependencies to refer to $(srcdir)/version.def not
  add COPYRIGHT to BUILT_SOURCES, correct EXTRA_DIST reference to
    remove unneeded $(srcdir)/ prefix
10 years davehart 1.2082.16.2 bump copyright year to 2010
10 years davehart 1.2082.16.1 [Bug 1453] Use $CC in config.cache filename in ./build script.
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.37 Undo unneeded change
10 years davehart 1.2084.11.2 Correct ChangeLog to reflect [Bug 1451] in -dev section as well.
10 years davehart 1.2084.11.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1451
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1451
10 years davehart 1.2082.15.1 [Bug 1451] CID 115: sntp leaks KoD entry when updating existing
10 years mayer 1.2084.10.2 Fixes for Bugs 1448-1450
10 years mayer 1.2084.10.1 Merge pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-stable-vc6
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-dev-1448-1450
10 years mayer 1.2082.4.36 Fixes for bugs 1448-1450
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.41 [Bug 702] ntpd service logic should use libopts to examine cmdline.
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.40
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P7
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.39 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-620
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-620-1446
10 years davehart 1.2084.9.2 [Bug 1446] 4.2.7p6 requires autogen, missing ntpd.1, *.texi, *.menu.
  Applies to prior Makefile.am changesets pulled from ntp-stable,
  where there is no ChangeLog entry as no tarball rolled with the bug.
10 years davehart 1.2084.9.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1446
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1446
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.35 With EXTRA_DIST fix from [Bug 1446] read-only $(srcdir) hacks in
  *.1, *.texi, and *.html Makefile rules are not needed.
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.34 [Bug 1446] 4.2.7p6 requires autogen to build missing ntpd.1, *.texi, *.menu.
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.38 [Bug 620] ntpdc getresponse() esize != *rsize s/b size != *rsize.
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.37
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P6
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.36 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.35 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.33 [Bug 1445] IRIX does not have -lcap or support linux capabilities
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.33 ntpdate.c still needs ntp_io.h
10 years mayer 1.2084.8.7 [Bug 1442] Move Windows functions into libntp files
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.32 Merge psp-fb1.ntp.org:/home/mayer/ntp-dev-headers
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years mayer 1.2084.8.6 [Bug 1442] Move Windows functions into libntp files
10 years mayer 1.2084.8.5 [Bug 1442] Move Windows functions into libntp files
10 years mayer 1.2084.8.4 [Bug 1442] Move Windows functions into libntp files
10 years mayer 1.2084.8.3 [Bug 1442] Move Windows functions into libntp files
10 years mayer 1.2084.8.2 [Bug 1442] and [Bug 1443]
10 years mayer 1.2084.7.3 [Bug 1443] Remove unnecessary dependencies on ntp_io.h
10 years mayer 1.2084.7.2 [Bug 1442] Move functions into libntp files
10 years mayer 1.2084.7.1 [Bug 1442} Move some windows-specific files to linntp
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.31 correct ChangeLog merge from -stable
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.30 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1439
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1439
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.32 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1439
10 years davehart 1.2082.14.1 [Bug 1439] .texi generation must wait until after binary is linked.
Quiet RES_TIMEOUT redefinition warning compiling ntp_intres.c
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.29 merge cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.28 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.31 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.30 [Bug 1440] Update configure.ac to support kfreebsd
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.27 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.29 [Bug 1127] Properly check the return of X590_verify() - missed one
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.26
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P5
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.28
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1_RC2
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.25 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.27 Merge pogo:/usa/hart/ntp-stable-1425-34
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
10 years stenn 1.2082.13.1 [Bug 1435] sntp: Test for -lresolv using the same tests as in ntp
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.26 [Bug 1425] unpeer by association ID sets up for duplicate free().
[Bug 1434] HP-UX 11 ip_mreq undeclared, _HPUX_SOURCE helps some.
Use HAVE_WORKING_FORK instead of HAVE_FORK to avoid broken fork().
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.24
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P4
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.23 Correct ChangeLog merge from stable
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.22 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1429
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1429
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.25 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1429
10 years stenn 1.2082.12.1 System headers must come before ntp headers in ntp_intres.c
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.21 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1429
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1429
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.24 [Bug 1429] -4 command line option to ntpd does not reliably force IPv4 resolution
10 years murray 1.2084.1.16 tg2.c:
  Change mode to -rw-rw-r--
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.20
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P3
10 years hart 1.2082.4.23 UpdatePoint:
  correct handling of beta-free stable RC bumps
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.18 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.22 [Bug 1424] Fix check for rtattr (rtnetlink.h)
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.21 [Bug 1416] MAXDNAME undefined on Solaris 2.6
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.20 Bootstrap script should also touch .html files
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.19 [Bug 1411] Fix status messages in refclock_oncore.c
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.18 bring Windows mkver.bat in line with packaginfo.sh and
  scripts/VersionName changes
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.16 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1419-26-27-28
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1426-27-28
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.17 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1428
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1419-26-27-28
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.16 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1419
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1419-26-27-28
10 years davehart 1.2082.11.1 [Bug 1428] Use AC_HEADER_RESOLV to fix breaks from resolv.h
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.15 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1426-27
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1426-27
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.15 [Bug 1427] quote missing in ./build - shows up on NetBSD.
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.14 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1426
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1426
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.14 [Bug 1426] scripts/VersionName needs . on the search path.
correct permissions to 0775 for scripts/UpdatePoint.
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P2
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.12 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.11 Touch any html file from autogen
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.13
TAG: NTP_4_2_6P1_RC1
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.10 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.12 Put refclock_neoclock4x.c under the NTP COPYRIGHT
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.9 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.11 Start the 4.2.6p1-RC cycle
10 years stenn 1.2084.6.8 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.10 [Bug 1415] Fix Mac OS X link problem
10 years davehart 1.2060.25.1 [Bug 1395] ease ntpdate elimination with ntpd -w/--wait-sync
[Bug 1396] allow servers on ntpd command line like ntpdate
10 years murray 1.2084.1.15 ChangeLog:
  Add bug number to tg2 comment
10 years davehart 1.2082.10.1 correct NTP_OS_CFLAGS [Bug 1412]
allow $CC to contain slash and space in build
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.6 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-updatepoint-1412-13-14-18
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-updatepoint-1412-13-14-18-19
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.8 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1418
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-updatepoint-1412-13-14-18
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.7 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1414
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-updatepoint-1412-13-14-18
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.6 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1413
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-updatepoint-1412-13-14-18
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.5 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1412
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-updatepoint-1412-13-14-18
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.5 correct ChangeLog merge from ntp-stable-updatepoint
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.4 scripts/UpdatePoint changes to packageinfo.sh's -dev copy
  adds support for beta releases in ntp-stable
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.3 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-updatepoint
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1419-updatepoint
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.2 ChangeLog:
  correct ChangeLog merge from ntp-stable-1419, bk remerge/fm3tool hates me
10 years davehart 1.2084.6.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1419
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1419
10 years murray 1.2084.1.14 tg2.c:
  Fix warnings on Solaris.
10 years murray 1.2084.1.13 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  malarky.udel.edu:/m/pogo/users/murray/tg2
10 years davehart 1.2082.9.1 [Bug 1419] ntpdate, ntpdc, sntp, ntpd ignore configure --bindir.
10 years davehart 1.2082.8.1 updated packageinfo.sh, VersionName, and UpdatePoint to use prerelease=
  from packageinfo.sh instead of releasecandidate= and added support for
  beta releases.
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.12
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P1
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.11 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1418
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1348-1413-18
10 years davehart 1.2084.5.2 Correct ChangeLog merge from ntp-stable-1418
10 years davehart 1.2084.5.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1418
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1418
10 years davehart 1.2082.7.1 [Bug 1418] building ntpd/ntpdc/ntpq statically with ssl fails.
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.10 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1348
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1348-1413
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.9 correct merge of [Bug 1413] ChangeLog line from ntp-stable-1413
10 years davehart 1.2084.4.2 transmitbuff.h is gone
10 years davehart 1.2084.4.1 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1348
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.8 bk rm 4.2.6 version-dependent files, bk new identical replacements
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.7 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1413/..\ntp-stable-1413
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1413
10 years davehart 1.2082.6.1 [Bug 1413] test OpenSSL headers regarding -Wno-strict-prototypes.
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_7P0
10 years murray 1.2084.3.2 README:
  Add a few words about tg and tg2.
10 years murray 1.2084.3.1 configure.ac:
  comment for Bug 254
  Adding tg2.c
  BitKeeper file /m/pogo/users/murray/tg2/util/tg2.c
  Adding tg2
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.5 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1412
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1412-13-14
10 years davehart 1.2084.2.2 ChangeLog:
  correct merge from ntp-stable-1412
10 years davehart 1.2084.2.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1412
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1412
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.4 correct merge from ntp-stable-1414
10 years davehart 1.2084.1.3 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-stable-1414
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1414
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.2 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev-hms
10 years davehart 1.2082.5.1 [Bug 1414] Enable "make distcheck" success with BSD make.
10 years davehart 1.2082.4.4 [Bug 1412] m4/os_cflags.m4 caches results that depend on $CC.
10 years stenn 1.2084.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_7
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.3
TAG: NTP_4_2_6
10 years davehart 1.2087 use 's' for symmetric mode in billboard type column
10 years davehart 1.2086 [Bug 1338] ntpq displays incorrect association type codes.
10 years davehart 1.2085 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1338
10 years davehart 1.2050.3.2 use 'A' for manycast server to be consistent with B, M
10 years stenn 1.2084 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1407
10 years stenn 1.2082.1.8 -dev is now 4.2.7
10 years stenn 1.2082.1.7 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.2 cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2082.4.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_6_RC
10 years stenn 1.2082.1.6 Merge deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-stable
into  deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.2082.3.1 4.2.7
10 years stenn 1.2082.1.5 4.2.6
10 years stenn 1.2082.1.4 Include 4.2.4p8
10 years davehart 1.2082.1.3 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-stable
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-508-1331
10 years stenn 1.1436.15.75 ChangeLog:
10 years stenn 1.1436.15.74
TAG: NTP_4_2_4P8
10 years stenn 1.1436.15.73
TAG: NTP_4_2_4P9_RC1
10 years stenn 1.1436.15.72 [Sec 1331] DoS with mode 7 packets - CVE-2009-3563
10 years davehart 1.2082.1.2 Merge pogo:/usa/burnicki/ntp-dev-508
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-508-1331
10 years davehart 1.2082.2.1 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1331
10 years burnicki 1.2082.1.1 [Bug 508] Fixed leap second handling for Windows.
10 years davehart 1.2083 [Bug 1407] configure.ac: recent GNU Make -v does not include "version".
10 years stenn 1.2082
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P250_RC
10 years stenn 1.2081 sntp documentation updates
10 years stenn 1.2080 sntp documentation updates
10 years stenn 1.2079 sntp documentation updates
10 years davehart 1.2078 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1391-7
10 years murray 1.2075.1.2 ntp_intres.c, ChangeLog:
  Fix for bug 1386: Deferred DNS doesn't work on NetBSD
10 years murray 1.2075.1.1 configure.ac:
  Add --enable-force-defer-DNS
  Helps debugging deferred DNS lookups.
  Bug 761:  internal resolver does not seem to honor -4/-6 qualifiers
  Bug 761:  internal resolver does not seem to honor -4/-6 qualifiers
  FORCE_DEFER_DNS helps debugging.
  Pass no_needed to ntp_intres, first step on Bug 975.
  Bug 761:  internal resolver does not seem to honor -4/-6 qualifiers
  Take no_needed from ntp_config, first step on Bug 975.
10 years davehart 1.2077 [Bug 1391] avoid invoking autogen twice for .c and .h files.
10 years davehart 1.2076 Merge pogo:/usa/murray/bug-1397
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1391-7
10 years stenn 1.2075
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P249_RC
10 years stenn 1.2074 cleanup
10 years davehart 1.2073 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1400
10 years stenn 1.2072 sntp cleanup
10 years davehart 1.2070.1.1 [Bug 1400] An empty KOD DB file causes sntp to coredump.
10 years stenn 1.2071 Cleanup from the autoconf/automake upgrades
10 years stenn 1.2070
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P248_RC
10 years stenn 1.2069 updates for sntp/sntp.html
10 years hart 1.2068 .del-depsver.mf~797b9b4e1db319be:
  Delete: sntp/depsver.mf
  added sntp/depsver.mf

sntp/depsver.mf is 'generated' (copied) from top-level depsver.mf
  by bootstrap script

10 years stenn 1.2067 bk: ignore ltmain.sh
10 years stenn 1.2066 Merge bk://ntp2.isc.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sntp
10 years stenn 1.2065 Prepare for the generation of sntp.html
10 years stenn 1.2060.24.1 Documentation changes from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.52 typo nit
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.51 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/bug-1397
10 years murray 1.2060.23.1 refclock_shm.c, ChangeLog:
  Bug-1397: shmget() failing because of file mode
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.50 One more missing free(), thanks to Hal Murray's sharp eyes
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.49 [Bug 1387] free() conf_entry in ntp_intres removeentry().
[Bug 1392] intres retries duplicate assocations endlessly.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.48 [Bug 1387] Storage leak in ntp_intres (minor).
[Bug 1389] buffer overflow in refclock_oncore.c
[Bug 1391] .texi usage text from installed, not built binaries.
Correct *-opts.h dependency so default 'get' action isn't used.

10 years stenn 1.2064 Merge bk://ntp2.isc.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sntp
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.47
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P247_RC
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.46 [Bug 1308] support systems that lack fork().
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.45 [Bug 1142] nodebug builds shed no light on -d, -D option failure.
[Bug 1179] point out the problem with -i/--jaildir and -u/--user when
  they are disabled by configure.
-4/-6 are not equivalent in the libopts sense
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.44 [Bug 1343] sntp doesn't link on Solaris 7, needs -lresolv.
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.43
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P246_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.42 autogen upgrade cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.41 Upgrade to autogen 5.10
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.40 [Bug 1384] ntpq :config core dumped with a blank password.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.39 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1382
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1378-82
10 years davehart 1.2060.22.1 use (peer->pmode == MODE_BROADCAST) rather than
  (peer->castflags & MDF_BCLNT) to detect ephemeral broadcastclient
  associations to exempt from peer_clear("XFAC")
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.38 [Bug 1382] p245 configure --disable-dependency-tracking won't build
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.37
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P245_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.36 Changes from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.35 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1381
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1343-81
10 years davehart 1.2060.21.1 [Bug 1381] Version .deps generated include file dependencies to allow
  known dependecy-breaking changes to force .deps to be cleaned, 
  triggered by changing the contents of deps-ver and/or sntp/deps-ver.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.34 configure.ac:
  mirror inet_ntop(), inet_pton() tests from top configure.ac
  remomve ISC_PLATFORM_NEEDATON test, no longer used by libisc
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.33 [Bug 1343] sntp illegal C does not compile on Solaris 7.
Windows VC9/VS2008:  use generic library name libeay32.lib
  instead of variants encoding build type to match what you
  get building OpenSSL from source.
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.32
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P244_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.31 keygen.html updates from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.30 ntp-keygen.c:
  21 bytes don't fit well in a 17 byte buffer
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.29 Cleanup, fix ntp_intres when requestkey type means digests
  larger than 16 octets.
Add /lib to OpenSSL library search path, OpenSolaris has it there.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.28 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1376
10 years davehart 1.2060.20.1 [Bug 1003] ntpdc unconfig command doesn't prompt for keyid.
[Bug 1376] Enable authenticated ntpq and ntpdc using newly-available
  digest types.
ntp-keygen, Autokey OpenSSL build vs. run version mismatch is now a
  non-fatal warning.
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.27
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P243_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.26 [Bug 1226] Fix deferred DNS lookups
10 years stenn 1.2060.19.2 new crypto signature cleanup
10 years stenn 1.2060.19.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P242_RC
10 years murray 1.2060.3.24 configure.ac, ntp_intres.c:
  Fix for bug-1266: reload /etc/resolv.conf on deferred DNS
  Hacks to help debug deferred DNS
  (default off)
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.23 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-diet-rc-hms
10 years stenn 1.2060.18.2 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2060.18.1 authkeys.c cleanup from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.22 [Bug 1371] deferred DNS lookup failing with INFO_ERR_AUTH.
  fixed in prior changeset with ntp_request.h modification
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.21 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1366-8
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-diet-rc
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.20 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-stub-isc-mem
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-diet-rc
10 years davehart 1.2060.5.2 Shrink keyword scanner FSM entries from 64 to 32 bits apiece.
  applies to prior changeset and this ChangeLog update
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.19 Stub out isc/mem.h, shaving 47k from a MIPS ntpd binary.
  (applies to prior changeset along with this one)
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.23 Merge pogo:/usa/kardel/main-line/ntp-dev-1363
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1366-8
10 years kardel 1.2060.17.1 clk_trimtsip.c:
  [Bug 1363] CID 92 clarify fallthrough case
  [Bug 1363] CID 92 clarify fallthrough case in clk_trimtsip.c
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.22 Use Frank Kardel's suggestion to collapse 3 cases to 1 for NetBSD 
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.21 Merge pogo:/usa/murray/bug-1368
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1366-8
10 years davehart 1.2060.16.2 Fix authenticated ntpdc, broken in p240.
10 years davehart 1.2060.16.1 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-vc9-openssl
10 years murray 1.2060.9.20 a_md5encrypt.c, authreadkeys.c, ChangeLog:
  Fix for bug 1368 - typos in --without-crypto case
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.19
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P241_RC
10 years davehart 1.2060.15.1 [Bug 1366] ioctl(TIOCSCTTY, 0) fails on NetBSD *[0-2].* > 3.99.7.
initialize OpenSSL before first use in libntp
ntpq, ntpdc, ntpdate use OpenSSL and need applink on Windows
add crypto digest and setvar default tests to ntpd/complete.conf
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.18 authopt.html update from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.17 Remove unused file from the sntp/Makefile.am
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.16
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P240_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.15 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1364
10 years stenn 1.2060.14.2 Provide all of OpenSSL's signature methods for ntp.keys (FIPS 140-2)
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.14 remove leftover RSAREF tidbit global.h no longer used
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.13 remove testing leftover #undef OPENSSL
warning cleanup
linking with libntp now requires -lcrypto / libeay32.lib

10 years davehart 1.2060.9.12 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1364
10 years stenn 1.2060.14.1 Provide all of OpenSSL's signature methods for ntp.keys (FIPS xxx)
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.11 correct linuxcaps AC_MSG_RESULT() to occur after considering
10 years davehart 1.2060.13.1 [Bug 1364] clock_gettime() not detected, need -lrt on Debian 5.0.3.
10 years Amidamaru 1.2060.9.9 .del-netutils.c~1f7e234e73bebdf5:
  Delete: sntp/netutils.c
  Delete: sntp/COPYRIGHT
  Delete: sntp/netutils.h
Many files:
  Removed copyright statement
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.8
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P239_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.9.7 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/bug-1357
10 years stenn 1.2060.12.1 CID 101 and Bug 1359
10 years murray 1.2060.9.6 ChangeLog:
  Bug-1357: bogus assert in refclock_shm
10 years murray 1.2060.9.5 refclock_shm.c:
  Fix for bug-1357: bogus assert in refclock_shm
10 years davehart 1.2060.10.2 networking.c:
  2nd half of [Bug 1158] in recv_bcast_data()
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.3 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1356-8
10 years stenn 1.2060.11.1 CID 101: pointer/array cleanup
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1356
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1356-8
10 years davehart 1.2060.10.1 [Bug 1358] AIX 4.3 sntp/networking.c IPV6_JOIN_GROUP undeclared.
10 years davehart 1.2060.9.1 [Bug 1356] core dump from refclock_nmea when can't open /dev/gpsU.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.18 stub out isc/mem.c using NTP-local /include/isc/mem.h (leaving
  /lib/isc/include/isc/mem.h untouched).
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.17
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P238_RC
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.16 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1354
10 years stenn 1.2060.8.3 Changes from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2060.8.2 driver4.html updates from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2060.8.1 PPSAPI Cleanup of ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.15 Get rid of configure tests for __ss_family and __ss_len when the more
  common ss_family and ss_len are present.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.14 CIDs 94-99 make it more clearly impossible for sock_hash() to return
  a negative number.
CID 105, 106 ensure ntpdc arrays are not overrun even if callers
CID 113 use va_end() in refclock_true.c true_debug().
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.13 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1354
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.12
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P237_RC
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.11 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1355
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-610-1238-1355
10 years davehart 1.2060.7.1 [Bug 1355] ntp-dev won't compile on OpenBSD 4.6.
10 years davehart 1.2060.6.1 [Bug 1354] libtool error building after bootstrap with Autoconf 2.64.
Allow NTP_VPATH_HACK configure test to handle newer gmake versions.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.10 [Bug 610] NMEA support for using PPSAPI on a different device.
[Bug 1238] use only fudge time2 to offset NMEA serial timestamp.
10 years davehart 1.2060.5.1 shrink 750 keyword scanner states from 64 to 32 bits apiece
10 years stenn 1.2063 Merge bk://ntp2.isc.org/ntp-dev
into  psp-deb1.ntp.org:/home/stenn/ntp-dev-sntp
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.9
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P236_RC
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.8 Cleanup from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.7 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1353
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1343-53
10 years davehart 1.2060.4.1 [Bug 1353] ntpq "rv 0 settimeofday" always shows UNKNOWN on unix.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.6 configure.ac:
  AC_FUNC_MALLOC is unneeded, breaks cross-compile with uClibc with
    undefined references to rpl_malloc
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.5 configure.ac:
  correct sa_len test butchered recently
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.4 Do not attempt to execute built binaries from ntpd/Makefile when
  cross-compiling (keyword-gen and ntpd --saveconfigquit).
sntp/main.c: Remove duplicate global adr_buf[] (also defined in 
  networking.c) which Piotr Grudzinski identified breaking his build.
Correct in6addr_any test in configure.ac to attempt link too.
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.3 [Bug 1343] ntpd/ntp_io.c close_fd() does not compile on Solaris 7.
Also includes similar fix to sntp/crypto.c identified on same machine.
10 years stenn 1.2060.3.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P235_RC
10 years davehart 1.2060.3.1 [Bug 1343] lib/isc build breaks on systems without IPv6 headers.
10 years davehart 1.2060.1.5 [Bug 1348] ntpd Windows port should wait for sendto() completion.
10 years stenn 1.2060.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P234_RC
10 years davehart 1.2060.1.3 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1339
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1339-45-6-7
10 years davehart 1.2060.2.1 [Bug 1339] redux, use unmodified lib/isc/win32/strerror.c and
  move #define strerror... to a header not used by lib/isc code.
10 years davehart 1.2060.1.2 [Bug 1345] illegal 'grep' option prevents compilation.
[Bug 1346] keyword scanner broken where char defaults to unsigned.
[Bug 1347] ntpd/complete.conf missing multicastclient test case.
10 years hstenn 1.2062 sntp doc updates
10 years stenn 1.2060.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P233_RC
10 years hstenn 1.2061 Prep for sntp docs
10 years stenn 1.2060 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1337-42
10 years stenn 1.2057.1.1 Documentation cleanup and updates
10 years davehart 1.2059 Merge pogo:/usa/kardel/main-line/ntp-dev-1337
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1337-42
10 years davehart 1.2058 [Bug 1342] ignore|drop one IPv6 address on an interface blocks all
  addresses on that interface.
10 years stenn 1.2057
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P232_RC
10 years davehart 1.2056 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1341
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1302-37-9-41-docs-keyword
10 years davehart 1.2050.6.1 [Bug 1341] NMEA driver requires working PPSAPI #ifdef HAVE_PPSAPI.
10 years davehart 1.2055 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-docs
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1302-37-9-docs-keyword
10 years davehart 1.2050.5.1 Documentation updates for ntpq --oldrv, saveconfig, saveconfigdir,
  ntpd -I -L and -M switches and interface/nic directive
10 years davehart 1.2054 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1339
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1302-37-9-keyword
10 years davehart 1.2050.4.1 [Bug 1339] Fix Windows-only ntp_strerror() infinite recursion.
10 years davehart 1.2050.3.1 better t column in peers/opeers using hmode peer variable
10 years kardel 1.2050.1.2 ntp_io.c, ChangeLog:
  cast address pointer to void * for bug 1337
10 years davehart 1.2053 Merge pogo:/usa/kardel/main-line/ntp-dev-1337
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1302-37-keyword
10 years davehart 1.2052 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1302
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1302-37-keyword
10 years davehart 1.2050.2.2 Fix build break --with-arlib and config.cache
10 years davehart 1.2050.2.1 Construct ntpd keyword scanner finite state machine at compile time
  rather than at runtime, shrink entries from 40+ to 8 bytes.
10 years kardel 1.2050.1.1 ntp_io.c, ChangeLog:
  [Bug 1337] fix incorrect args to setsockopt(fd, IP_MULTICAST_IF,...)
10 years davehart 1.2051 [Bug 1302] OpenSSL under Windows needs applink support.
10 years stenn 1.2050
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P231_RC
10 years davehart 1.2049 [Bug 1335] Broadcast client degraded by wildcard default change.
10 years stenn 1.2048
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P230_RC
10 years stenn 1.2047 Start the 4.2.6 Release Candidate cycle
10 years stenn 1.2046 Broadcast and transit phase cleanup from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2045
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P229
10 years davehart 1.2043.1.1 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-stable-1331
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1331
10 years davehart 1.1436.15.71 [Sec 1331] DoS with mode 7 packets - CVE-2009-3563.
10 years davehart 1.2044 [Bug 1334] ntpsnmpd undefined reference to `ntpqOptions'.
Change ntpsnmpd/Makefile.am include file order to fix FreeBSD build.
10 years stenn 1.2043
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P228
10 years davehart 1.2042 Reclaim syntax tree memory after application in ntpd built with
  configure --disable-saveconfig.
10 years davehart 1.2041 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1333
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1135-1333
10 years davehart 1.2039.1.1 [Bug 1135] ntpq uses sizeof(u_long) where sizeof(u_int32) is meant.
add new file ntpd/complete.conf to ntpd/Makefile.am EXTRA_DIST
10 years davehart 1.2040 [Bug 1333] ntpd --interface precedence over --novirtualips lost.
10 years stenn 1.2039
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P227
10 years davehart 1.2038 [Bug 1135] :config fails with "Server disallowed request"
10 years davehart 1.2037 [Bug 1332] ntpq -c 'rv 0 variablename' returns extra stuff.
add ntpq --old-rv
fix ipv4/ipv6 which are not equivalent in the libopts sense
10 years stenn 1.2036 Merge bk://maccarony/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1330
10 years stenn 1.2032.1.1 Documentation updates from Dave Hart/Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2035 actually ignore nic/interface via :config with -I or -L, saying so
  isn't enough.
10 years davehart 1.2034 [Bug 1330] disallow interface/nic rules when --novirtualips or
  --interface are used.
10 years davehart 1.2033 Add test of ntpd --saveconfigquit fidelity using new complete.conf.
10 years stenn 1.2032
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P226
10 years davehart 1.2031 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1318-27
10 years stenn 1.2029.1.2 Clockhop and autokey cleanup from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2029.1.1 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.2030 [Bug 1318] Allow multiple -g options on ntpd command line.
[Bug 1327] ntpq, ntpdc, ntp-keygen -d and -D should work with configure
Add ntpd --saveconfigquit <filename> option for future build-time
  testing of saveconfig fidelity.
10 years stenn 1.2029
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P225
10 years davehart 1.2028 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1324
10 years davehart 1.2026.1.1 [Bug 1324] support bracketed IPv6 numeric addresses for restrict.
10 years stenn 1.2027 authopt documentation changes from Dave Mills/Dave Hart
10 years stenn 1.2026
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P224
10 years davehart 1.2025 Remove "tos maxhop" ntp.conf knob.
10 years stenn 1.2024 Clockhop and documentation fixes from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.2023
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P223
10 years davehart 1.2022 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1323
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1321-3
10 years davehart 1.2020.1.1 [Bug 1323] Implement "revoke #" to match documentation, deprecate
  "crypto revoke #".
10 years davehart 1.2021 [Bug 1321] build doesn't work if . isn't on $PATH.
10 years stenn 1.2020 Hold off on the .deps cleanup for now
10 years stenn 1.2019
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P222
10 years stenn 1.2018 Use find/xargs to remove .deps files
10 years davehart 1.2017 .del-Makefile.am~f0c497c686043766:
  Delete: lib/isc/nothreads/include/isc/Makefile.am
10 years davehart 1.2016 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-buildstuff
10 years stenn 1.2011.1.3 Remove unneeded Makefile.am files from lib/isc/include
10 years davehart 1.2015 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-buildstuff
10 years davehart 1.2014 Updated build and flock-build scripts.  flock-build --one is a way
  to perform a flock-build compatible solitary build, handy for a repo
  clone's first build on a machine with autoconf, automake, etc.
Compiling ntp_parser.y using BSD make correctly places ntp_parser.h
  in the top-level ntpd directory instead of A.*/ntpd.
bootstrap script updated to remove potentially stale .deps dirs.

10 years davehart 1.2013 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-libisc-9.6.1-P1
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-ylwrap
10 years stenn 1.2011.1.2
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P221
10 years stenn 1.2011.1.1 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/bug-1316
10 years murray 1.2010.1.1 ChangeLog, refclock_nmea.c:
  Fix for Bug 1316: segfault from refclock_nmea
10 years davehart 1.2012 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libisc-9.6.1-P1
10 years stenn 1.2011 [Bug 1317] Distribute cvo.sh
10 years davehart 1.2004.1.4 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-libisc-upstream
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libisc-9.6.1-P1
10 years davehart 1.2004.2.1 correct a few overlooked bk mv's in upstream libisc repo related to
10 years davehart 1.2004.1.3 Update libisc from bind-9.6.1-P1.tar.gz, rearrange directory layout
  to match upstream, reapply NTP-local changes.
10 years davehart 1.2008.1.1 Makefile.am: correct EXTRA_DIST reference from libisc to lib/isc
10 years stenn 1.2009
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P220
10 years davehart 1.2008 Rearrange libisc code to match the upstream layout in BIND.  This is
  step one of two, changing the layout but keeping our existing libisc.
10 years davehart 1.2007 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-libisc-newstructure
10 years davehart 1.2004.1.2 import unmodified lib/isc from ISC bind-9.6.1-P1.tar.gz
10 years stenn 1.2006
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P219
10 years davehart 1.2004.1.1 Reorganize our copy of libisc code to match BIND 9 tarball layout, preparing
for easier drop-in of newer libisc code in the future via a
"ntp-dev-libisc-upstream" repo which gets only unmodified ISC source, and is
pulled into ntp-dev allowing BK to assist with the merge of local changes in
the future.
10 years davehart 1.2005 [Bug 1315] "interface ignore" is ignored.
add implicit "nic ignore all" rule before any rules from ntp.conf, so
  "nic listen eth0" alone means the same as "-I eth0".
add wildcard match class for interface/nic rules.
fix mistaken carryover of prefixlen from one rule to the next.
Ensure IPv6 localhost address ::1 is included in libisc's Windows IPv6
  address enumeration, allowing ntpq and ntpdc's hardcoding to 
  on Windows to end.
10 years stenn 1.2004
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P218
10 years davehart 1.2003 correct parsing and processing of setvar directive.
highlight location of ntpq :config syntax errors with ^.
10 years davehart 1.2002 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1314
10 years davehart 1.2000.1.1 [Bug 1314] saveconfig emits -4 and -6 on when not given.
clarify (former) NO_ARG, SINGLE_ARG, MULTIPLE_ARG renaming to
parser, saveconfig cleanup to store T_ identifiers in syntax tree.
10 years stenn 1.2001
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P217
10 years davehart 1.2000 [Bug 1300] reject remote configuration of dangerous items.
10 years stenn 1.1999
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P216
10 years davehart 1.1998 CID 10 missing free(up); in refclock_palisade.c error return, again.
CID 83 added assertion to demonstrate config_nic_rules() does not
  call strchr(NULL, '/').
10 years davehart 1.1997 [Bug 1312] ntpq/ntpdc MD5 passwords truncated to 8 chars on Suns.
10 years stenn 1.1996
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P215
10 years stenn 1.1995 [Bug 1292] Workaround last VC6 unsigned __int64 kink
10 years burnicki 1.1994 [Bug 1292] Workaround last VC6 unsigned __int64 kink.
10 years stenn 1.1993
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P214
10 years davehart 1.1992 [Bug 1303] remove top-level "autokey" directive.
correct "checking" message for --disable-bug1243-fix.
use "nic listen" instead of
  "nic listen prefixlen 16"
10 years stenn 1.1991
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P213
10 years stenn 1.1990 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/murray/bug-1310a
10 years murray 1.1988.1.1 refclock_palisade.c, ChangeLog:
  Fix for bug 1310
10 years stenn 1.1989
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P212
10 years stenn 1.1988 Typo cleanup
10 years davehart 1.1987 [Bug 1311] 4.2.5p211 doesn't build in no-debug mode.
10 years stenn 1.1986 Merge pogo:/usa/hart/ntp-dev-983-1243
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
10 years stenn 1.1984.1.3 Documentation updates from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.1984.1.2 Make the code agree with the spec and the book (Dave Mills)
10 years stenn 1.1984.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P211
10 years davehart 1.1985 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-983-1243
10 years davehart 1.1984 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-663-1292
10 years stenn 1.1983 [Bug 1296] Added Support for Trimble Acutime Gold
10 years davehart 1.1981.3.2 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:c:/ntp/ntp-dev-1292
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-663-1292
10 years davehart 1.1981.4.1 [Bug 1292] more VC6 unsigned __int64 workarounds.
10 years davehart 1.1981.3.1 [Bug 663] respect ntpq -c and -p order on command line.
10 years davehart 1.1981.1.4 Merge shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1243
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-983-1243
10 years davehart 1.1981.2.1 [Bug 1243] MD5auth_setkey zero-fills key from first zero octet.
[Bug 1295] leftover fix, do not crash on exit in free_config_trap()
  when "trap" is used without any further options.
CID 79: kod_init_kod_db() fails to fclose(db_s) in two error paths.
CID 80: attempt to quiet Coverity false positive re: leaking "reason"
  in main().
CID 81: savedconfig leaked in save_config().
10 years davehart 1.1981.1.3 pick up Dr. Mills' miscopt.html leapfile indent correction from 8-Sep
10 years davehart 1.1981.1.2 switch to verb then object order, "nic listen all", "interface drop eth0"
Correct syntax error line & column numbers.
10 years davehart 1.1981.1.1 [Bug 983] add interface ... [listen | ignore | drop] directive.
document interface (alias nic) and unpeer
make sure accessing ip_file->line_no is safe for :config
10 years fernandoph 1.1982 refclock_palisade.c, refclock_palisade.h:
  [BUG 1296] Added Support for Trimble Acutime Gold.
10 years stenn 1.1981
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P210
10 years davehart 1.1980 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1294
10 years davehart 1.1979 [Bug 1294] change vs2008 include search path for OpenSSL from
to match vc6, vs2003, and vs2005 changes from Danny
10 years davehart 1.1976.1.1 [Bug 1295] trap directive options are not optional.
[Bug 1297] yylex() must always set yylval before returning.
10 years mayer 1.1978 [Bug 1294]
10 years mayer 1.1977 [Bug 1294] Use OPENSSL_INC and OPENSSL_LIB macros for windows and Remove unnecessary OPENSSL applink.c include
10 years stenn 1.1976
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P209
10 years davehart 1.1975 Merge pogo:/usa/mayer/ntp-dev-windowscomp2
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1289-repair
10 years davehart 1.1974 revert accidental pull of wrong repo (windowscompiler)
10 years stenn 1.1973 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-dev-windowscompiler
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.18 [Bug 1289] update to add VS2003
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.17 [Bug 1289] Add vs2003 compiler files
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.16 [Bug 1290]
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.15 [Bug 1290] Fix to use GETTIMEOFDAY macro
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.14 [Bug 1289] Use quotes instead of angle brackets for include of messages.h
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.13 [Bug 1289]
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.12 [Bug #1289] Update project files for VS2005
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.11 [Bug #1289] Update project files for VS6
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.10 [Bug #1289] Move compiler project for VS6
10 years mayer 1.1968.1.9 Merge pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/hart/ntp-dev-1289
into  pogo.udel.edu:/pogo/users/mayer/ntp-dev-windowscomp2
10 years stenn 1.1968.1.8
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P208
10 years davehart 1.1968.1.7 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-1293
10 years davehart 1.1968.3.2 [Bug 1293] make configuration dumper ready for release, specifically:
rename ntpq dumpcfg command to "saveconfig".
require authentication for saveconfig.
"restrict ... nomodify" prevents saveconfig and :config.
"saveconfig ." shorthand to save to startup configuration file.
support strftime() substitution in saveconfig arg to timestamp
  the output filename, for example "saveconfig %Y%m%d-%H%M%S.conf".
display saveconfig response message from ntpd in ntpq.
save output filename in "savedconfig" variable, fetched with ntpq -c
  "rv 0 savedconfig".
document saveconfig in html/ntpq.html.
add ./configure --disable-saveconfig to build a smaller ntpd.
log saveconfig failures and successes to syslog.

10 years stenn 1.1968.1.6
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P207
10 years stenn 1.1968.3.1 [Bug 1293] add support for --disable-saveconfig to configure.ac
10 years davehart 1.1968.2.1 [Bug 1289] Move vc9/vs2008 build to ports\winnt\vs2008.
10 years davehart 1.1968.1.5 [Bug 1292] Minor Windows source tweaks for VC6-era SDK headers.
  From Martin Burnicki
10 years mayer 1.1972 Bug #1289 - separate compiler files for VS 2008
10 years stenn 1.1968.1.4
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P206
10 years stenn 1.1968.1.3 accopt.html typo fixes from Dave Mills
10 years stenn 1.1968.1.2 The 2nd fopen in write_kod_db() must be inside the block.  From Dave Hart.
10 years davehart 1.1968.1.1 [Bug 1283] default to remembering KoD in sntp
clean up numerous sntp/kod_management.c bugs
use all addresses resolved from each DNS name
10 years mayer 1.1971 Bug fixes 1289 and 1290
10 years mayer 1.1970 [Bug 1289] Fix compiler files for Windows
10 years mayer 1.1969 [Bug 1289] Fix compiler files for Windows
10 years stenn 1.1968
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P205
10 years stenn 1.1967 accopt.html typo fixes from Dave Mills
10 years davehart 1.1966 [Bug 1285] Log ntpq :config/config-from-file events.
10 years davehart 1.1965 [Bug 1286] dumpcfg omits statsdir, mangles filegen
10 years stenn 1.1964
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P204
10 years davehart 1.1963 [Bug 1284] infinite loop in ntpd dumping more than one trustedkey
use free_config_*() routines at exit on DEBUG builds to free
  config tree and expose remaining leaks
10 years stenn 1.1962
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P203
10 years davehart 1.1961 Add extra heap-checking calls to atexit-invoked routines
dump -4 and -6 switches to server/peer
use %g printf format instead of %f to trim uninformative zeros
switch enable/disable dumper to correct oddball identifiers
Do not free in-use receive buffers at exit to avoid race for now
10 years hart 1.1960 ntp_control.c:
  include <sys/stat.h> for S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR
10 years davehart 1.1959 ntpq -c "dumpcfg ntp.conf.out" works ok for me now
10 years davehart 1.1958 add dumpcfg ChangeLog entry
fix unix build
10 years hart 1.1957 ntp_parser.h, ntp_parser.c:
  Bison products
10 years davehart 1.1956 ntp_config.c:
  use correct union member not union itself
10 years davehart 1.1955 preserve peer options queue for dumper
remove remnants of "broadcastclient novolley"
dump correct peer keywords (server, pool, etc)
dump peer options (minpoll, iburst, etc)
quote dumped filenames (better to do so only if needed)
dump only to /var/tmp (unix) or %TEMP% (windows) directories
create dump file with 0600 (owner-only) permission
10 years davehart 1.1954 more ntp_config.c merge cleanup
10 years davehart 1.1953 Merge bk://www.ntp.org/ntp-dev
into  shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com:C:/ntp/ntp-dev-dlo-merge
10 years davehart 1.1877.3.11 add default: cases to config dumper switch statements
move variable declarations ahead of code for C compliance
use sizeof(buf) not hardcoded constants
10 years Amidamaru 1.1877.3.10 ntp_config.h:
  Added source and timestamp to the config_tree structure
10 years Amidamaru 1.1877.3.9 ntp_control.c:
  Handling the dumpfile argument of the dumpcfg command
  Config dumper: Combined the server and fudge output
  Added the dumpfile argument to the dumpcfg command
10 years stenn 1.1952
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P202
10 years stenn 1.1951 install the binary and man page for sntp
10 years stenn 1.1950
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P201
10 years stenn 1.1949 Merge whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
into  whimsy.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev-sntp
10 years stenn 1.1947.1.1
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P200
10 years stenn 1.1948 sntp: out with the old, in with the new
10 years Amidamaru 1.1877.3.7 ntp_config.c:
  Config dumper: Added fudge output to server/peer output
10 years Amidamaru 1.1877.4.1 ntp_control.c:
  Added handler for dump opcode
10 years davehart 1.1947 [Bug 1281] Build ntpd on Windows without big SDK download, burn,
  and install by checking in essentially unchanging messages.mc build
  products to avoid requiring mc.exe, which is not included with VC++
  2008 EE.
10 years stenn 1.1946
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P199
10 years stenn 1.1945 [Bug 1279] Cleanup for warnings from Veracode static analysis
10 years davehart 1.1944 First pass at quieting Veracode static analysis warnings,
  mostly buffer manipulation that is already safe but used
  unsafe interface functions such as strcpy() and sprintf().
use emalloc(), estrdup() where appropriate.
10 years davehart 1.1877.3.6 maintain history of config trees
10 years davehart 1.1877.3.5 separate consumption (freeing) of syntax tree from application
  by introducing free_config_*() routines for each config_*()
  which allocates memory pointed to by a node.
10 years davehart 1.1877.3.4 Dump from config tree not s_list clone
10 years davehart 1.1877.3.3 fix problems compiling as C with Visual C++
10 years amidamaru 1.1877.3.2 ntp_control.h:
  Added dumpcfg bindings
10 years amidamaru 1.1877.3.1 ntp_data_structures.h:
  Added singly-linked list datatype s_list
  Added functions for dealing with singly linked lists
  Added config dumper and functions dealing with the linked-list copy of the configuration tree
  Added config dumper bindings
  Added config dumper prototypes
10 years stenn 1.1943
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P198
10 years stenn 1.1940.1.1 Upgraded to autogen-5.9.9-pre5
10 years davehart 1.1941 remove workaround ports/winnt/include/inttypes.h for Autogen 5.98
  problem fixed in 5.99
10 years stenn 1.1940
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P197
10 years stenn 1.1939 The build script now has . at the end of PATH for config.guess
10 years stenn 1.1938
TAG: NTP_4_2_5P196
10 years